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Yield Tests Many of the products we use today are not 100% usable.

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1 Yield Tests Many of the products we use today are not 100% usable.
Most products have waste. Used to determine the yield (what you can use), cost per lb and cost per portion as it was purchased. Breaks down the product into usable and non usable.

2 AP & EP Key Terms: AP: As Purchased EP: Edible Portion

3 AP : As Purchased: The total weight or amount of a product before trimming

4 The weight or amount of product after trimming
EP : Edible Portion: The weight or amount of product after trimming BEFORE AFTER

5 AP vs. EP AP EP Trim & Waste $90.00 $95.00

6 As Purchased Cost Per lb.
The process to calculate the As Purchased Cost per Pound is: Formula: AP Cost/ AP Weight = AP Cost per lb. Case (cs.) Green Beans: $38.00/ 24 lb. = $1.58/lb. Case (Cs)Pears: $42.00/ 36 lb. = $1.17/lb.

7 Edible Yield % Represents the product that is usable.
Gives a true portion cost and true profit. Formula: EP Weight / AP Weight x 100 = EP % Ex: Green Beans: 22lbs / 24 lbs x 100 = 91.7% Ex: Pears: 24 lbs / 36 lbs x 100 = 66.6%

8 Percentage Yield Chart
Every food item has a percentage yield To determine (How much to purchase): Ex: Recipe amount / Edible Yield % = AP Quantity Green Beans 3lbs / 91.7% (.917) = 3.5 lb (3.27) If the recipe yields 3lbs you would need to order at least 3.5 to consider trim. See Chpt 11 for lists of EP %

9 How Much to Purchase? We need to have 3 pounds of iceberg lettuce to serve at a dinner party (Edible Portion). How much untrimmed lettuce do we need to purchase? Edible Portion: 94%

10 How Much Can Be Served? We have 8 lbs of fresh strawberries are needed trimmed. How much should you order? Edible Portion: 90%

11 Number of Portions After the Edible Yield is determined the # of Edible portions can be determined. Ex: A case of green beans have been delivered: 22 lbs. of edible product. Chef wants to serve a standard portion of 3 oz. how many portions would be available?

12 # of Portions Process Step 1:
Lbs. of Edible Weight x 16 oz = Total Oz. Green Beans 22lbs x 16 = 352 oz Step 2: Total oz. of green beans / portion size = # of portions Green Beans 352 oz / 3 oz = portions

13 or Edible Cost per lb. Shows how much edible product per lb costs.
The chef can determine if the product costs too much in trim in labor may decide to buy it frozen where no cleaning is needed. Decide Fresh or Frozen. or

14 Green Bean Decision Fresh Info:
AP Price = $38.00/cs. AP Weight = 24 lbs. Formula: AP Cost per Lb: $38.00/24 lbs = $1.58/lb EP Weight = 22 lbs. Edible cost per lb: $38.00/22lbs = $1.72/lb Frozen: Trimmed, Edible Portion $1.62/lb

15 Butchers Test using AP and EP Yields
There is an amount of product that is lost during trimming – this is the difference between AP & EP

16 Cooking Loss Test Performed on products that need to be cooked before portioning and serving. Performed mostly on meat products. Costs are determined after to cooking

17 Raw yield vs cooking-loss yield
Raw Yield —Yield percentage of a food item before the item is used or cooked in a recipe.

18 Cooking-loss Yield —Yield percentage for a food item that loses weight during cooking.

19 2 rules: Ordering food and # of servings
When calculating amounts of food to order, always round up Ex. If determined that 3.4 lbs needed to be ordered, the amount would be rounded up to 4 lbs so that the banquet wouldn’t come up short. When calculating number of servings that can be made, always round down. Ex. If yield percentage says that 10.2 portions could be made it would be rounded down to 10 servings because 11 full servings can’t be made.

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