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Organizational Communication

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1 Organizational Communication
The most challenging task for managers

2 Organizational Communication
Studies show that managers spend over 70% of their time communicating If this is so, why do most managers identify communications as their #1 challenge? There is a big difference between doing it, and doing it well

3 Organizational Communication
Focuses on getting work done and meeting organizational goals Focuses on change and adaptation Focuses on social aspects and motivation of individuals

4 Organizational Communication
Six Opportunities for Miscommunication Role of the communicator Variables: language, symbols, word usage Channel used Content Characteristics of the sender and receiver Context

5 Organizational Communication
Do you hear what I’m saying? Use of multiple techniques, leads to interference and misinterpretations Influence tactics might affect what you hear Symbols can interfere with what you hear Nonverbal factors can interfere with what you hear

6 Organizational Communication
Barriers to effective communications: If HP only knew what HP knows, John Doyle, former head of HP labs Ineffective communication skills Negative attitude towards the situation Information overload Inconsistency with our frame of reference Credibility of source Physical location Distractions Defensiveness

7 Personal Communications
Why focus on improving communications skills? Employers list communication skills as a basic requirement and a primary flaw in candidates Are you comfortable with your ability to communicate orally and in writing? Do you know how to listen and if not, is this a problem? Do you know how to give and receive effective feedback?

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