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Welcome to the EAL Department! AIS Elementary Open House 2011.

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1 Welcome to the EAL Department! AIS Elementary Open House 2011

2 What is EAL? An English language class designed to meet the specific needs of your child.

3 GRADES 1-3 Student Challenges Comprehension Afraid to ask questions or make mistakes. Feelings of frustration

4 GRADES 4 & 5 Student Challenges High level of content and concepts High level of English among peers More frustration Shy about asking for clarification and help Afraid to take risks or make mistakes

5 Students Strengths Motivation Support from classmates and teachers. Exposure to English Opportunities to practice Skills in their first language They have your help at home AND… They have EAL classes!

6 The AIS EAL Programme Small classes of less than 10 students 45-minute per day, 3 or 4 days per week A variety of in class and pull out support Many opportunities for practice

7 4 BASIC AREAS OF LANGUAGE USE Listening Speaking Reading Writing

8 In the classroom Variety of motivating classroom activities which include: –PHONICS –READING and WRITING ACTIVITIES Making pictures and books –TALKING, LISTENING, TALKING, LISTENING Songs and chants –BUILDING SKILLS & STRATEGIES FOR LEARNING ON THEIR OWN Games

9 MISTAKES ARE GOOD! We learn best when –we are self-confident –take risks – practice –we can help ourselves and others –to hear and correct mistakes.

10 ASSESSMENT Formal and informal assessment is on-going Purpose- to monitor language development and strengthen students skills.

11 COMMUNICATION EAL Trimester Reports –2 x per year Parent-Teacher Conferences –2 x per year Call or to set up an appointment

12 LENGTH OF PROGRAMME Usually a minimum of 2 years for beginners BEFORE EXITING, we consider: –The next school year's curriculum –The student's self-confidence and motivation –The students writing and reading skills

13 PARENTS HELP Continue to develop first language skills Encourage friendships and play dates with children who speak English Provide opportunities to hear English being spoken via movies and television Share books in English, possible sources- school library, AIS book fair,

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