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Sensor and Automation Event Processing in the Real World (Existing Customer Use Cases) Sam Rehman Director of Development RFID, Sensor and Automation.

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1 Sensor and Automation Event Processing in the Real World (Existing Customer Use Cases) Sam Rehman Director of Development RFID, Sensor and Automation

2 ...and that if the subject, or even only the subjective constitution of the senses in general, be removed, the whole constitution and all the relations of objects in space and time, nay space and time themselves, would vanish. With this alone, have we any concern. Kant - Critique of Pure Reason

3 Sensors and Automation Overview

4 Sensors Data Intelligence Insight Data made relevant to your business Patient details and history? Has it crossed the border? Where is my package? Are these authentic products? Right medication ? Any hazardous materials? Has it been tampered? Is the food still fresh?

5 Traditional Business Weeks Megabytes Punch Cards Few People Internet e-Business Days Terabytes Human Driven Many People Real Time Business Seconds Exabytes Event Driven Automated Information Driven Enterprises

6 Typical Sensors Temperature (Thermocouple and RST) Motion/Presence/Location/Direction/Identification (GPS, IRBB, CMOS, RFID, RTLS, UWB, SAW, MiFARE, etc) Weight (Electronic Scales, etc) Dry Contacts Bio-sensors (Retina, fingerprints, etc)

7 Typical Actuators and Indicators Message Boards (LED, LCD, SBCs, screens,lightstacks,etc) MHE (Carousels, ASRS, etc) General PLCs

8 Wide range of uses Supply chain out of stock reduction, automation Reduce shelf management Homeland Security US Visit Container tracking (Tom Ridge) Critical infrastructure protection Transportation Container management, security, Hazmat Asset Tracking Hazmat (chems, explosives) Sensitive materials (vaccines) Expensive (construction) Sensor Networks DoD, Homeland Security, Natural Resource Management Pharma Electronic Pedigree Healthcare Patients Equipment Security Manufacturing Part management Boeing/Airbus 10,000 tags/A380 Payment systems Ezpass, ski, movies Smartcards, Cellphone based Security and Access Control …and more uses everyday

9 APPLICATIONS SENSE & RESPOND DEVICES Other Applications Sensor and Automation Services Oracle Fusion Middleware MANAGE ANALYZE ACCESS Business Processes Business Intelligence Business Activity Monitoring EDGE PortalAlerts Application ServerDatabase Integration Solutions Sensor Data Manager Oracle AS Edge Server Solutions (Compliance,etc)

10 Sensor Edge Server Plug and Play, Modular Architecture Sensor Edge Server Oracle Fusion Middleware Groups Dispatchers Local Processors: Filters & Rules Device Abstraction Layer Driver Internal Store//Forward Web Services WSCallbacks OPMN Streams OracleStreams/AQ ALE EPC ALE CLient EventFlow WS, HTTP,file, Stored Proc, etc Central/Remote Administration EM JMX Admin Console Development Services Device Mgmt. Monitoring Web Services IS Services EPC Mgmt. Sensor Data. CustomSolutions Sensor Data Management Archiving ReportingAssociations Sensor Data Repository (optional)

11 Oracle and The EPCglobal Network Complete product support RFID Tags RFID Readers RFID Middleware Application Specific Capture Apps EPCIS Services Solutions EPC UHF Gen2 Protocol EPC RP or LPRP EPC ALE EPCIS Capture Interface EPCIS Query Interface Oracle E-Business Suite Oracle Fusion Middleware Sensor and Automation Services Oracle Sensor Data Manager (SDM) Oracle Sensor Edge Server (SES) DiscoveryEPCISRepositoryTools Dev. Mgmt Filtering Local Processing Management IS IntegrationClusteringALE Services WMSEAMOTMRetek… Oracle Database 10g

