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Sandy Skoglund Born in 1946 Surreal Photographer.

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1 Sandy Skoglund Born in 1946 Surreal Photographer

2 Info Born in Quincy Massachusetts in 1946
Went to Smith College and University of Iowa Has been a professor of Art since 1973 Taught first at University of Hartford’s art school in Connecticut from Has been teaching at Rutgers University in New Jersey since 1976

3 Revenge of the Goldfish [1981]
“I really like this picture because that element of sadness and annoyance makes a great sense of what the photo is really about.”

4 Maybe Babies [1983] Sandy Skogland admits to being obsessed with her art “I don’t know how I could not be, since art is you”

5 Raining Popcorn [2001] Used thousands of pieces of popcorn to make this photo “Sandy Skogland and her work is definitely out there and quirky, but down to art it is beautiful and mesmerizing.”

6 Breathing Glass [2000] Used thousands of pieces of broken glass to shape human-like figures

7 Cold War [1999] “She really uses her feelings and emotions to reflect into her work. I like how in each photograph she takes there is an element that is specific and appears very clear.”

8 The Cocktail Party [2002] Constantly used Plaster and chicken wire to shape animals, and also using furniture and people "I think I am most fond of the unseen part. I mean that the various cultural experiences that I go through, and the behavioral aspects of getting the work done, are just as important as the installation and the photograph”

9 Favorite Fox Games [1989] I really like how this photo is different and strange and how she uses bold colors and the plaster molds to shape the picture

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