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Explore The Exploration Planet Institute Project-based Learning in the Digital Age Creative uses of interactive technology can have a major impact on education.

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1 Explore The Exploration Planet Institute Project-based Learning in the Digital Age Creative uses of interactive technology can have a major impact on education by expanding the sense of wonder we experience as children, and that is the most powerful way to learn. -George Lucas The Exploration Planet Institute offers its residents a fully integrated, multi-sensory learning experience that is fun and effective, cultivating an innate natural hunger to learn. The Exploration Planet Institute is dedicated to providing children and their families with a unique educational experience and the tools to embrace and develop their own unique talents. All Exploration Planet Institute facilities and programs employ the most unique, high-tech, interactive, hands-on methods of preK-12 learning, exclusive to the Exploration vision. Our residents and guests become students and students become by-products of our revolutionary approach to education.

2 Imagine a School....... Where students are actively engaged in meaningful, interdisciplinary projects. Where parents and teachers work together to guide the individual development of each student. Where access to technology opens up the world of inquiry and educational opportunity. Gone are the bells, the rows of desks, the silent classrooms and fifty minute periods. Gone are the days when students ask, Why are we doing this? or What do we need to do to get an A? Gone is the peer pressure to be like everyone else. Enter a new generation and definition of the 3 Rs, as defined by Bill and Melinda Gates and adopted by the Exploration Planet Institute. RIGOR Challenging curriculum designed to expect the most out of a student, not the least. RELATIONSHIPS A small school model designed to foster closer relationships between students and one or more adults in the institute. RELEVANCE Curriculum that is relevant to the interest of each student as an individual. Welcome to The Exploration Planet Institute, where each student is fully engaged in an educational process that not only meets, but exceeds, state and national standards. From archaeological digs to air pollution, students learn and practice basic literacy, science and math skills while participating in real-world projects. Our mission....... Our mission is to provide a safe, values based environment for each student where learning is maximized through individualized instruction and interdisciplinary projects. Students involvement in the educational process is facilitated by teachers, mentors and access to a full spectrum of technological resources.

3 Classroom Methodology....... Our teaching methodology has been designed by parents and teachers who have blended extensive practical classroom experience with the research on the key components of learning and the habits of mind (skills and behavior) necessary for students to actively acquire and utilize knowledge. To organize the learning experience for each student, a Personal Exploration Plan (PEP) is created. The PEP fosters the engagement of the student as a learner, an active participant in his or her own educational process. Through the development of the PEP, the student (assisted by parents, teachers, school counselors and mentors) assumes responsibility for developing meaningful projects that explore personal interests while meeting educational standards and objectives. This tool has proven particularly effective with students whose needs and abilities may be more difficult to accommodate in the more traditional academic setting. From the unmotivated, to the learning disabled, to the gifted, the use of a PEP can draw students into a process that captures interests and accelerates learning. Another key component in our educational methodology is a commitment to harnessing technology resources to meet the unique needs of the individual learner; and prepare them more fully for the intellectual challenges they will face as adults in the 21st century. For students, these resources open up channels of knowledge and communication that may only be available through the electronically networked world. For teachers, this technology eases administrative workloads and permits greater focus on student learning. For parents, the educational technology available to Exploration Planet Institute families provides convenient access to student progress and teacher input. The PEP....... Developed from the students personal history, strengths, interests, needs and personal learning styles the PEP s greatest strength is that it effectively takes the lid off of a students ability to learn without the traditional constraints of having to stay within a chapter or topic once it is mastered. The PEP protects students from falling behind the standards on one hand and releases them to move ahead on the other hand, effectively eliminating despair and boredom from the learning experience. The customized delivery of resources allows students, parents and educators to find the solutions to learning challenges for the struggling student and to ignite interest-driven forward progress for the student who has mastered the standards and objectives.

4 Explore The Exploration Planet Institute as a Resident At the Exploration Planet Institute the décor is high tech with soft cool colors. Every student of the institute is equipped with their own lap top computer, which is combined with the institutes wireless technology, creating fully accessible/virtual workstations throughout. The lush gardens, serene lanais and gently trickling waterfalls allow ideas to flow and creativity to flourish. The overall ambiance of the campus is one of academic stimulation, team work and self motivated exploration through the use of relevant curriculum and project based peer and teacher interaction and guidance. Trees, plants and flowers, native to Florida are displayed and labeled for the educational benefit and enjoyment of all who attend. An art gallery includes not only fine pieces of art on loan from prestigious galleries and museums, but also original works of art by students of the Exploration Planet Institute and guests of Exploration Planet. There are conventional aspects of the Exploration Planet Institute. For example: students and visitors will find a traditional library, stocked with an impressive collection of books from around the world. For our younger explorers, imagine sitting in a space capsule to study about the history and future of space exploration, or reclining on a dinosaur egg in the lair of an enchanted, sleeping dragon while you read classic fairytales of knights, sword fights and fair damsels in distress. Visualize the child inside of you emerging in a fanciful tree house where fireflies flutter about as you curl up and enjoy the story of Peter Pan. Explore geography from inside a clear, acrylic globe of the world. Enter the world of imagination through a lovely garden where a magic looking glass can be found between the pages of a huge sculpted book. Stroll down a corridor of multi-colored translucent light boxes that lead to Club Q & Aan exciting teen talk area, or feed your curiosity at a computer picnic table where hot dogs, hamburgers, fried chicken and, of course, ants join you at a unique computer station that serves up a delicious banquet of knowledge. Spark new vistas of discovery in Gizmo Land, where magical binoculars and telescopes transport you to a land beyond imagination.

5 Film Camps Family Camps Science Camps History Camps Sports Camps Explore The Exploration Planet Institute as a Guest As resort guests, children can enjoy one of our many day long kids camps. Our programs are designed to encourage the family to enjoy a morning breakfast together, then off the kids go for kids camp to enjoy a day full of interactivity, fun and excitement while parents catch a game of golf at a nearby course or just a little pampering in our world class spa. Kids will enjoy lunch at Exploration Planet and then return just in time for a shower and an evening character dinner. For families that are guests of our convention facilities, we offer a full day of supervised educational adventures and structured kids camps at Exploration Planet, giving children a valuable and accredited school away from school experience. Explore The Exploration Planet Institute as a Homeschooler The Exploration Planet Institute Online offers homeschoolers programs on a modular basis to supplement their existing curriculum or a complete state and federally accredited online curriculum. Where our program differentiates itself from traditional homeschooling, is that it offers kids camps and supplemental on-site classes for both students and parents, as well as sports team programs, field trips and special events through Exploration Planet and The Exploration Planet Institute.

6 We sincerely hope you have enjoyed your journey through our wonderful community. Come visit us soon and dont forget... Take time to Explore...... Exploration Holdings, LLC 4654 East St. Rd. 64 Bradenton, FL 34208

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