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2 How Accurate is the Movie?

3 Is Dante's Peak a real mountain?

4 Does magma ever rise into hot springs?

5 Are “tilt meters” real?

6 Are robots such as “spider legs” really used in volcanoes?

7 Do volcanologists really wear gas masks around volcanoes?

8 Paul describes events around “Mammoth Mt.” Is it a real place?

9 Can volcanologists feel the difference between magmatic and tectonic earthquakes?

10 Fire is usually the worst problem after an earthquake. Why?

11 Is it normal procedure to drive into a stream current?

12 Does volcanic ash really choke aircraft engines?

13 Can lakes become severely acidic in a short period of time?

14 Is ash coarse-grained or fine-grained?

15 Are fast-flowing basaltic lavas typical for Cascade volcanoes?

16 Can you drive across an active lava flow?

17 Is it possible to drive faster than a pyroclastic cloud?

18 Can you think of some other things that were well done in the movie?

19 Can you think of some other things that were poorly done in the movie?


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