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Take Time to Explore The Community of Exploration Featuring Jim Fowlers Life in the Wild.

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1 Take Time to Explore The Community of Exploration Featuring Jim Fowlers Life in the Wild

2 Exploration In 1513, Ponce de Leon discovered Florida as a desirable place for explorers and treasure seekers. In 2009, a whole new generation of explorers and treasure seekers will discover the community of Exploration located in Polk County, Florida. The community of Exploration will feature the best that nature has to offer, majestic live oaks, towering pines, flowering plants untouched in their natural glory. A modern day simplicity and a genuine reconnection with nature. Exploration, a mixed-use development that goes beyond the architecture to offer a full nature experience including stocked fishing lakes, places to hike and kayak, places to cook and dine and, most of all, a place to learn and reconnect with the natural world. As a resident you will experience a carefully crafted, deed-restricted offering of single and multi-family homes. As a guest you will experience a destination resort and two themed educational attractions that create a lifestyle or vacation adventure that is dynamic and memorable, resulting in an experience that not only entertains, but educates, not only educates, but enlightens, not only enlightens, but ELECTRIFIES. We invite you to take time to explore Our wonderful community............

3 Jim Fowlers Life in the Wild A Wildlife Resort for Animals and People Jim Fowler, known to families all over the world as the host of Mutual of Omahas Wild Kingdom and frequent guest of the The Tonight Show, starring Johnny Carson and Jay Leno, joins Exploration to create a 1,500 acre educational wildlife attraction that fosters a greater understanding and respect for nature. This singularly unique educational wildlife adventure will be one of the largest such centers in America, featuring native and exotic animals in free roaming and ecologically correct habitats. Life in the Wild will not be a conventional wildlife park or zoo but a wildlife resort for animals and people alike. A living laboratory with the primary goal of telling the story of the land and its wildlife in an effective and dynamic manner, how they have been compatible in the past and can be in the future. Presenting safe, people-friendly animal ambassadors that focus our attention on the demise of the natural world organized in a financial formula that drives enterprise and provides a sustainable and profitable bottom-line.

4 Welcome to Exploration The Exploration community embodies the relaxed atmosphere and architecture of small town America, but features state of the art, high tech modern amenities. Visit our welcome center (and future home of the Exploration Community Center), modeled after an old town square. No need to knock, just come on in and meet the mayor of Exploration, Mayor Bradford B. Bluster. Enjoy warm cookies and an occasional visit by the neighborhood ice cream truck. Keep an eye out, you never know who might stop by. Our own Exploration fire fighters are known to surprise us with a visit accompanied by one of their trusty Dalmatian sidekicks: Boots, Flame, Spark, Match, Smoky, Blaze, Cinders, Ash, H 2 O, 911 or Petie. While you enjoy your cookies and milk in the small town intimacy of Exploration, dont be surprised when you realize that you are surrounded by discreetly placed state of the art digital video screens displaying a highly sophisticated, first class audio and visual presentation that brings the developing Exploration community to life right before your eyes!

5 For Parents You are treated to a welcome pack that introduces you to a mixed use residential community that offers a total lifestyle, combined with the advantages of a superior educational experience delivered by the resident pre-K-12, Exploration Planet Institute, Jim Fowlers Life in the Wild and the Exploration Planet Adventure Park. The Exploration community offers a roadway and lot layout that naturally follows the contours of the property, featuring many walkways and mini-park cul-de-sacs to promote small neighborhood gatherings. Exploration is an incredible community to live, but the dynamic and intimate education that it offers residents through the Exploration Planet Institute is a differentiation factor that distinguishes it from other communities. For Children You are treated to a welcome pack that introduces education the Exploration way. Your goody bag includes a colorful map of the property. If you are a girl, you will also receive a beautifully illustrated storybook, entitled A Story In TimeVictoria Spencer. If you are a boy, you will receive a mystery book, entitled The Adventures of The Pirates of Florida. These books are the first in a series featuring fictional characters interacting with historical figures throughout various periods in Florida History, written by students (i.e. The Titanic Movie). Through our stories children will discover what it was like to be a child in Florida, long, long ago. Many of Floridas greatest landmarks are replicated on the Exploration property and featured within the storybooks encouraging an interactive learning experience. Increasing the retention level for key historical events.

