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Bree Kennedy, M.S., CRC College 2 Career Coordinator.

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1 Bree Kennedy, M.S., CRC College 2 Career Coordinator

2  Started with ThinkCollege! at the Institute for Community Inclusion at UMass Boston and has now reached California!  There is much to be gained from postsecondary education in addition to the academics  A new way of thinking, a new way of supporting, a new way of achieving  “Students with intellectual disabilities will have access and support to pursue postsecondary education for personal, social, vocational and economic fulfillment”

3  Cooperative Agreement Grant through the Department of Rehabilitation that jointly serves consumers of DOR, SDRC and SDCCD  Pilot Program- SDCCD is one of five C2C Programs in CA  For students with intellectual disabilities (ID)  Three-year program  Provides specialized coursework, services and support specifically designed for ID population to assist with success and integration in college and on the job  Successful outcomes include greater employment options and increased sense of self-awareness and life skills

4 ◦ Be receiving services from the San Diego Regional Center ◦ Have an open case with Department of Rehabilitation or be willing to get case opened ◦ Age 22+ ◦ GED or high school diploma equivalent if under the age of 22; fully exited from any high school transition program ◦ Have a documented diagnosis of an intellectual disability  Please note that individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder that have average to above average intelligence do not meet the eligibility requirements ◦ Must be able to express an obtainable goal for employment ◦ Can benefit from the college experience with a focus on gainful employment.

5  Referrals come from Regional Center or Department of Rehabilitation  Enrollment is limited  Acceptance into the program is based on the decision of C2C staff following an initial intake meeting  Three-year track program- individuals must be willing to dedicate themselves to the college experience with a focus on employment  Plan ahead… referral should be made the semester before exiting high school or transition programs to allow time for planning

6 ◦ Career Exploration ◦ Academic Planning ◦ Assistance with access to campus and community resources ◦ Educational Coach supports to assist with college success ◦ Study Lab and Job Lab ◦ Intensive Employment Preparation ◦ College Success Skills ◦ Job Development and Job Search Assistance ◦ Job Retention ◦ Job Coaching (if needed)

7 SuccessCollege 2 Career: Year # 3 Success Module Career SuccessC2C Study LabC2C Job Lab C2C Student Progress Review Successful EMPLOYMENT: C2C Program Completion Ceremony ExperienceCollege 2 Career: Year # 2 Experience Modules Fall Semester: Professional Experience Spring Semester: Work Experience Fall & Spring Semester: C2C Study Lab Fall & Spring Semester: C2C Student Progress Review Summer Semester: C2C Job Lab SmartCollege 2 Career: Year # 1 Smart Modules Fall Semester: College Smart Fall Semester: Job Smart Fall & Spring Semester: C2C Study Lab Fall & Spring Semester: C2C Student Progress Review Summer Semester: C2C Job Lab College 2 Career Smart Experience is the key to Success!Smart Experience is the key to Success! C2C Student Orientation Open case with the Department of Rehabilitation (DOR) C2C Academic Road Map

8  Two Locations: ◦ Northern San Diego ◦ Miramar College  Black Mountain Road, San Diego, CA ◦ Southern San Diego ◦ Educational Cultural Complex  4343 Ocean View Boulevard, San Diego, CA 92113

9  C2C Modules 1.5 hours two times per week  C2C Study lab 2 hours two times per week  Meeting with Ed Coach outside of class minimum of 1 hour per week  Minimum of 1 course outside of C2C modules integrated with peers without disabilities (approx. 3 hours per week)

10 ◦ Childcare Aide ◦ Certified Nurses Assistant ◦ Business Office Technology ◦ Hospitality ◦ Communications ◦ Culinary Arts/Professional Bakeshop ◦ Computer Information Systems ◦ English/Math to improve basic skills ◦ Physical Education ◦ And much more….

11 

12  Assist students one-on-one or in small groups in the classroom, on campus or in the community  Support students with academic coursework, career exploration, and work experience  Promote student’s involvement within campus and community activities  Advocate for students with instructors, faculty and staff and assist students with developing natural supports by attending campus tutoring labs and instructor office hours  Attend classes with students, take notes to supplement the student’s notes, break down the lecture material

13  Help students with time management; money management; understanding the social environment  Apply creative learning strategies and study skills to help students succeed in the classroom  Help students navigate through campus  Assist students in understanding and utilizing authorized accommodations  Assist and advocate for students in finding employment and with learning job-related tasks  Help students establish “natural supports” to promote independence on the job

14  Does not act as a Personal Assistant  Does not provide transportation  Does not attend class for a student in his/her absence  Does not take notes in replace of the student’s own  Does not act as a messenger between C2C students and their instructors  Does not complete student’s homework assignments  Does not take responsibility for students grades  Does not communicate solely with parents or family members

15  Deadline for Fall 2013 referrals is March 29 th !  Please stop by the table in the back to receive more information!  FAQ’s, referral forms, and MORE!

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