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H.A.T.S Helping All to Succeed

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1 H.A.T.S Helping All to Succeed
Welcome Back H.A.T.S Helping All to Succeed

2 Welcome Back

3 Welcome Back As we get started we have a few new staff members to introduce: Emily DeHart, 1st Grade Teacher Patti Morris, EBD Teacher

4 Staff Participated in Summer Professional Learning
Math Institute Literacy Institute Summer School Kinder Camp Graduate Classes Vision 2016 RTI Others

5 Share Time Anyone have news that they would like to share, I have talked with some of you so go ahead and let the rabbit talk.

6 Adequate Yearly Progress AYP
Centerville Elementary

7 Adequate Yearly Progress has 3 components.
95% of students participating in a state test. % of students meeting or exceeding Annual Measurable Objectives (AMO) Attendance

8 Adequate Yearly Progress-1
All students and each subgroup with 40 or 10% of students in AYP grade levels must have at least 95% of its students take an annual test.

9 Adequate Yearly Progress-1
Last year, Centerville counted: All students Black White SWD Economically disadvantaged Hispanic ELL, for the 1st time

10 Adequate Yearly Progress-2
All students and each subgroup must meet Annual Measurable Objectives (AMO) targets. Elementary students enrolled in school last year from October 6, 2009 through May 7, 2010 were considered FAY (Full Academic Year) and will be counted in our AMO. By the year 2014, 100% of all students must meet or exceed grade level objectives on the CRCT in order for the school to make AYP.

11 Adequate Yearly Progress-2

12 Adequate Yearly Progress-2

13 Adequate Yearly Progress-3
Attendance is our second indicator. Less than 15% of our population as a whole can miss 15 or more days of school.

14 Adequate Yearly Progress- ESOL
The first year ESOL student may be deferred from taking Reading, English, Language Arts and Social Studies. The first year ESOL students must take Math and Science. First year ESOL students will be counted in the AYP calculation for participation but not for AMOs.

15 Adequate Yearly Progress- Students with Disabilities
Students with disabilities who receive special education services at any time during the year are included in the SWD group for AYP.

16 Adequate Yearly Progress- Economically Disadvantaged
Students who are eligible for Free and Reduced priced meals are counted as Economically Disadvantaged.

17 Adequate Yearly Progress

18 Data Checks Data notebooks Tomorrow during grade level meetings
Dive into the data to make instructional plans for the year.

19 Team Building – H.A.T.S.

20 Buttons - Sayings You can’t scare me, I’m a teacher!
Always be nice to the lunch lady. I’m the Bubba! Math is for girls I make little kids cry I can burp my ABC’s No flipping WAY Principal by day – Deadly Ninja by Night

21 Title IX Point of Contact in the Building is me, Kim McDermon, if you have anything you want to discuss, please see me. Inappropriate relationships with a student or co worker Mandated to Report misconduct View of Power Point provided by the Gwinnett County Human Resource Department

22 Code of Ethics Posted in Centerville Handbook Highlights
Standard 1: Legal Compliance - An educator shall abide by federal, state, and local laws and statutes. Standard 2: Conduct with Students - An educator shall always maintain a professional relationship with all students, both in and outside the classroom.

23 Code of Ethics Standard 3: Alcohol or Drugs - An educator should refrain from the use of alcohol or illegal or unauthorized drugs during the course of professional practice. Standard 4: Honesty - An educator shall exemplify honesty and integrity in the course of professional practice.

24 Code of Ethics Standard 5: Public Funds and Property - An educator entrusted with public funds and property shall honor that trust with a high level of honesty, accuracy, and responsibility. Standard 6: Remunerative Conduct - An educator shall maintain integrity with students, colleagues, parents, patrons, or businesses when accepting gifts, gratuities, favors, and additional compensation.

25 Code of Ethics Standard 7: Confidential Information - An educator shall comply with state and federal laws and state school board policies relating to the confidentiality of student and personnel records, standardized test material and other information. Standard 8:Abandonment of Contract

26 Code of Ethics Standard 9: Failure to Make a Required Report - An educator should file reports of a breach of one or more of the standards in the Code of Ethics for Educators, child abuse (O.C.G.A. §19-7-5), or any other required report. Standard 10: Professional Conduct - An educator shall demonstrate conduct that follows generally recognized professional standards and preserves the dignity and integrity of the teaching profession.

27 Code of Ethics Standard 11: Testing - An educator shall administer state-mandated assessments fairly and ethically. Unethical conduct includes but is not limited to: 1. committing any act that breaches Test Security; and 2. compromising the integrity of the assessment. There is much more that you need to read located in the Handbook on Lotus.

Employee will hold the Confidential Information received from GCPS in strict confidence and shall exercise a reasonable degree of care to prevent disclosure to others.  Employee will not disclose or divulge either directly or indirectly the Confidential Information to others unless first authorized to do so by GCPS.

