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© 2011 AudioCodes Ltd. All rights reserved. AudioCodes Confidential Proprietary AudioCodes Solutions for….. Every type of UC Deployment February 2011 Ian.

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1 © 2011 AudioCodes Ltd. All rights reserved. AudioCodes Confidential Proprietary AudioCodes Solutions for….. Every type of UC Deployment February 2011 Ian Woolner Enterprise Sales Director – UK

2 This session will give you… An Overview of Audio Codes A summary or our product range Some of the challenges we help solve How we make the deployment of Microsoft Lync easy

3 2010 Overview

4 Strong growth Revenues grew ~20% YoY Earnings grew more than 300% YoY Positive Cash flow – above $15M Operating Margin of 11.7% Networking grew above 30% over 2009 Significant growth in sales through Channels Increased revenues from Services [Support for the Channel] The Global leader in Gateways that address the needs of the Enterprise 2010 Financial Performance

5 Last 5 Quarters Key Financials

6 UC Trends

7 UCC Market Trends Major UCC and IP-PBX vendors Increase focus on UC applications & features Move away from peripherals such as media gateways and E-SBC Migrating from proprietary IP protocols to the SIP standard …therefore more willing to collaborate with Best-of-Breed vendors such as AudioCodes


9 PSTN Gateways – Wide Interoperability Certification with all major UCC vendors worldwide Avaya (with Nortel) Alcatel-Lucent Siemens (SEN) NEC Aastra Mitel Toshiba Shoretel 3Com (HP Networking) Interactive Intelligence Enterprise Equipment Market Share 2009 (Infonetics)

10 Audio Codes Features

11 Small Business Large Enterprise SME E-SBC Offering Technology Core AudioCodes DSP Extensive line of voice Codecs Deep transcoding densities Smooth migration from Gateways to E-SBCs Mediant 1000 NGN will support up to 5000 sessions E-SBCMax # of Sessions Mediant Mediant Mediant Mediant Mediant

12 Terminal Adaptors – Analog VoIP Gateways MediaPack 1xx Analog VoIP Gateways Connecting phones, modems, fax machines, PBX or PSTN Spans a range of 2 to 24 analog FXS/FXO ports Mature 3 rd generation MediaPack product line Superior VoIPerfect quality with competitive price per port Large variety of interoperable SoftSwitches and PBXs PSTN Fallback and Standalone survivability Comprehensive management tool for configuration and maintenance Very rich SIP implementation with routing manipulation options MediaPack 112/114/118MediaPack 124D

13 PSTN Gateways - SAS Standalone Survivability (SAS) for service continuity Maintains basic features to registered SIP Phones in case of WAN failure – Make and receive calls, Intra-branch calls Automatically learns dial plan via REGISTER Advanced telephony features during emergency mode – Hold, Transfer, Conference – Shared call appearance – Emergency message on screen One of our strongest features entering into vendors certification lists (Avaya, ALE..)

14 Enterprise Session Border Controller (E-SBC) Key component in smooth migration of Enterprise customers to VoIP Almost all IP-PBX vendors rather avoid dealing directly with IP-to-IP interop Connecting through AudioCodes E-SBC The E-SBC provides the enterprise PSTN Connectivity Interoperability Survivability Security Quality assurance E-SBC enables SIP Trunking Connecting the Enterprise TDM/IP PBX to an ITSP (VoIP service provider) Toll bypass Internet ITSPWAN Enterprise LAN PSTN E-SBC

15 One Platform connects all

16 Gateways / E-SBC / MSBG – Unique Selling Points Mediant 1000 MSBG and Mediant 3000 E-SBC are certified by Avaya DevConnect for worldwide use Cost effective alternative to Acme Packet for Avaya Customers Hybrid platform – Gateway & Session Border Controller in One unit Compatible gateways for CS-1000 Investment protection for huge base of ex-Nortel VARs and end-customers CS-1000 to Aura connectivity (Mediant 1000/3000) CS-1000 to PSTN connectivity Analog lines (MediaPack 11x) Mediant 1000 with HP and Lync Mediant 1000 (inc. MSBG) being certified by HP Enterprise Services for use with Lync and SIP Carriers

17 Connecting to Applications – IP Remote Agents and Contact Centers Challenges: Agents in Remote Offices Agents in Home Offices Security NAT Traversal Solution: Enterprise SBC Protects Enterprise Enables VPN Connection to Remote office Solves NAT Traversal issues to work at home agents Internet Remote LAN Remote Agents Remote Work at Home Agents NAT Local Agents IP Contact Center Enterprise SBC VPNVPN Bad Stuff SRTP/TLS

18 Connection to Applications BlackBerry (RIM) Mobile Voice System (MVS) Fixed Mobile Convergence (FMC) application Unifying desk phone with BlackBerry Smartphone Calls are anchored in the Enterprise PBX Gateway / E-SBC is needed to connect the IP-PBX to the BES/MVS servers RIM & AudioCodes together are certified by Avaya DevConnect Strong selling point among Avayas VARs This is a pure channel play, demand to be generated at the VAR level RIM is planning similar certifications with more IP-PBX vendors (SEN, Mitel)

