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Bedford, Freeman & Worth (BFW) Publishing Presented by: Sara Whittern Sr. Area Adoption Manager.

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1 Bedford, Freeman & Worth (BFW) Publishing Presented by: Sara Whittern Sr. Area Adoption Manager


3 Texas Website For access to e-Books and Book Companion Sites: Username: Password: demo

4 Houtman | Karr | Interlandi © 2013 Bedford, Freeman & Worth (BFW) Publishers

5 Anne Houtman, PhD Professor & Head of the School of Life Sciences at RIT Active researcher in science pedagogy Susan Karr, MS Biology Instructor at Carson-Newman College in Jefferson City, TN Active teacher for over 15 years Campus and community environmental sustainability group member Degrees in Animal Behavior and Forestry from the University of Georgia Jeneen Interlandi Scientific American and The New York Times Magazine contributor Masters degrees in Environmental Science and Journalism, Columbia Kaiser Foundation fellowship for global health reporting Researcher Harvard Medical School and Lamont Doherty Earth Observatory Meet the Authors

6 Book Features Environmental Science for a Changing World Captivates students with real-world stories Explores the science concepts in context Engaging stories Vivid photos and infographics (McMurdo Station, Pg. 23)

7 Book Features Science Taught in the Context of Real-World Stories Each story features scientists working in the field and everyday people tackling environmental problems and finding solutions. Running Margin Glossary means students encounter important terms in context. Real Voices, Characters, and Photos draw students in and bring concepts to life. (Susan Solomon at the McMurdo Station, Pg. 23) >>

8 Providing Information for the Future A Core Message begins every chapter summarizing key chapter ideas and proposing guiding questions. End of Chapter Quizzes are meant to engage and captivate readers. Analyzing the Science Evaluating New Information Making Connections (Chapter 3 – Page 39) >>

9 Analyzing the Science These questions ask students to use the concepts they learned in the chapter to think like a scientist and answer data-based problems to enhance science literacy skills. (Pg. 36) >>

10 Evaluating New Information These exercises ask students to evaluate sources of information presented online and in the media to develop their information literacy skills. (Pg. 127) >>

11 Making Connections These problems ask students to apply critical thinking skills to case scenarios to build their environmental literacy skills. (Pg. 221) >>

12 Real World Explanations Biomimicry and Bring It Home features show students inspiring solutions to environmental problems. << Infographic 2.5 (Pg. 31) >> Bring It Home (Pg. 35)

13 Biomimicry a frequent theme in the chapters using natures models and strategies to solve human problems sustainably << (Pg. 142)

14 Bring It Home considers ways students can address environmental issues on the individual, group, and political level – (Pg. 145)

15 Engaging Images allow readers to engage the information in a visual manner that is appealing and productive allow the use of visual queues ^ Infographic 2.7 (Pg. 34) Map (Pg. 22) ^

16 Infographics combine easy- to-follow images with straight- forward explanations, plus charts, graphs and tables give a complete picture of a fundamental scientific principle << (Pg. 133)

17 Maps (Pgs. 130 & 132) appear in every chapter anchor the story to a geographical location present new data help students develop skills in geography and map reading

18 Products and Supplements Fully Interactive eBook – Book Companion Site – EnviroPortal – Computerized Test Bank Instructors resource DVD Chapter 2 (Pg. 20) as seen on e-Book >>

19 Fully interactive e-Book Customizable & compatible Full text + integrated study tools and web links (Pg. 303) http


21 Free Book Companion Site Online quizzes Both student resources and teacher resources Includes gradebook and full assessment

22 EnviroPortal E-Book Learning Curve Assessments Student and Teacher Resources Assignments and Gradebook


24 Computerized Test Bank Gives instructors the ability to – Add – Edit – re-sequence – print any of the dozens of carefully crafted questions, including – short answer – multiple choice – fill in the blank << (Pg. 479)

25 Instructors Resource DVD Helps instructors by providing them with – presentation tools – course management – information – assessment resources

26 Pricing and ISBNs Hardcover $90 1-4641-3573-8 Teachers Edition $90 1-4641-2938-X 1-Use e-Book $45 1-4641-3617-3 6-Use e-Book $90 1-4641-3616-5 Text & 6-use e-Book $105 1-4641-3668-8 Computerized Test Bank $150.00 1-4641-0465-4 Book Companion Site Free

27 More Science Titles Available from BFW Publishers Friedland and Relyea Environmental Science for AP* Andrew Friedland and Rick Relyea AP Environmental Science AP Biology Principles of Life David Hillis Astronomy Discovering the Universe Neil Comins Scientific American Biology For A Changing World Michele Shuster Environmental Systems Biology Scientific American Environmental Science For A Changing World Anne Houtman Also available with Physiology TEKS Correlations available for all texts!

28 Thank You! Learn more about our science titles at: Mari Negrete Senior Sales Representative 603-557-1798 Sara Whittern Senior Area Adoption Manager 214-335-1187

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