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UNCLASSIFIED Innovative Computer Engineering New Developments.

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1 UNCLASSIFIED Innovative Computer Engineering New Developments

2 UNCLASSIFIED The I.C.E. Family Innovative Computer Engineering – Jeff Schoen RumeL Inc. - Bill Owen LowNoiseFloor – Dave Griffith, Craig Mann, Martin Sherene Tiburon Consulting Inc.- Jamie Rookwood Y.E.S. - Production Quasar – Board design FPGA work with Zeta, NGC, Mitre, Raytheon, Sparta

3 UNCLASSIFIED New ICE Developments New products from ICE and rumeL: ICE Option Tree ICE320 ICE-PIC6 ICE-ZPPM ICE-GigEXD ICE-Device LNF New Products

4 UNCLASSIFIED ICE320 adds /proc file system entry for mapped RAM allocation status adds complex input to FPGA tuner/resampler core adds PRESAMP flag to insert FPGA resampler in front of DTDM tuners adds 3rd stage of Fast Tuner Transform on DTDM for max of 2048 channels adds FIRONLY flag to PIC5XL tuner to implement a 63 tap real filter at 64MHz SR (or 127@32MHz) adds ITCPC and ITFMT for graychip tuners (PIC4/MBT4/MBT5) adds timecode calibration for tuner bank outputs with FTTM=1|2|3 adds 64G memory addressing for PIC5+ cards adds support for mapping ram files > 2G adds PIC SPEC for output as well as input adds preliminary support for PIC6

5 UNCLASSIFIED ICE-PIC6 is Here!! The ICE-PIC6 is a programmable digital I/O processor combined with a powerful DSP processor featuring: Two 32-bit digital I/O module sites or Two 4-Lane Rocket I/O Sites with a total Bandwidth of 2GB/s each direction (840 Mby/s full duplex for each I/O module) One SMB connector for external synchronization One Xilinx Virtex-IV programmed as 1, 2, 4, 8 Lane PCI-Express, IOC controller, and packet router 256Mby DDR SDRAM for short term memory with 4Gby/s bandwidth Two processor module sites for application specific processing needs with 1.6 Gby/s bandwidth Two processor module sites are available for application specific processing needs such as digital tuning, demodulators, FFT processing, or PLD processing. All components are software configurable to support a variety of processing needs.

6 UNCLASSIFIED PIC6 (con't) PCIe 8-lane theoretical bandwidth of 2Gby/sec limited by small chipset buffers and max payload size Supported max payload 128-4096by. Typical are 128by write (1.7Gby/s) and 64by read (1.5Gby/s) Can write to Intel chipsets at 256 (1.8Gby) even though configured for 128 Very latest Intel chipset uses 128by reads (1.7Gby/s) DL585 (AMD) uses NVidia chipset: 1 8x slot at 1.2Gby/s, 2 8x at 400Mby/s, 1 4x at 400Mby, 3 4x slots don't work ~50 PIC6s in field for evaluating performance on different platforms

7 UNCLASSIFIED ICE-ZPPM Zeta Programmable Processor Module 1GHz TI 320C6454 Floating Point DSP Virtex-5 SX50T, SX95T, or LX110T FPGA 256Mby DDR2 on FPGA, 128Mby on DSP 100 base-T Ethernet control port JTAG test debug port Possible nano-Midas platform Cost - $6000


9 ICE-A2D-r11 Uses National Semiconductor ADC08D1500 A/D Converter 8 Bit 1.5 GHz A/D Converter AC Coupled 1Vp-p Max Input, Analog Bandwidth 3dB Cutoff at 30Mhz & 1.8GHz 3 Clock Source Options (1) Direct External Clock Drive Using 1Vp-p Input Signal (2) Clock Synthesizer From Ext. 10MHz Ref (3) Clock Synthesizer From On-board 10MHz Ref. Requires No Extra Heat Sinking or Fans For Use With ICE-PIC5X or PIC6 PCI Cards (PIC5X Limited To 500 MBytes/Sec, PIC6 No Limitation-Full Rates) Dual Site Module-Uses Both I/O Ports Of ICE Hardware Cost: $3500-In Production