6 Explore our community as a Resident Featuring Cracker Architecture Native to Florida

7 Cracker Architecture People are heard saying – When I think cracker, I think of getting back to the essence and away from the material aspects of life. In the community of Exploration we capture the era, charm and lifestyle of the Florida cracker, a style of architecture that originated in Florida at the turn of the 19th Century. Three basic layouts consistent with the architectural history of the cracker era will be available: The Farm House The Town House The Plantation House Residents will be offered hundreds of variations of the following options consistent with the cracker style architecture: Weathered brown siding Metal roofs Raised floors Ceiling fans Large porch (often wrapping around the house) Straight central hallways front to back – dog run or shotgun hallway Revealed fireplace Horizontal wood like siding Double hung vertical windows Steep roofs Outdoor shutters Cracker style architecture naturally lends itself to a clean and green lifestyle, namely the use of natural shade and ventilation, as well as landscape features that leave the community with an untouched look and feel. The community of Exploration will expand upon this charming architectural style by adding many parks with natural landscape all connected with raised wooden walkways promoting the preservation of native Florida vegetation. In addition to the traditional cracker options there will be no forward facing garages, but alleys for parking in the back of the homes, preserving the natural look of the community. Century old looking amenities such as the downtown of Exploration, community centers, festival markets, post offices, fire stations, gas stations and operating churches will remain architecturally consistent with the theme of the residential community.

8 Tour our community Jump in your car and discover the features and amenities found throughout the community of Exploration. Wind down Fort DeSoto Road in search of silver and gold just as Hernando DeSoto did in 1539 and encounter Fort DeSoto, an exact quarter-scale replica of the one built in Florida during the Spanish American War. Look left, Mel Fishers 1985 discovery, the Atocha, a Spanish Galleon heavy laden with gold coins, silver and copper ingots which sunk in 1622, after it fell victim to a hurricane off the coast of the Florida Keys. The Atocha found in the community of Exploration is an exact quarter-scale replica of the original. Fort DeSoto and the Atocha are part of an interactive playground designed to teach history through play and interactive storytelling. Each attraction is built to meet the safety regulations for the thousands of children who will run and play on it each year. Keep your eye out, Spanish Conquistadors frequently drop by the playground to share their many stories and show actual artifacts found on the original Atocha. Their stories conjure up both an eerie and enchanting vision of what it was like to experience life throughout the nearly 500 years of rich Florida history. The sails of the Atocha also serve as night time movie screens, where families and neighbors can gather to watch family-friendly feature films. The Paseos Another unique feature of the Exploration community is the paseo. Paseos are pedestrian friendly walkways that stretch for miles throughout the Exploration community and often offer the shortest distance between various components that make up the master plan of Exploration including: residential communities, shopping, Exploration Planet, Jim Fowlers Life in the Wild, The Exploration Planet Institute, parks and, of course, friends and neighbors. These exceptionally untouched looking naturally landscaped paseos serve as beautiful pathways as they extend over wetlands and roadways, avoiding street crossing, making foot travel for all of our guests, but particularly our children, much safer and adding to the many family-friendly features of the community.

9 Explore our community as a Guest Exploration is a family resort town with all of the amenities that make it an attractive vacation destination. Stay at one of our resort hotels or short-term rental homes. Castillo de San Marcos - an upscale hotel with conference center featuring a world class spa. Jim Fowlers Tree House Lodges – a nature-based guest experience. Webel WorldThe Great Webellion - a moderately priced hotel featuring family suites, themed water park, character dining, retail shops, interactive and entertainment venues at the The Great Webellion Interactive Café and Theatre.