12 SES Event Processing Support Domain Specific Custom coded needed for specific vertical Eg: Pallet Processor (WMS), Choke (T&T), Presence (Pharma), etc SI Provides Processors: SI uses our framework to build reusable processors for their typical customers Generic Parameterized Local Processors Based on generic algorithms Support for temporal (sliding window) for transient events Custom Processors Self contained user provided extensions (remotely deployed and managed) Long Term Conditions DBMS Rulesets and Expression Filters CEP Engine (Future releases) Meta data driven processing with windowing support

13 TIME 2. Event Enter generated: Note there is NO preamble Rise of edge is defined as rise after drop for X period of time 1. Pull not seen e.g Tag is not in field in this timeline 3. Level rises and drops: level rises afterwards and drops in non-predictable intervals Tolerance level for drop detection is based on sliding window, not just from start 4. Cannot consider drop yet Since there is no sync word 5. Event Exit generated Edge drops for Y period Typical Parameterized Event Processing: Smoothing and Edge Detections Signal

14 Challenges Parameterized Processing is not flexible enough Some customer still needs to customize code (deployment and support issues) Custom (java coded) processors only works for common cases, and will not scale with the range of use cases Need more visibility and simulation into processing Cannot handle both short and wide temporal windows in one language Centralized tool sets for: Defining processing logics, monitoring, viewing exceptions, setting up bindings Difficult to define bindings to adapters (dissemination) Has to be embeddable into Vertical and Horizontal Applications!!! (how to expose the predicates and tools?)

15 Real life Use Cases

16 Multi-dimensional Track and Trace End to end monitoring and audit trail for perishable goods Tracking from original packaging to retail Re-packaging, Presence, Choke, Temperature and Light exposure has to be monitored and evaluated every step of the way 3PL Ships hands items in temp. controlled containers Manufacturer packages and tags the containers Warehouses with environment control bins/shelves Retail stores with temperature control back-store and shelves

17 Todays Challenges/Shortcomings Soft identity easily stolen Security & safety compliance Proprietary architecture Sensor-Based Benefits Real-time location & status information Physical identification Open architecture yet maintain end to end cryptography User trying to enter secure area Major doorways equipped with readers and indicator, may include keypad for challenge keys Request to enter send to backend IM system, response could be challenge or auth token User authorized (or denied). Sends back indicator or open doorway. Attempts and Entry is logged and stored in dbms for audit Physical Identification: Control Access Open architecture for secure identification This is not a commitment to deliver. Product directions are subject to change without notice. Carries MiFARE, iClass or Contactless SIMM/Smart Card

18 Todays Challenges/Shortcomings Replenishment based on latent guesstimates Promotes excess inventories with risk of parts obsolescence Sensor-Based Benefits Real-time spares consumption information with auto-triggering of replenishment orders Improved inventory management Service tech needs component off shelf to complete repair Removing component from shelf sends signal to receiver Receiver sends signal to APS applications APS interprets signal as real demand and increments demand signal by actual consumed quantity or triggers replenishment order Location = Shelf 1 Quantity = 1 Location = Station 5 Quantity = 1 Replenishment Order Inventory Management: Fewer Parts Automated Re-Order of Spare Parts for Service Depots

19 MHEs or other metered equipment Enterprise Asset Management Tracking health and performance of your expensive equipment ADC and networking Smart Storage Oracle Sensor Edge Server SES Backend Applications: (EAM, CRM FS, etc) Typical Local Processing Generate equipment alert if: Temp. on reg. Engine15 rise above 110ºF for more than X minutes, and no gaps more than 2 seconds Running mean on temp gradually rising over 2% every month

20 For More Information RFID or

21 Questions / Answers

22 The preceding is intended to outline our general product direction. It is intended for information purposes only, and may not be incorporated into any contract. It is not a commitment to deliver any material, code, or functionality, and should not be relied upon in making purchasing decisions. The development, release, and timing of any features or functionality described for Oracles products remain at the sole discretion of Oracle.


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