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The Early Alert Pilot 2009-2010. Background

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1 The Early Alert Pilot 2009-2010

2 Background

3 Background EA Task Force - Diane Alexander, Don Staub, Doree Evans, Laurie Freshwater Looked at Proprietary & In-House models South Piedmont CC has an interesting model In the end, designed it ourselves & developed by Sam

4 The Pilot Group GOT-D students Enrolled in 2+ of the following courses (in their 1st semester) Why? Because of high (30%) attrition rates, or because they are critical (gateway) courses for Allied Health At last count ~ 40 students in pilot group

5 The Process 1.Pilot group is identified 2.Instructors are notified who have students within the pilot group (professional development is provided) 3.During weeks 1-3 of Fall Semester, instructors submit reports on any pilot students exhibiting at-risk academic behavior 4.On the fourth Monday of the semester, instructors will be required to submit a report on all pilot students. The form will be generated by the EA software. 5.The report is automatically sent to CAPS (for pilot, this would be Bobbe Rouse, GOT advisor)

6 The Process (cont) 6. If a student is flagged (i.e. if there is a concern), the GOT advisor proposes intervention and notifies at least one of the following for implementation: SER(e.g. financial aid) Academic Support (if there are learning issues) The ACA instructor Any other faculty members the student may have Any other individual that may assist 7. The GOT advisor contacts student and discusses proposed intervention. 8. The GOT advisor remains in contact with the student and the relevant faculty/staff member(s) until the issue is resolved. 9. At week-12, instructors submit follow-up reports on all pilot students.

7 Instructor submits alert Received by CAPS advisor Intervention proposed Student contacted by CAPS advisor SER Academic Support CAPS TRiO Other Intervention implemented

8 The Time Line Software developed and implemented by August 15 Training provided on August 19 & 20; Sept 1 & 3 Week 1: You are notified of pilot students in your classes Weeks 1-3: Reports on students exhibiting immediate issues Week 4: Monday - Reports on ALL pilot students Weeks 5-7: interventions Week 8: mid-term evaluation of project written by Title III Week 12: follow-up reports submitted Week 16: End of semester report on students submitted by GOT advisor; end-of-semester evaluation of project submitted by Title III

9 Whats my role Be aware that you have pilot students Submit reports on any pilot students exhibiting at-risk academic behavior Submit reports (4th Monday) on all pilot students Provide support when requested Submit 12th-week reports on all pilot students Give us feedback on the product and process

10 Contacts Pilot Student Issues: Bobbe Rouse Technical Issues: Chris Capoccia Process Issues: Don Staub

11 The Early Alert Software










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