10 Castillo de San Marcos An upscale resort with world class conference center and luxury spa. If it is an escape from the daily routine and a desire for a little pampering, our spa offers everything from massages to hair care to steam rooms and saunas. Upgraded accommodations feature in room DVD, personal CD and sound system, concierge and butler services. Castillo de San Marcos offers a first of a kind opportunity to invite the entire family for an annual conference or large corporate event. Daily supervised educational adventures and structured kids camps are offered at Exploration Planet Adventure Park and Jim Fowlers Life in the Wild Adventure Park, by certified educators giving children a valuable and accredited school away from school experience. The Guest Experience Hospitality is no longer simply menus and décor. Its about creating a place so original in concept and execution that each guest is offered a unique vacation experience based upon his or her popular taste and desired amenities. Exploration is delighted to offer all of our guests popular amenities such as: pools, fitness centers, parks and play centers, tennis courts, lakes, family-friendly walkways and biking trails, but we kick it up a notch with themed, experience based amenities.

11 Castillo de San Marcos Upscale resort hotel with conference center and world class spa 600 rooms including 20 suites Themed swimming pool with 1 waterslide, 1 child pool, 2 whirlpools, 10 cabanas, pool side drinks and dining 2 Restaurants 1 Lounge Coffee, Tea and Ice Cream Shop - Featuring afternoon tea for little girls World class spa Fitness center News Stand Porter/Bellman 40,000 square feet of meeting space with the ability to accommodate small executive retreats, medium size meetings to full conventions - 15,000 square foot - large convention room/ballroom, 7,000 square foot - medium size meeting/Jr. ballroom, 6 meeting rooms for smaller meetings with the ability to sub-divide for the smallest of meetings, 6 hospitality suites. Conference registration area 1 Executive boardroom Full service business center Wireless internet access State of the art sound system Remote control lighting and projection

12 Jim Fowlers Tree House Lodges The Resort Embark on an interactive safari adventure at one of our Tree House Lodges located inside Jim Fowlers Life in the Wild Adventure Park. There is something instinctively nostalgic about sleeping in a tree house. In some way it fulfills the dream of flying with the birds.... living with you nest amongst them. If you were one of the lucky kids in the neighborhood to have a tree house built by your dad high above the ground, unreachable by most adults, your escape that made you the envy of all of your friends, a retreat with a no girls allowed sign or a do not disturb sign hung proudly at the base of the tree, wood slat steps permitting only your closest friends to enter. After school and on weekends you would gather for your club meetings, eating animal crackers and soda, stories were told and secrets revealed, and memories made during those whimsical youthful hours. Now imagine your tree house childhood adventure was located within an animal safari and included breathtaking and mysterious wild animals all around you grazing throughout the night but also watching your every move. Jim Fowlers Life in the Wild Tree House Lodge is such an experience, embracing Jims vision of building a resort for animals.... and people. An adventure designed to reconnect humans with the wonders of the natural world. The Tree House Lodges are cluster type hotel suites, located within and overlooking the Life in the Wild Adventure Park. The lands within the park are divided into continents representing animal and nature habitats from throughout the world such as: Asia, Australia, Africa and the Americas. The tree house clusters are nestled within the various continents offering a guest a varied experience visit after visit.