10 UNCLASSIFIED Coming Soon - ICE-A2D-r12 Dual A/D and Dual D/A I/O module for the ICEPIC6 Uses 2 Analog Devices AD9230 devices and 1 Analog Devices AD9773 Input, Dual 12 bit, 250 Mhz A/D Channels with coherent clocking Output, Dual 12 bit, up to 400Mhz D/A channels All input and output channels have up to 20dB of variable gain Clocking options include, direct, clock synthesizer using on- board or external 10Mhz ref 1pps Input for IRIG Timecode to Data Correlation Dual module, requires use of both module sites For use with the PIC6 Production Q2 of 2008

11 UNCLASSIFIED ICE-GIGEXD-r2 Dimensions 4.5" x 2.75" x 1.5" Desktop Unit Powered From Single 8V to 13V DC Supply (2Amps) Data output is packetized as UDP/SDDS packets One embedded tuner Timecode added from IRIG timecode source Three Interface options: RI-GE-DR2D-D Differential Logic Interface ($3000) RI-GE-A2DR7-D 14 Bit A/D, Max Clock Rate 100Mhz ($3000) RI-GE-A2DR9-D 12 Bit A/D, Max Clock Rate 200Mhz ($3100)

12 UNCLASSIFIED RI-1U-GIGEXD-4C 1U form factor chassis, Dimensions: 24"x19"x1.7" Includes 26" Rack Slides Redundant Power Supplies, Single 110/220 AC Plug In Rear Shielded Coax Provided For ALL Internal Signals, Ridged Shielded Coax Provided For All Analog Signals One External IRIG Timecode Connection For Timecode to All 4 Internal GIGEXD Units-Internal 1 to 4 Timecode Signal Distribution System. Internal Mounting Brackets For Up To 4 DRS SI-8614 Nanoceptor Receivers, 4 Zeta & Associates Inc. "Zeta" Receivers, or Mix/Match of Both. External Analog Connections At Rear Of Chassis. Internal 1:4 Digi Port Server, 100BaseT To Serial Conversion For Communication To Above Receivers. All Cabling (Serial Cables, Ethernet Cable) Included. External 100BaseT Connection On Back Of Unit For Digi Communication Receiver Integration Done By User. All Appropriate Cabling For Connections Included Inside Of Chassis- Including Power, RF Signal, Clock, IF Out, and Serial Configuration GIGEXD Units May Be Connected To Receivers Or Directly To RF Input. Receivers Do NOT Have To Be Added To The Unit If End User Does Not Desire To Use Them. One Year Warranty Cost: $8000, In Production (Cost For Bare Chassis & Internal Connections, Does Not Include GIGEXD or Receiver Units) Cost Fully Populated With GIGEXD Units: $8000 + 4 x $3000 = $20000

13 UNCLASSIFIED RumeL One-way Transfer Device Can be operated as "stand-alone" units. For single units, the low side and high side PCB units each come encased in metal housings. Optionally, 1 to 4 PCBs can be placed into a standard 1U rack mount unit. It is the user's option whether the 1U chassis would hold 4 low side PCBs or 4 high side PCBs. Use Of Fiber Optic Laser as Data "Diode" allows for High Side and Low Side Units To be located In Close Proximity or Up To Several Kilometers Apart Various Security Accreditations Pending RI-GE-DIODE Cost: $10,000 (Includes Both Low Side & High Side PCBs w/Cases & Power Supplies) Under Development RI-10GE-DIODE Cost: $25,000 (Includes Both Low Side & High Side PCBs w/Cases & Power Supplies) Under Development RI-1U-DIODE-4C Cost: $2000 (1U Rack Mount Enclosure For Housing Up to 4 Low PCBs or 4 High PCBs)

