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Environmental Systems and Societies

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1 Environmental Systems and Societies
Standard Level Only Group 3/4

2 What is Environmental Systems and why is it important?
The importance of the environment is becoming increasingly an important political and economic issues. Governments and companies and governments ignore the environment at their peril. Careers in this expanding area are becoming both sort after and essential for future plans. Environmental Systems and Societies studies the environment and how the actions of man has impacted on the world in which we live.

3 What is Environmental Systems and why is it important?
Environmental Systems and Societies is a new course offered in the IB Diploma Programme. Environmental Systems and Societies is a transdisciplinary course that satisfies the IB Diploma Programme requirements for a Group 3 (Individuals and Societies) and a Group 4 (Experimental Sciences) subject. Environmental Systems and Societies is being offered for the first time in 2008. Environmental Systems and Societies is only a Standard Level Subject in 2008.

4 What will you study in Environmental Systems and Societies?
Systems and Models The Ecosystem Human Populations Conservation and Biodiversity Pollution Management The Issue of Global Warming Environmental Value Systems

5 Who is Environmental Systems and Societies suitable for?
This subject is designed for people who: Have an interest in the environment and environmental issues. Have a passion for examining the world in which they live and the impact that man is having on it. Like enquiry-based learning. Like conducting research and experiments to support their findings. Are looking to open up their IB options. Do not have a strong interest in a pure Group 3 or Group 4 subject.


7 Internal Assessment All students are required to complete 30 hours of Internal Assessment activities throughout the 150 hours of the course. Internal Assessment activities will take the form of Field Work or Investigations. Internal Assessment activities will focus on the assessment of research and practical skills. The exact nature of the Internal Assessment activity will be determined by the teacher and the students depending on interest, skills of participants and resources.

8 Teaching Methods Enquiry-based work Individual Research Group Work
Debates DVD’s Online Internet lessons & Activities Presentations Field Work Practicals

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