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Kent Ward – Gypsum Consulting Services Inc. In cooperation with Innogyps Inc.

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1 Kent Ward – Gypsum Consulting Services Inc. In cooperation with Innogyps Inc.

2 About GCSI and Myself Based in Halifax Honors BSc in Applied Chemistry from Guelph 13 years in the gypsum Industry North America, Europe, Middle East & Asia Support for – business start-ups, operational improvement, product and process development, people development

3 About Innogyps & Bob Bruce Based in Hamilton, ON PhD in Sulphur Chemistry 35 years in the gypsum industry world wide Global Leader in gypsum technology and business development

4 The problem!

5 The Effect! Gypsum production drop at an alarming rate Operations reduce/suspend production Impact: Direct and indirect employment dropping Royalty / tax revenue dropping Future business development is being stifled

6 But….Gypsum is growing globally Demographics Growing middle class –Affordability –Standard of housing Credit availability Global standards Renovation Why?

7 The opportunity! The gypsum industry is growing globally at a rate faster than population or GDP Growth is driven by market demand Growth is constrained by access to expertise, low cost energy and usable gypsum Nova Scotia is in a good position to lead this business development globally

8 The Action MRB initiates strategy session (Feb 2012) Re-examine the future of gypsum industry in NS Participants are MRB, ERDT, NS Ag, Producers/Users, GCSI and Innogyps

9 The Outcome Conviction to develop a long-term, sustainable gypsum industry over 5 – 10 years Develop value-added gypsum businesses in NS capable to export products to the rest of the world Move from selling rocks to selling products/expertise

10 Potential Businesses Agricultural Soil Additives Gypsum Based Absorbents (oil absorbents and pet litter) Architectural Products (floor screeds, plasters, decorative products) Ground Control Applications (slope stability, erosion control, subsidence prevention)

11 Applications of Gypsum in Agriculture Research has demonstrated that gypsum has the potential to significantly improve crop yields and quality by addressing several issues that face the agriculture industry. Soil Acidity The high content of Ca 2+ in gypsum buffers the pH of the soil Alkali Soil The high content of Ca 2+ in gypsum can increase the cation exchange capacity, reducing high salt levels in the soil Exchangeable Aluminum & Magnesium Toxicity Gypsum provides SO 4 2- to neutralize Al 3+ and Mg 2+ (along with other toxic substances)

12 Applications of Gypsum in Agriculture Soil Structure Reduced run-off and erosion by clay flocculation Infiltration & Saturation Ca 2+ and S are fundamental for positive crop growth Nutrient Availability Facilitates active transport pathways

13 Effect on Soil Structure With Gypsum Without Gypsum Reference - Norton, 2008

14 Remediation of Sodic Soils Gypsum 26t/ac No Treatment Reference - Xu, 2006

15 Improved Yield (Tomato) July 2005 August 2005Gypsum Treatment T/acre 0202 0202 Yield lb/10 ft row 40 48 28 34 0.46 0.67 Skin Ca % 0.56 0.71 Reference - Summer & Larrimore, 2006

16 Improved Shelf Life No GypsumGypsum 1100 lbs./ac Cantaloupe stored for 4 weeks @ 40 ⁰F Reference - Summer & Larrimore, 2006

17 Potential Market Ag Gyp Producers

18 Competition Closest competing locations are: West of Mississippi in USA Southern Ontario in Canada Spain, Morocco FGD Gypsum – Hazardous ??? – EPA Phosphogypsum – radioactive Nova Scotia is lowest cost natural product!

19 Gypsum Calcining The price of conventional gypsum can range from $5-10/ton Conventional Gypsum $5-10/ton β – Plaster of Paris $25-500/ton α-High Strength Gypsum Cement $250-800/ton Gypsum calcining can significantly raise the value of gypsum products.

20 Absorbents High value-added products Natural Calcined gypsum is naturally absorbent and clumps Can engineer to maximize absorbency Can control density (light weight products) Can modify surface for specific applications (carriers) Use alone or blend with existing products

21 Absorbents

22 Employees - 856

23 Architectural Applications Gypsum plasters, gypsum cements, decorative stone High value-added products Natural Fire resistant Breathable and regulate humidity in interior applications Can formulate to impart desirable properties Moldable (can produce intricate designs)

24 Floor Screed (Gypsum Cement) 25% to 40% lighter than concrete based products Better fire resistance Nuetral pH Quick cure (can build the next day) Can incorporate NS aggregate

25 Decorative Applications Decorative StonePlaster Castings

26 Ground Control Applications Erosion control/slope stabilty Ease of application Sets to form crust/stays where you put it/steep slopes Can blend in seed/nutrients/absorbents Improves drainage of soil Subsidence prevention (fill underground voids) Pumpable Control set time to ensure even distribution in void

27 Ground Control Applications HydroseedingSubsidence

28 The Nova Scotia Advantage

29 Extensive High Quality Gypsum Reserves

30 Low Cost Energy

31 Educated, Talented Workforce

32 Transportation

33 Government & Industry Partners

34 Benefits to Nova Scotia Potential Opportunity Agricultural Gypsum AbsorbentsArchitectural Applications Ground Control MarketsLocal/US EastGlobalLocal/US EastGlobal Volume (t/yr.)1,000,000200,000500,000700,000 Gypsum Value (Million $/yr.) 20 5035 GDP Value (Million $/yr.) 80 7595 Jobs500 630 Note: 75K/yr. Jobs based on 50% labour content of GDP value

35 Jobs are: Mining Mineral processing, manufacturing, Quality, Development Trucking Packaging, Design Marketing, Advertising, Selling, Field Support Export, Dock workers, Marine shipping Maintenance, Personnel, Finance, Legal Multiplier effect jobs in NS economy

36 Path Forward Develop Agricultural Gypsum and Absorbents Businesses 3 Stage proposal to government to take these forward.

37 Stage I – Market Study $100K to develop detailed 5 year business plans Stakeholder participation Existing producers Existing businesses Industry associations Research institutions

38 Stage II - Demonstration Business Financed (express interest) Demonstration and test market development Set up operating businesses

39 Stage III - Gypsum Centre of Excellence Support & promote gypsum use worldwide. Develop new applications. Develop intellectual and human capacity in NS to support and expand the gypsum industry. Make NS the leader in gypsum technology and expertise.

40 Future (6 Months) Market studies and business plans complete Clear picture of investment required to move forward Interested business partners Initial steps to establish The Gypsum Centre of Excellence

41 Nova Scotia Why Not Here!

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