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ES-MODIFIER An IT-tool for formulators – particularily SME’s

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1 ES-MODIFIER An IT-tool for formulators – particularily SME’s
ES-workshop in Varese, Italy May 19-20, 2008 Helle Simon Elbro, hse consult

2 List of contents Brief demonstration of IT-tool
Practical use of ’Descriptors of Use’ Evaluation of ES-Modifier by others

3 Focus on all formulating industry sectors - and their customers
Earlier Prototypes Present version Present focus: Raise awareness/ involvement Paints Lubricants Paints Adhesives Sealants 2) Longer term: Cleaning agents ES ++ Scaling

4 Key OUTPUT: Calculation of RCR
Risk Characterisation Ratio < 1 ≥ 1 Exposure HUMAN ES MODIFIER DNEL Exposure ENVIRONMENT PNEC Not Safe Safe

5 Exposure Assessment Default exposure models: Ecetoc TRA
EUSES, with ERC’s (or industry specific release fractions) Other models being included: StoffenManager; RiskOfDerm; COSHH-BAUA

6 Headlines for a USE 1. Lifecycle stage 2. User group
Industry Industry Professional Consumer Manufacturing (M) Formulation (F) End use (U) Service Life (S) 2. User group Industry Professional Consumer 3. Descriptors of use (SU, PC, PROC, AC)

7 Focus for ES-modifier tool
NOT Company with risk assessment experts or who will make DU-CSR Company participating in pan-european activity regarding development of ES-concept under REACH HOT Formulating DU company/ Small trading company importing from outside of EU Basic knowledge how to make SDS for preparations (max. 1-2 persons in HS&E department) No knowledge about self-classfication ES knowledge through national helpdesks/trade organisations

8 How to use ES-modifier Choose lifecycle stage (and user group)
Insert substance data (directly/plug-in) (Today ES-Modifier is substance based; future plans for preparations) Describe overall use according to DoU Choose models (Default models are Ecetoc TRA and EUSES) Describe specific details of use Make calculations and observe RCR results

9 Substance Lifecycle stage + user group Descriptors of use (SU; PC; PROC; AC) Menu options Detailed input RCR Risk Charac. Ratio


























35 List of contents Brief demonstration of IT-tool
Practical use of ’Descriptors of Use’ Evaluation of ES-Modifier

36 Practical use of ’Descriptors of use’ (DoU)
Conclusion from case studies in RIP 3.2: DoU is difficult to use/not reproducible DoU is the main tool recommended in guidance for the identification of use and the headline in the ES More help is needed to find your way around in DoU Reference to Life Cycle Stage Pre-selection of main and sub-categories Industry specific translation of PROC-codes Pre-combination of DoU and ERC’s

37 Translation of Sectors of use
Life cycle stages LCS Code Sector of Use SU1 Agriculture, forestry, fishery SU2 Mining, (including offshore industries) U SU3 Industrial Manufacturing (all) SU4 Manufacture of food products M SU8 Manufacture of bulk, large scale chemicals (including petroleum products) SU9 Manufacture of fine chemicals F SU10 Chemical formulation and packaging SU11 Manufacture of rubber products SU12 Manufacture of plastics products, including compounding and conversion SU18 Manufacture of furniture S SU21 Private households (= general public) SU22 Public domain (administration, education, entertainment, services, craftsmen) Main category for industrial use Sub category for industrial use Main category for formulation Consumer use Professional use

38 Combination of DoU*) and ERC’s Present activity
SU1 SU2 .. SU23 PC1 PC2 .. PC41 PROC1 PROC2 .. PROC19 AC1 AC2 .. AC40 x x x An ERC’s to be attached to every combination! SU22+PC9+PROC9+AC18.1  ERC 8c *) DoU = Descriptors of Use

39 Translation of PROC’s Future activity
Coatings sector PROC1 PROC2 .. PROC19 Continuous production ... Batch production Spray application Brush application .. Printing Sector specific translation Structured according to Product category (PC)

40 List of contents Brief demonstration of IT-tool
Practical use of ’Descriptors of Use’ Evaluation of ES-Modifier

41 Evaluation of ES-Modifier
Functionality DU Companies DU sector groups (translation of e.g. PROC) Communication in supply chain (incl. exchange of substance data) M/I Companies & sector groups (CEFIC) Discussion of responsibility Authorities Validation of calcualtions Experts

42 IF INTERESTED in participating in the Evaluation of ES-Modifier CONTACT US ! Give us your business card or write an

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