13 The Experience As the sun is going down over the area, watch a herd of animals come to the watering hole. Later, guests are invited to gather around a fire pit located the base of the Tree House Lodges, where guides from all over the world have come to join us at Life in the Wild offering a glimpse into their homeland. Your Guide will tell real life adventure stories about the animal inhabitants located within their homeland and your continent of the park. This is a wonderful time for the entire family to reconnect and ask the important questions related to the primary purpose of Jim Fowlers Life in the Wild, How can I reconnect with The natural world? What role can I play in saving an endangered species? What can I do at home, everyday to reverse the effects of global warming? Grab night vision goggles and see the zebras, wearing natures best camouflage, barely visible by the naked eye without such technology. Sleep comfortably in your bed surrounded by artifacts and collectibles from the continents of the world all the while anxiously waiting for the morning when you may awake to grazing giraffes right outside your window. As you depart from your wonderful experience you are presented with an adventure sticker from yourcContinent of the world to be placed on your own suitcase announcing to the world that you have official joined Jim Fowler in his personal quest to reconnect humans with the natural world. If it is modern amenities that you crave as part of your guest experience you can join us at the main lodge for: –Themed restaurant with character dining –Themed swimming pool with interactive play area –Fitness center –Retail shopping Life in the Wild themed store, convenience store with sundries –Onsite laundry facilities –News Stand –Porter/Bellman If it is primitive experience that you yearn for, we have it at our base camp experience. How many times as a kid watching Jim Fowler on Mutual Omahas Wild Kingdom did you want to join him? Now you can in a Jim Fowler designed base camp expedition. Our base camp expedition is a multiple day safari adventure based upon the assumption that safaris are an experience, from the wildlife, to the camp itself as well as the guides and crew. The fully serviced, authentic safari camp maintains an atmosphere of a true safari experience. Set on the edge of a lake bank, this is not a bush hotel with all the modern luxuries of our Tree House Lodge (except for a flushable toilet). Guests sleep in a sleeping bag in a tent, use real safari vehicles, take bucket showers, swim in a watering hole and prepare and eat safari camp cuisine by cooking a variety of meats and vegetables on a campfire supplemented by fresh tropical fruits and biscuits. Picnic lunches are provided for extended animal interactive experiences throughout the day.

14 This moderately priced webelrouser themed hotel features family suites, themed water play park, character dining, retail and interactive-entertainment venues at the The Great Webellion Interactive Café and Theatre. For all of the millions of children that visit and live in the virtual, online Webel World of EP Interactive they can now visit and interact with their beloved webelrouser characters at our uniquely branded resort. Webel WorldHome of the Great Webellion 400 roomsfeaturing kids suitesseparate quarters for children including; video game console, separate CD and DVD player and small kitchenette. Themed restaurant with character dining. Food court for hot and cold items, ice cream and soda shops. Themed swimming pool with interactive play area including water park features such as: flumes, slides, wet/dry play area, 1 child pool, 2 whirlpools and 10 cabanas. Fitness center. Retail shopping Exploration themed store, convenience store with sundries. The Great Webellion Interactive Café and Theatre with stage for nightly live shows or movie presentations. Adjacent to internet café, a small unstaffed business center (full service available at Castillo de San Marcos). Onsite laundry facilities. News Stand. Porter/Bellman.

15 Of Interest to all of our Residence and Guests Exploration will focus on distinctive offerings for niche retailers. All shopping environments will be theme driven and image conscious, creating a shopping environment that is an integral part of the community image. An infusion of light, color, sound and texture to create a kind of engaging environment that will reinforce the distinct and historic qualities of the community. Our retail centers are beautifully themed with 19th Century Cracker Architecture complimenting the distinctive and enduring character of the Exploration community. Retail stores and themed dining located at the entrance to Exploration Planet - open to the public and populated by many theme appropriate, family oriented retailers such as; sporting goods and collectibles, educational toy stores like Build a Bear Workshop and The American Girl Place, trendy gifts, nature merchandise dedicated to endangered species and ecosystems like The Endangered Species Store, watches, mens, womens and childrens apparel such as Fresh Produce, sunglasses, surf and beach wear and Exploration Planet branded character merchandise from its themed attraction, institute, TV, Internet and theatrical productions.

16 Exploration Cineplex A Regal Cinema with 20 screens, 2 IMAX screens, all stadium seating, state of the art THX certified sound and first class projection system with theme concession stands. Exploration Corporate Headquarters Historically themed vintage architecture complimentary to the Exploration community. Exploration Production Group Located on the Exploration Planet property, a premium production facility with state of the art sound stages for the pre-production filming and post-production of our television and theatrical releases. The Exploration production facilities are specifically designed to serve multiple film education and entertainment purposes. First, as a guided tour and viewing area for an intimate behind the scenes look at how all of our production happens. As a film camp and ultimately a film school. As a host to live audience tapings for television, theatrical and theme park productions.

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