Employee will not reproduce the Confidential Information nor use this information for any purpose other than the performance of his/her duties for GCPS.  GCPS reserves the right to take disciplinary action, up to and including termination of employment for violations of this agreement.

This document can also be found in the Centerville Handbook.

31 School Board Attorney Thompson & Sweeny, P.C.

32 New From DOE Rule 160-5-1-.35 Seclusion rooms not permitted
(already in place in GCPS) Specifically constructed or designated room or space isolated from common areas Student prevented from leaving

33 Permitted Exceptions Room is unlocked Staff member is present
Staff member is trained in de-escalation techniques or restraint

34 Permitted Exceptions In-school suspension or Detention
Student requested break -in a different location in the room or -separate room

35 Physical Restraint Permitted in emergency situations
Immediate danger to self or others De-escalation techniques and/or verbal directives ineffective Terminate when the student is no longer an immediate danger or Student is observed to be in severe distress

36 Prone Restraint Prohibited
Intentionally placed face down on floor or another surface Pressure applied to student’s body to keep him prone

37 Mechanical Restraint prohibited
[DOES NOT APPLY TO PT/SAFETY EQUIPMENT] defined attached to or adjacent to student’s body intended to restrict normal movement not easily removed by student

38 Rule Construction Does not prohibit a school from taking appropriate action to diffuse a student fight or altercation Does not impose ministerial duty Does not interfere with duties of law enforcement Does not interfere with duties of emergency medical personnel

39 Parent notification For restraint: in writing within one school day
For removal by emergency medical or police personnel: notify parents immediately

40 Documentation By staff using, supervising or observing the restraint
Each time restraint is used

41 Training Full continuum of positive behavioral intervention strategies
Prevention and de-escalation techniques Physical restraint Maintain records of the training

42 State Immunity Ministerial Duty Discretionary duty
Simple, absolute, and definite act Requires the execution of a specific duty Personal liability Discretionary duty Calls for exercise of personal deliberation and judgment

43 McDowell v. Smith Georgia Supreme Court, June 29, 2009
School receptionist was sued after releasing a student without complying with the school check out policy. Supreme Court recognized that local school policies may create ministerial duties. Question is whether policy imposes “hard and fast” rules that do not allow for the exercise of discretion. No longer a blanket exception for “managing and supervising students”

44 Dollar v. Grammens Georgia Supreme Court, July 5, 2010
State Law and Local Board Policy required eye protection during instruction involving “explosive materials.” Student sued teacher after being injured during presentation involving two litter bottle filled with air and water that was used to demonstrate a rocket. Facts: Teacher did not view experiment as involving explosives. NASA prepared instructions warned of risk of explosion Mechanical engineer testified that experiment was not an explosion, but a “controlled venting of pressure.” DECISION: Teacher entitled to official immunity as policy required the exercise of deliberation and judgment to determine whether explosive material was being used.

45 Enrollment Update Kindergarten – 89 1st Grade- 92 2nd Grade - 138
3rd Grade - 134 4th Grade - 123 5th Grade – 127 Total Projected

46 Handbook Quick Review Located on Lotus Notes
If you don’t have it Steve. Staff Arrival 7:30 – Dismissal 3:15 Student Arrival 7:50 – Dismissal 2:45 Communicate with Parents through Newsletters, notes, Phone calls Faculty and Staff Dress, Business Casual Daily, Jeans and Spirit Wear on Friday, Spirit Wear must be a collared shirt with Centerville ES on it, no Tennis Shoes (Please read this section carefully)

47 Handbook Quick Review Copies per teacher is 7,000 for the year
Please wear name badge it is part of our safety plan Lesson Plans need to be out and available for review Student Lunch is $1.75 and Adult Lunch is now $3.00 Please plan for sitting with your class in the cafeteria the first two weeks of school Teacher Lunchroom/Refrigerator

48 Handbook Quick Review No Cell phone use during instructional time, if you have an emergency situation please alert the office so they can contact you if a call comes in, your phone should be on silent, not vibrate (your students should not recognize ring tones) Substitutes Brief Leave Moment of Silence has been updated

49 Handbook Quick Review It is ultimately your responsibility to read the Handbook. If you have questions please check with myself, Joan or Sharissa

50 Emergency Folder You have new inserts for your Red Folder in your mailbox Add a class list to the front pocket, please keep this list current Practice Fire Drill on Friday around 11:30. Please exit the building and proceed to the location you would normally take your class.

51 Quality Plus Teaching Strategies
Ideas for implementing more completely the QPTS Give to Grade Level Manager to bring to Leadership

52 Textbook Distribution
Terri Milton


54 Break Return in 15 minutes

55 Vertical Teams Literacy Math Science Media/Technology
Student Motivation

56 Watch for an email with the details coming soon!
Teacher of the Year Watch for an with the details coming soon!

57 What’s Next! Staff with children
Please spend the rest of the day working in your rooms Lunch is on your own, please no more than an hour Have a great day and if you have questions we are available.

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