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Fremtids-scenarier John Paulin Hansen (11) Onsdag d. 23 april.

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1 Fremtids-scenarier John Paulin Hansen (11) Onsdag d. 23 april

2 Tracking af mobile enheder

3 AT&T Labs Bat device

4 Wherify’s personal locator

5 Drishti blind assistance

6 The Wired Woods installation

7 Audio auras

8 Wired Woods equipment

9 Pervasive healthcare

10 Fremtidens arbejdsplads

11 Crossroads Copenhagen IT-højskolen NOKIA Danmark A/S DR CSC Danmark A/S Det Humanistiske Fakultet (KUA) Det Kongelige Bibliotek Hewlett-Packard A/S Skanska A/S TDC A/S

12 Robert Metcalfe´s law (-the guy who founded 3COM and designed the Ethernet Protocol for computer networks) ”The Usefulness, or utility, of a network equals the square of the number of users” What is 20.000 x 20.000? Laboratory for Context-dependent Mobile Communication: LaCoMoCo

13*2.51:5,2,1;time Tracking individuals Tracking groups Tracking behaviour patterns Tracking objects Tracking origins of data Tracking un-identified people

14 Tracking individuals Big brother (but he is a nice guy): –Where am I? –Where is my meeting partner? –Where did I leave my keys ?- well, no problem...

15 Tracking groups –Which of the cantinas have people I prefer having lunch with gone to? –Are there any interesting people in the faculty room that I would like to talk to? –How long time have they been there?

16 Tracking behaviour patterns –Where do people gather? –Who stops and talk together spontaneously? –Are there any people most likely on their way to the bicycle basement? –When should the heat be turned on?

17 Tracking objects –Where is the nearest available video projector? –Where is the toilet room? –Where did I leave my mobile computer?

18 Tracking origins of data Where is the voice recording from yesterdays meeting located? Who should permit that I use the recording? Where do I find the video recording of last weeks lecture?

19 Tracking un-identified people Where are the located? How did they get in there? What rooms should be sealed to keep them away from any vulnerable inventory?

20 Related research areas Pervasive computing Ubiquitous computing Extended internet Ambient intelligence IT i alt ”The Aware Home”, Georgia Institute of Technology ”The walls are listening”, Washington Institute of Technology But remember ROBERT METCALFE´S law!!

21 Scenarier Beskriver model-brugerene og de interface elementer som en bruger vil opleve - anvendelsesberetninger Susanne Bødker, J. M. Carroll

22 Rosson & Carrol (2002) ”Scenario is simply a story about people carrying out an activity” ”A problem scenario is a story about the problem domain as it exists prior to technology introduction”

23 Managing software development Waterfall - software Engineering: Separating system development into modular phases. Prototyping and iterative development Usability engineering: Measurable usablity goals must be defined early in software development

24 Scenario-based Usability Engineering (1) Setting Actors Task goals Plans Evaluation Actions Events Plots

25 Scenario-based Usability Engineering (2) Scenarios are concrete but flexible Describe use in detail but tentative Vivid - provokes ”what if” discusssions Use natural language that everybody can understand Focus on usability consequences of specific design proposals

26 10 minutters individuel opgave Skriv e et interaktions scenarie der siger noget om hvordan fremtidens arbejdsplads med kontekst-bestemt mobil kommunikation vil forme sig Gerne som en ”One-liner” Eksempel: ”Ida ville gå lidt rundt for sig selv så hun lod sin mobile computer ligge på kontoret.”

27 E-mail with service announcement Dear Sara Smith, I herby confirm our meeting at The IT-university of Copenhagen on Monday April 1. The meeting will take place in room 4.14 at 14:00. To take advance of our ghost butler system, please call him at +45 38168899 the moment you need him to guide you. He will assist you by SMS and voice mail to get accurate information on how to get to our institution and how to find the meeting room. Look forward to seeing you, John Paulin Hansen

28 Copy paste from mail to setup of service Name of visitor: Sara Smith ID of visitor: ss Host: John Paulin Hansen Visitors desitnation: IT-University of Copenhagen Date of meeting: April 1 Time of meeting: 14:00 Meeting place: 4.14

29 Upon arrival “Hi,I am the Crossroads Butler, ready to help you. Please press your initials.” Sara: SS “Sara Smith, you are now at the airport, am I right? Press yes or no” [after 10 seconds - repeat]: “Are you at the Airport, Sara?” Sara: YES!

30 Transportation means “I suggest that you take a Taxi to our University. It will cost you 10 euro.Would you like to do that Sara” ? Press yes or no” Sara: YES! “Go through the custom point into the arrival hall. There are taxis waiting outside the hall at your right side”.

31 Exit arrival hall [Possibly a Bluetooth synchronizing unit with a 50 meter range in the hall] “OK, I have just send you a sms with our address that you can show to the taxi driver”. “It will take you 14 minutes to get to the University. I have informed Paulin Hansen that you are on your way”.

32 In taxi - while driving “I have some more information for you about the area that you are passing by. Would you like to hear them - press yes or no?” Sara: NO! “OK, then I will contact you when you are in front of our building. If you have any questions, you may call me anytime by pressing yes.”

33 In Case of Problems: Sara: YES! [redirects telephone to ITU reception - the request gets answered by a human agent or the responsible host]: ”Hi Sara Smith, this is Margit from the reception at ITU. How may we help you?” ”Hi, thanks… I asked the taxi driver if he accepted credit cards but I am afraid that his English is very bad, so could you please ask him for me?”

34 No problems... “Hi again Sara, you are now at the north entrance of the university building. Paulin Hansen should be on his way to your meeting room 4.14. I will direct you to that room, once you are ready. Press yes when you are ready to take my directions.” [connects Saras mobile unit to the W-net of ITU]

35 Way finding YES! “Walk inside the building trough the main door.” [WELLCOME SARA SMITH shown on large displays inside the building] “Now turn left and go to the elevator”.

36 Inside elevator “Press floor 3” [at floor 3]: “Go to your right and walk down the hallway.”

37 Got lost! [Sara Smith exits to her left…!!!!!] “I am sorry Sara, you are not on your right way to the meeting room. Turn around and go back to the elevator. Should I call someone to help you?. Press yes or no?”

38 Rescued! YES! “Ok, Sara stay where you are. Paulin Hansen is on his way to help you and he should be there in less than 3 minutes.”

39 Næste (sidste) gang Eksamenskontoret fortæller om brug af PC til eksamen Gennemgang af heuristisk analyse af Gazetalk Repetition af væsentlige pointer fra forårets undervisning

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