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Canada Votes Party Platforms on Child Care A quick guide to party policies and beliefs regarding issues focusing on child care.

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1 Canada Votes Party Platforms on Child Care A quick guide to party policies and beliefs regarding issues focusing on child care

2 Child care Canadian families need access to affordable, high quality child care as an aspect of early childhood education. There are also clear benefits to maximizing time together for parents with young children. Canadians want a programme with flexibility. A cheque for $100/month does not begin to address these needs. Our Vision The Green Party believes we need a high-quality federally-funded universal child care program in Canada. Workplace child care has been shown to improve productivity, decrease employee absenteeism, ensure quality care for children (because parents can “drop in” at any time to see their young children), and permits longer breast-feeding of infants. Work-place child care spaces create other benefits, recognizing the emerging literature that children benefit enormously from time with their mothers, especially when very young. The beneficent spiral of providing workplace child care also includes making it easier for many working Canadians to use mass transit. When parents and children are traveling to the same destination, the trip can often be made in less time on public transit, while parents are able to spend more time with children. More ……

3 Green Solutions Green Party MPs will: Restore and revamp the 2005 agreement reached between the federal government, provinces and territories to achieve a universal child care programme in Canada. Specifically ensure that Canada’s universal child care programme provides workplace child care spaces wherever possible. Tax shift to make advertising directed at children ineligible for corporate tax write-offs. Accelerate the creation of workplace child care spaces through a direct tax credit to employers (or groups of employers in small businesses) of $1500 tax credit/child per year. Value the decisions of parents who choose to stay home with children. Promote and facilitate access to Roots of Empathy Programme to every Canadian child at some point in their elementary school years. Peterborough Candidate: Emily Berrigan 168 Hunter St. West 772-8378 Green Party Platform

4 Investing in Our Children Early education and child care is part of how parents are able to achieve a work/ life balance and provide early educational opportunities for their children. Unfortunately all too often, children are stuck on waiting lists because of a shortage of spaces. As every parent knows, no space means no choice. For our children, early education and child care centres are a wonderful environment in which to play. It’s a place to make best friends; to feel safe, secure, valued, comfortable and nurtured; to learn and develop new skills; to do interesting and stimulating activities in an environment that complements – not replaces – the family. For moms and dads, an excellent early education and child care program respects their primary role in raising children and builds on the lessons children learn at home. It is a place where they know their child’s daily experience is the best it can be; it is affordable, flexible and available for everyone. It empowers parents to make the best choices possible for themselves and their children. Parents know – and studies show – that early education and child care helps their children grow physically, socially, intellectually, and emotionally. Canada was making strides forward under the previous Liberal government as all ten provinces had signed agreements with the federal government on early learning and child care based on a nationally-shared vision. One of the first acts of the Conservative government was to abandon this partnership with the provinces on this issue that is so vital to Canada’s future. The provinces will find a new partner in a Liberal government as we will work with them to rebuild what was torn down by the Conservatives. More….

5 Our long-term goal will be coast-to-coast high-quality, universal, community based, early education and child care. In pursuit of this objective, we will allocate substantial new federal funds. This investment will increase over a four-year period and at full implementation in the fourth year, the will climb to $1.25 billion annually. To give families the flexibility they need to bridge to quality child care, a Liberal government will introduce the choice to take a shorter parental leave at a higher benefit level, or a longer leave (up to 18 months) at a lower benefit level. That way, parents who return to work early will still benefit from the full payment allowable, and those who wish to stay home with their children until 18 months – the point at which there are more, and more affordable, child care options – can do that as well. Peterborough Candidate: Betsy McGregor 971 Lansdowne Street West Peterborough (ON) K9H 1Z5 705-930-6555 Email Liberal Party of Canada Platform

6 In consultation with the provinces and territories, Jack Layton and the New Democrats will: Enact the New Democrats' Early Learning and Child Care Act – which has already passed Second Reading in Parliament - to establish the program in law for the first time in Canada. Establish and adequately fund a Canada-wide child care and early learning program. We will make high quality, accessible, affordable, non-profit and licensed child care available to Canadian families, including aboriginal Canadians. These initiatives will create 150,000 new child care spaces in the first year, growing to 220,000 spaces per year in the fourth year. Ensure a healthy head start for kids. We will develop a Children's Nutrition Initiative to support and expand provincial and local programs that provide healthy meals to school children. Peterborough Candidate: Steve Sharpe New Democratic Party of Canada Platform

7 Many families struggle with the cost of child care. For 13 years, Liberals promised but never delivered new child care spaces. Conservatives are giving parents choice in childcare – direct support to fit each family’s unique needs – and investing in new child care spaces. Conservatives are building a stronger, safer, better Canada for families and children. The Conservative Record Invested $250 million per year to assist the provinces and territories in creating new child care spaces Delivered choice and support to parents through the Universal Child Care Benefit: $1,200 per year in direct support for every child under six – over $3.7 billion in 2006 and 2007 to help parents with the cost of child care Peterborough Candidate: Dean Del Mastro 705.876.0728 Conservative Party Platform

8 Your vote does count! Send the message to Ottawa that Child Care matters! Election Day: Tuesday October 14, 2008

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