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Sugar Rush Erin Anderson.

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1 Sugar Rush Erin Anderson

2 Problem What effect does sugar have on your body and mind?

3 Introduction I know that sugar’s bad for you but I always wondered how it really effects you

4 Background Info Pop- has lots of sugar glucose is a form of sugar. Glucose fuels the brain cell, but too much sugar can deprive the brain of glucose depleting the brains energy. Ehehehehhehee

5 Hypothesis I think that it will have a negative effect on both your brain and body.

6 Material Mountain Dew Clothes pin Sudoku Apple juice Paper Pen

7 Procedure They drink water
The people will hold open the clothes pen with their thumb and index finger I time them while doing it then I give them 2 cups of Mt. Dew Then repeat step 2 and 3 Compare results

8 Varible Controlled-same tests Independent- Sugar, no sugar
Dependent- How long they held the clothes pin

9 Results With Sugar Sarah- 40:59 Hannah- 40:59 Dezzy- 41:10
Without Sugar Sarah- 14:00 Hannah- 5:32 Dezzy- 12:27

10 Results Without Sugar Hannah- 8:15 Dezzy- 13:17 Mac- 9:12 With Sugar

11 Conclusion The Body- The affect of sugar on the body was the opposite of what I thought it would be. The Mind- I was right it did take longer to figure out the Sudoko.

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