14 UNCLASSIFIED The ICE-Device is a 100W uMidas platform (3.5x6x9) to run any Linux Midas application. This is an LNF nQT (Dual core Opteron CPU 275HE) with an ICE-PIC6. Dual GB NICs, 8GB RAM PCI-Express slot for ICE-PIC6 16GB Solid state flash system drive 6-24 Volt power input 60-90 Watts consumption (Application dependant) ICEPIC6 Two I/O module sites (SDDS,A2D,RF2D) One Processor module site(s) Virtex 4 Pro Gate Array Up to 8 SATA or SAS drive interface New Benchmarks 1500 Mbytes/sec Capable Unit!!! - 1500 Megabytes/sec snapshot to memory - Use with 1.5GSps A2Dr11 8-bit for 750MHz Bandwidth - Use with 250 Mbytes/sec 12 bit A2Dr9 for small portable unit higher dynamic range - Use with D2Ar9 for 400 MSamples/sec (800 Mbytes/sec D2A playback ) 3.5 x 6.5 x 9

15 UNCLASSIFIED The ICE-Pod will be a 15+ Watt nMidas platform to run Midas only applications Features: ICE-PIC6 inside ICEPOD enclosure I/O modules (All current ICE I/O modules available) GBNIC interface Processor Module Site(s) (For optional PLDM, ZPPM, or CPPM) Virtex 4 Pro Gate Array Martin Sherene (LNF) is working on remote control of ICE devICE using new iPhone SDK 6L x 4.4 W x 1.2 H

16 UNCLASSIFIED QT Series SlimQT - MiniQT - QT360/362/364 - QTD400/QT600 - SlimQT - ICEPIC4T with Dual A2Dr7 - Up to 400 Gbytes of storage at 50 megabytes/sec - Intel Core 2 DUO at 2.33 GHz - 4GBytes of RAM (3 Gbytes usable) - PCIe Version for PIC6 under development

17 UNCLASSIFIED QT Series SlimQT - MiniQT - QT360/362/364 - QTD400/QT600 - MiniQT - Dual ICEPIC4T with Dual A2Dr7 (4 Channels) - MiniQT - Dual ICEPIC5XL with Dual A2Dr7 (4 Channels) (Other Configurations available) - Up to 200 Gbytes of removable disk storage - Intel Core 2 Quad (fastest available) - 8 GBytes of RAM - External Drive packs available for high speed capture - 4.5H x 13 W X 11.5 D

18 UNCLASSIFIED QT Series SlimQT - MiniQT - QT360/362/364/464 - QTD400/QT600 - QT360 Dual Single Core 3.8GHz, Independent Dual 64 bit PCI-X - QT362 Dual Dual Core 3.73GHz, Independent Dual 64 bit PCI-X - QT364 Dual Quad Core 2.66/3.00 Ghz, Independent Dual 64 bit PCI-X - QT464 Dual Quad Core 3.00Ghz, Independent Dual 8-Lane PCIe - Dual ICEPIC4T with Dual A2Dr7 (4 Channels) - Dual ICEPIC5XL with Dual A2Dr7 (4 Channels) (Many Other Configurations available) - Recording for Dual 6.25MHz bandwidth for 12 hours on each channel - 8 Drive configuration using Small Form Factor(SFF SAS) - 5.25H x 16 W X 14 D

19 UNCLASSIFIED QT Series SlimQT - MiniQT - QT360/362/364 - QTD400/QT600 - QTD400 Dual Channel 400 megabyte/sec portable recorder Use dual A2Dr9 at 200 Msamples/sec - QT600 Single Channel 600 Megabytes/sec portable recorder Use A2Dr10 at 500 megabytes/sec Use A2Dr11 at 600 megabytes/sec - QTQ100 Four channel version configuration - 16 Drive pack for up to 2 Terabytes of storage


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