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DE Science Elementary 5-Minute Prep For Living Things Inheritance and Learning Learning.

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1 DE Science Elementary 5-Minute Prep For Living Things Inheritance and Learning Learning

2 Learning – The Big Ideas The behavior of an organism is a response to a stimulus, such as amount of sunlight or availability of food. Some behaviors are inherited. Many behaviors must be learned. Learned behaviors are not inherited. Many human behaviors are a combination of inheritance and learning.

3 Learning – Prior Knowledge Students will have knowledge of living things prior to this study. It will be helpful for students to use the FUN- damental, Being Alive. It will also help if they have:Being Alive –Seen and can name different types of living things. –Explained that all living things reproduce. –Explained that offspring inherit traits from their parents. –Explained that some traits are inherited and some are not inherited.

4 Learning – Common Misconceptions You cant teach an old dog new tricks. –Reality: Dogs continue to learn throughout their lives. It is possible that what a dog has already learned may get in the way of learning something new, but old dogs have the ability to learn. Sometimes the aging process causes a decline in hearing and other faculties that can contribute to the decline in learning as well.

5 Learning – Using DE Science Content When you close this presentation, you can review the following recommended resources for Learning. Reading Passage: Animal and Human BehaviorsAnimal and Human Behaviors eBook: BehaviorsBehaviors Video Segment: Physical and Behavioral AdaptationsPhysical and Behavioral Adaptations Use the PowerPoint version of this presentation for hyperlinks to these resources or you can get to them through the browser or search feature.

6 Learning – Instructional Ideas Read the passage, Animal and Human Behaviors.Animal and Human Behaviors –Ask students to make a list of their inherited behaviors. –Ask students to also make a list of their learned behaviors. –Share lists with a partner and then as a class.

7 Learning – Instructional Ideas Guide the students through an example of the Exploration, Learning.Learning –Then allow students to work through the rest of the Exploration with guidance as needed. Watch the video segment, Forms of Animal Adaptation.Forms of Animal Adaptation –Ask each student to choose an animal. –Ask each student to write a paragraph describing the animals habitat. Have them draw a picture of the animal in their habitat as well. –Ask students to write a second paragraph explaining how the animal adapts to live in their environment. –Share the paragraphs and drawings as a class. Hang these around the room during your study.

8 State Standards: If you wish to review your state standards regarding Learning, click here to get to the curriculum standards search feature of DES. You can click on any standard to see what resources are available to teach it. Additional Information: For additional content, check the Extend section within the concept.

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