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Chapter 3 Looking for a Job. Getting Ready for Work Legal Documents needed: –Social Security Number –Work Permit.

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1 Chapter 3 Looking for a Job

2 Getting Ready for Work Legal Documents needed: –Social Security Number –Work Permit

3 Social Security Number Your employer will withhold money from your paycheck for Social Security. When you retire you will receive income payments. Parents usually apply for a number for you at birth. Stays with you for life even if married or change name.

4 How to Apply for a Number Fill out application form at Social Security office. Provide proof of date of birth. Provide proof of identity. Provide proof of US citizenship. Closest Social Security office is here in Portage. Not all cities have an office.

5 Work Permit Federal and State laws protect the health and safety of minors. Fair Labor Standards Act states that a person under the age of 16 may not be employed during school hours. Can work during school hours if part of a work experience program. Restricts the number of hours worked and types of jobs a student can perform. You can get a work permit here at PHS in the office.

6 How to Get a Work Permit Birth Certificate Social Security # $10 –must be repaid to you by employer on or before first paycheck. Letter from employer stating what your position will be. Letter from parents giving you permission to work.

7 Hours & Time of Day Minors May Work 14-15 Year Olds –School Day 3 hours 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. –Friday & Non-School Day 8 hours –School Week 18 hours 16-17 Year Olds –No limit to # of hours –May not be employed during hours of required school attendance

8 Finding Job Leads Family and Friends In-school Sources –Guidance, teachers, work experience coordinator. Newspaper Classified Ads, Internet, Radio Headhunter Job Service –Public employment office provided free by the government. –Primary purpose is to help workers who have lost jobs or been laid-off. –Might have to take interest inventory or aptitude test.

9 More Job Leads Private Employment Agencies –Find people jobs for a fee. –Fee is paid either by employer or the employee. –Dont generally deal with people under 18, looking for part-time work, or entry-level jobs. Direct Employer Contact –Oldest method of announcing an opening. –Help Wanted sign in the window of the business. –Walk in and ask for an application from the employer.

10 Four Common Kinds of Help-Wanted Ads Open Ad –Tells everything needed to know about the job. –Lists where position is located, what the position is, how much will be earned, basic duties of the job, who and how to contact to apply, etc. Blind Ad –Tells everything about the job EXCEPT where it is located. –Employers do this to avoid multiple phone calls. –Allows them to screen applicants.

11 Common Help-Wanted Ads Catch-Type Ads –Tends to promise good salary and downplay qualifications. –Sounds too good to be true. –Usually door-to-door sales people or work at home. Agency Spot Ad –Ad omits (doesnt include) the name of the employer or place of employment. –Apply for job through a private employment agency.

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