19 AudioCodes Mediant 1000 MSBG With E-SBC features Avaya SES Avaya Aura Communications Manager Avaya Meeting Exchange WAN LAN Connect Service Connecting to Applications – Skype Connect and Avaya (ROI Networks)

20 Microsoft Lync

21 Converged Communications Delivering on Critical Communications

22 AudioCodes Ecosystem with Microsoft Unified Communications Microsoft Unified Communications Solutions 3 rd party Analog and SIP based Phone Support Media Gateway Legacy TDM PBX Media Gateway E1/T1/BRI/FXO PBX Legacy Fax & other Analog devices Media Gateway Non certified IP PBX Media Gateway IP-PBX SIP IP Phones AudioCodes Mobile Soft Client Media Gateway SIP PSTN Networks Media Gateway …. TDM Trunks SP PSTN Secured SIP Trunking Media Gateway …. SP IP WAN SIP Trunks Recording solution SmartTAP Call Recorder Survivability Lync PSTN WAN Survivable Branch Appliance Media Gateways

23 Typical Network Layout – Office Communications Server 2007 R2 Mediant 1000 Basic Hybrid Gateway PBX Big Branch Mediant 2000 Basic Gateway Mediant 3000 Basic Gateway PBX Headquarters Office Communications Server 2007 Mediation Server Mediation Server TDM G.711, SIP/TCP, RTP RTA, SIP/TLS, SRTP PSTN Third-party IP Phones optimized for Microsoft PSTN PSTN IP-PBX IP Phones IP IPIP Small Office

24 Typical Network Layout – Lync Server 2010 Mediant 1000 SBA PBX Small Office Big Branch Mediant 2000 SBA Mediant 3000 Enhanced Gateway PBX Headquarters Mediation Server PSTN Third-party IP Phones optimized for Microsoft PSTN PSTN IP-PBX IP Phones IPIP TDM G.711, SIP/TCP, RTP RTA, SIP/TLS, SRTP IP

25 Microsoft OIP Certifications for Enhanced Gateways & SBAs

26 Unmatched Stability & Performance AudioCodes uses separate processing engines for different gateway functionalities: Embedded CPU for AudioCodes VoIP services DSP farm for offloading media-intensive applications from the CPU Intel-based server for Mediation Server / SBA software Result: AudioCodes provides better performance and better stability Mediant 1000

27 Office Interoperability Interoperability with numerous TDM PBXs Interoperability with non Microsoft-certified IP-PBXs Quick time-to-market No need to invest in the existing equipment Microsoft UC Network Non-Certified IP-PBXs Other SIP IP-PBX Microsoft SIP Media Gateway And more… IP Phones Office Communications Server / Lync Server Office Communicator/Lync E1/T1/BRI/FXO PBX

28 What are the most important features that customers want out of an E-SBC?

29 Large Enterprise WAN (IP) PSTN Fallback Gateway IP Phones Intranet SIP Trunk SBC PSTN PBX IP-PBX IP TDM Fax Firewall Router Exchange server Lync Analog Phone Mediant 3000 E-SBC / Enhanced UcSIPT Architecture – Large Enterprise MP1xx

30 Small to Medium Enterprise WAN (IP) Router PSTN Fallback Gateway IP Phones Intranet SIP Trunk Firewall SBC PSTN PBX IP-PBX (Optional) SBA IP TDM Fax Lync Analog Phone Mediant 1000 E-SBC / SBA The Integrated Multi Service Business Gateway WAN Access

31 SBA Monitoring – SCOM AudioCodes offers a SCOM Plug-In to monitor the SBAs and Enhanced gateways through a single, familiar and easy to use interface - Microsoft centralized System Center Operations Manager Providing Gateway insights of health and performance information as well as alerts. (e.g. Power Supply, Number of Busy calls etc.)

32 Third-party IP Phones optimizing for Microsoft Office Communicator / Lync Microsoft Unified Communications AudioCodes SIP Phone Support AudioCodes Mobile Soft Client AudioCodes 300HD Series IP Phones Third-party SIP IP & Soft Phones Analog Phones Enabling SIP-Phones, Analog Phones and Mobile handset connectivity

33 OCS / Lync Server IP Phone Applications Microsoft OCS / Lync Pool IM, Presence Audio, Video, Conferencing, IVR Inbound Routing Outbound Routing Voice Mail Routing OC / Lync User D Mediant 1000 with SPS External Server with SPS User B 3 rd party IP Phone SIP User C AudioCodes 300HD IP Phone SIP User A Analog Phone MP1xx MP2xx PSTN

34 Enables most market leading IP Phones install base to connect to OCS / Lync Server via SPS Third Party Phone Support using SPS A short interoperability test is recommended to get the most out of the OCS/Lync Server features with additional 3rd IP Phones vendors AVAYA9620 AVAYA9630 AAstra57i/6757i Aastra L32 DECT SNOM300 xLite Soft Phone Polycom320 Polycom450 Polycom550 Polycom650 Polycom670 Cisco CP7960 Cisco CP7940

35 © 2011 AudioCodes Ltd. All rights reserved. AudioCodes Confidential Proprietary Thank you February 2011 Ian Woolner Enterprise Sales Director – UK

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