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DE Science Elementary 5-Minute Prep For Forces and Motion Force About Force.

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1 DE Science Elementary 5-Minute Prep For Forces and Motion Force About Force

2 About Force – The Big Ideas Force is a push or pull. The strength of force is related to its effect. Force can cause an object to move. A greater force pushing on an object results in a greater change in motion. If two equal forces push an object from opposite directions, the object does not move. When two forces push in the same direction, their forces are added. When two forces push in opposite directions, their forces are subtracted.

3 About Force – Prior Knowledge Students are fascinated by objects in motion. It will help for students to use the FUN-damental, Making Things Move, to review forces and motion. It will also be helpful if students have observed or interacted with toys and other objects that move.Making Things Move

4 About Force – Common Misconceptions A force is needed to keep an object moving with a constant speed. –Reality: Newton's first law of motion states that a force is not needed to keep an object in motion. An object in motion on a surface does not come to a resting position because of the absence of a force. The object stops because of the presence of a force, which is the force of friction. Force is a property of an object. An object has force, and when it runs out of force it stops moving. –Reality: Force is an interaction between two objects and not a property of one object.

5 About Force – Using DE Science Content When you close this presentation, you can review the following recommended resources for About Force. Exploration: About ForceAbout Force Reading Passage: May the Force Be with YouMay the Force Be with You Video: Isaac Newtons Three Laws of MotionIsaac Newtons Three Laws of Motion Video: Push and PullPush and Pull Use the PowerPoint version of this presentation for hyperlinks to these resources or you can get to them through the browser or search feature.

6 About Force – Instructional Ideas Read Its Game TimeIts Game Time –Supply students with marbles: Have students play with the marbles either on the floor or outside on a flat surface. Students will write the definition of a force and create a data table in their science journals. –Students will record what happens to a marble when they apply forces from different directions or more than one force at a time.

7 About Force – Instructional Ideas Students will work either alone or in pairs at a computer to complete the virtual lab, Pulling Your Weight.Pulling Your Weight. –Have the students print out their results page and hand it in for credit.

8 State Standards: If you wish to review your state standards regarding Force, click here to get to the curriculum standards search feature of DES. You can click on any standard to see what resources are available to teach it. Additional Information: For additional content, check the Extend section within the concept.

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