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Saudi Arabia Child HelpLine

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2 Saudi Arabia Child HelpLine
Tahani Al Mmajhed Child HelpLine Manager National Family Safety Program Saudi National Guards health Affairs

3 Administrative Division of Saudi Arabia

4 Launching the Child HelpLine
A needs assessment study was first conducted. Signing memorandums of understanding. Setting up the call center. Obtaining a toll free number. Training and Workshops. Mapping resources.

5 Launching the Child HelpLine
IN November 20, 2010 we celebrated the Universal Children's Day by launching the child helpline in the trial period.

6 Memoranda of Understandings
Ministry of Social Affairs Ministry of Interior Affairs Ministry of Education Ministry of Health Human Rights Commission National Society for Human Rights National Family Safety ProgramNational Committee for Children Information Technology Telecommunications Authority Saudi Communications Company General Statistics and Information interest Saudi Arabia Pediatrics Assembly UNICEF AGFUND MENA Child Protection Initiative

7 Setting up the call center
Obtaining a toll free number: A toll free number dedicated to the prevention of child abuse and neglect 2. Training and Workshops: London Amman, Local Training Individual Training Mapping resources: List all resources and agencies available in the Kingdom that provide services to children.

8 Saudi Child HelpLine: The Child HelpLine is dedicated to the prevention of child abuse. Serving all regions of the Kingdom. staffed 12 hours a day, 5 days a week. professional crisis counselors provide assistances. Will be expanded to 24/ 7 in the future.

9 Saudi Child Helpline Awareness Campaign
1.The public and private agencies that signed memorandum with the helpline that we mention above: Ministry of Social Affairs Ministry of Interior Affairs Ministry of Education Ministry of Health

10 Saudi Child Helpline Awareness Campaign
2. TV Ad and Information Film: At Child Helpline we want children to engage with us and tell us how they are feeling. We want to tell children that we really listen, we really care and we are here for them –any time for any problem, no matter how big or small.

11 Saudi Child Helpline Awareness Campaign
3. Hold a local conference, Brochures and roll ups and other printed materials, Newspapers, Newsletters, Webpage , social media, Interviews with the helpline manager and other NFSP officials.

12 Mechanism of operating the Helpline
Receiving calls since November 2010. providing consultations. Referring the emergency cases to other social and legal agencies for immediate intervention. Collecting child abuse and neglect data. Providing monthly statistics about the abused cases and the quality of the consultations.

13 Mechanism of operating the line
Identifying the reasons behind the abused children calls. Building relationships with organizations that provide services for children Preparing a guide to all available resources and services for children in Saudi Arabia Managing the quality of the consultations performance and give immediate solutions

14 The challenges and difficulties that we faced
Doubts from individuals and organizations about the role of Child HelpLine. Difficulty of identifying some of the cities in remote areas. Difficulty of accounting the society resources because of the huge geographical area of the kingdom. Absence of a reliable database because of the new experience in the social field. The society considers this service as an intervene in their privacy and personal life.

15 Total Calls Received by Month 2011

16 Type of calls received in 2011

17 Calls received that were not serious 2011

18 Serious Calls Received 2011

19 Issues Counseled by Child HelpLine Professionals

20 Total serious calls received By gender 2011

21 And now some pictures







28 Thank You for Your Time Now Open for Questions

29 Tahani Al Majhed

30 Thank you

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