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EmPowerment 21 Game Film & Introduction (Dave Ramsey)

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1 EmPowerment 21 Game Film & Introduction (Dave Ramsey)
EP21 Game Film & Introduction (Dave Ramsey) Easter Eggs (Many paths to an education if your eggs aren’t golden!) Professors/Mr. Miagi/Game Film/HOV Lane/Many Paths – Follow-up Form a Guild (Scholarship E-book – Pg 31) – June 2nd Parent Forum SAT Program (Extra seats; First Come, First Serve) Friend’s Daughter ($ in strange places - Game Film ( Professors Q&A Game Film Revisited FAFSA& Student Aid Gumbo follow-up College Plus – 4 min

2 Game Film (Revisited) (Dave Ramsey – 5:35) B4A0358&lf=PlayList (JUCO - 3:02) (College Plus – 4:38)


4 Professors Dr.Carey Latimore - Trinity University
Dr. Iliana Alanis - University of Texas at San Antonio Dr. Edwin Barea - Rodriguez-University of Texas at San Antonio Dr. John Grillo - Academic Workforce Programs- North West Vista College Oliver B. Jones - Palo Alto College Liz Ann Aguilar - San Antonio College

5 Professor Questions Introduce yourself: Name & School/Type College you are representing, your educational background 2. Best advice you can give to high school freshmen and high school seniors? Their parents? 3. Most innovative thing you've seen a student do to get succeed in college? 4. Are you aware of any scholarship opportunities that exist in your field/at your college for students already in college?5. Worse mistakes a student can make during their 1st year in college? 6. Can a parent be too involved in their students college experience ?

6 Professor Questions 7. Best book you would recommend for students? Parents? 8. Best study practices for college students that HS teens can emulate in college? 9. Wrong/Right reasons to pick a college/major. 10. Advice  to help prepare teens for college? 11. Advantages of Internships? Volunteering? 12. What advice do you have to help students not change their majors so much after arrival to college? 13. What do you think makes a student successful in the college classroom?

7 Professor Questions 18. Difference between your student's worse and best parents with regard to interactions w/counselors? 19. FAFSA tips? 20. Positive/Negative impacts of a friend on a teen's decision?

8 EP21 Role Playing (Scholarship Exercise)
Full Scholarship – 4 Yr Private College in Texas ($50) Full Scholarship – 4 Yr Public College in Texas ($25) Junior College in San Antonio ($15) Junior College Outside of San Antonio ($15) Full Scholarship – Any 4 Yr Public College ($25) No Scholarships or Grants ($10) No Scholarships or Grants ($10)  Ivy League Full Scholarship ($100)

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