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Bree Kennedy, M.S., CRC College 2 Career Coordinator

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1 Bree Kennedy, M.S., CRC College 2 Career Coordinator

2 The Initiative… Started with ThinkCollege! at the Institute for Community Inclusion at UMass Boston and has now reached California! There is much to be gained from postsecondary education in addition to the academics A new way of thinking, a new way of supporting, a new way of achieving “Students with intellectual disabilities will have access and support to pursue postsecondary education for personal, social, vocational and economic fulfillment”

3 Overview of the College 2 Career Program
Cooperative Agreement Grant through the Department of Rehabilitation that jointly serves consumers of DOR, SDRC and SDCCD Pilot Program- SDCCD is one of five C2C Programs in CA For students with intellectual disabilities (ID) Three-year program Provides specialized coursework, services and support specifically designed for ID population to assist with success and integration in college and on the job Successful outcomes include greater employment options and increased sense of self-awareness and life skills

4 Eligibility Requirements
Be receiving services from the San Diego Regional Center Have an open case with Department of Rehabilitation or be willing to get case opened Age 22+ GED or high school diploma equivalent if under the age of 22; fully exited from any high school transition program Have a documented diagnosis of an intellectual disability Please note that individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder that have average to above average intelligence do not meet the eligibility requirements Must be able to express an obtainable goal for employment Can benefit from the college experience with a focus on gainful employment.

5 Things to Keep in Mind Referrals come from Regional Center or Department of Rehabilitation Enrollment is limited Acceptance into the program is based on the decision of C2C staff following an initial intake meeting Three-year track program- individuals must be willing to dedicate themselves to the college experience with a focus on employment Plan ahead… referral should be made the semester before exiting high school or transition programs to allow time for planning

6 Services Provided Career Exploration Academic Planning
Assistance with access to campus and community resources Educational Coach supports to assist with college success Study Lab and Job Lab Intensive Employment Preparation College Success Skills Job Development and Job Search Assistance Job Retention Job Coaching (if needed)

7 College 2 Career: Year # 1 Smart Modules
Smart Experience is the key to Success! C2C Student Orientation Open case with the Department of Rehabilitation (DOR) C2C Academic Road Map College 2 Career: Year # 1 Smart Modules Fall Semester: College Smart Job Smart Fall & Spring Semester: C2C Study Lab C2C Student Progress Review Summer Semester: C2C Job Lab College 2 Career: Year # 2 Experience Modules Professional Experience Spring Semester: Work Experience College 2 Career: Year # 3 Success Module Career Success Successful EMPLOYMENT: C2C Program Completion Ceremony

8 Where are C2C Modules Offered?
Two Locations: Northern San Diego Miramar College 10440 Black Mountain Road, San Diego, CA 92126 Southern San Diego Educational Cultural Complex 4343 Ocean View Boulevard, San Diego, CA 92113

9 Time Commitment Each Week
C2C Modules 1.5 hours two times per week C2C Study lab 2 hours two times per week Meeting with Ed Coach outside of class minimum of 1 hour per week Minimum of 1 course outside of C2C modules integrated with peers without disabilities (approx. 3 hours per week)

10 What are certificates and courses that C2C students are currently pursing?
Childcare Aide Certified Nurses Assistant Business Office Technology Hospitality Communications Culinary Arts/Professional Bakeshop Computer Information Systems English/Math to improve basic skills Physical Education And much more….

11 C2C Video

12 What an Ed Coach Does Assist students one-on-one or in small groups in the classroom, on campus or in the community Support students with academic coursework, career exploration, and work experience Promote student’s involvement within campus and community activities Advocate for students with instructors, faculty and staff and assist students with developing natural supports by attending campus tutoring labs and instructor office hours Attend classes with students, take notes to supplement the student’s notes, break down the lecture material

13 What an Ed Coach Does Help students with time management; money management; understanding the social environment Apply creative learning strategies and study skills to help students succeed in the classroom Help students navigate through campus Assist students in understanding and utilizing authorized accommodations Assist and advocate for students in finding employment and with learning job-related tasks Help students establish “natural supports” to promote independence on the job

14 What an Ed Coach Does NOT Do
Does not act as a Personal Assistant Does not provide transportation Does not attend class for a student in his/her absence Does not take notes in replace of the student’s own Does not act as a messenger between C2C students and their instructors Does not complete student’s homework assignments Does not take responsibility for students grades Does not communicate solely with parents or family members

15 Discussion Deadline for Fall 2013 referrals is March 29th!
Please stop by the table in the back to receive more information! FAQ’s, referral forms, and MORE!

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