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2 IN THIS PRESENTATION…  AMCAS Application  How does AMCAS work?  2014 Application Dates & Participation  The AMCAS Application  Sections of the Application  After Submission  Verification  Post-Submission Changes  Criminal Background Checks  Multiple Acceptance Data  Fee Assistance Program  More Resources for Applying

3 HOW DOES AMCAS WORK? Application Submitted Online application completed and submitted to AMCAS Fees paid (or FAP award used) Application Processed All required official transcripts arrive at AMCAS Verification of coursework Calculation of AMCAS GPAs Application Delivered Verified application sent to designated medical schools Letters delivered on a rolling basis MCAT scores automatically received (before or after application is submitted

4 DateEvent January2013 Fee Assistance Program opens April 12014 AMCAS Resources released May 1AMCAS application opens June 4AMCAS application submission begins June 28 Initial transmission of application data to medical schools August 1Early Decision Program deadline Sept.-Dec.Application deadlines 2014 Application Dates

5 2014 APPLICATION DATES Application Deadlines Completed application must be submitted by 11:59 p.m. ET of the deadline date All required official transcripts must be received by AMCAS within 14 calendar days of the application deadline date EDP deadline for application and transcripts is August 1 AMCAS does not grant deadline extensions Visit

6 2014 AMCAS PARTICIPATION AMCAS Participation Application 143 Schools/Programs All MD granting schools in the United States with the exception of MD programs at Texas public schools AMCAS Letters 141 Schools/Programs See Criminal Background Checks 107 Schools/Programs See For complete participation listings: Application: Letters: CBC:



9 YOU WILL NEED: Completed personal statement Pre-health resume Official transcripts from all post secondary institutions you attended AMCAS account/ID number - use the same sign in and password as you did when registering for the MCAT

10 THE AMCAS APPLICATION Identifying Information Schools Attended Biographic Information Course Work Work/Activities Letters of Evaluation Medical Schools Essay(s) Standardized Tests

11 ACCESSING THE APPLICATION Use the same username and password that you used for MCAT or the Fee Assistance Program, otherwise click “register”

12 AAMC REGISTRATION Only complete registration if you do not have an AAMC ID number




16 PLEASE RELEASE YOU INFORMATION TO ADVISORS All information remains confidential We use statistical information only We can assist you when you come in for advising if we have access to it






22 Enter the course information EXACTLY as is shown on your official transcripts!!! Do NOT change how these are listed – abbreviations and all remain as on transcript This is what AMCAS verifies so what you enter and your official transcripts should match You will categorize each course – see page 42 of the instructions

23 4. COURSE WORK Use a personal copy of your official transcript to complete this section

24 4. COURSE WORK Average # of courses entered: 52 Average # of schools: 2-3

25 5. WORK/ACTIVITIES Maximum of 15 entries Applicants can enter 3 additional date ranges for repeated activities Maximum of 3 “Most Meaningful”

26 WORK/ACTIVITIES You can indicate repeated activities Up to four separate date ranges Future end dates up to the start of the matriculation year (up to August 2014) You will specify the total hours spent on this activity for each date range Work/Activities entries will be shown in the order they are entered within the application These entries are still sorted by each medical school’s preference during application review

27 NEW GUIDELINES FOR LETTERS OF EVALUATION AAMC adopted specific competencies for pre-med or undergraduate applicants to accomplish prior to application to medical school These competencies are to be used and included in letters of evaluation They are voluntary guidelines but reflection ofnthese for each applicant will produced a stronger letter Not one evaluator is able to reflect and include information in all areas of competencies Be sure to select evaluators that can include information in some areas to produce a comprehensive picture of your abilities in all areas. ** See handout

28 UF Does not do committee or advisor letters You will submit individual letters You may submit a max of 10 letters to AMCAS – you will then select what letters to send to which schools We recommend a minimum of five LORs 2 science (lectures) 1 non-science (lecture) 2 character – P.I. someone you shadowed, your boss, pastor, etc. Letters need to be current – no letters from last year unless updated Encourage recommenders to upload letters by the end of June

29 6. LETTERS OF EVALUATION You can submit your application before your letters are received by AMCAS.


31 Applicant’s identifying information The author’s address AMCAS uses this barcode to attach the letter to the correct application Methods the author can use to send their letter to AMCAS Letter Request Form Letter ID and Letter Type

32 6. LETTERS OF EVALUATION Many medical schools require that letters of evaluation are on official letterhead and bear the signature of the author

33 6. LETTERS OF EVALUATION AMCAS Medical School(s) Receive letters electronically, on a rolling basis after the application is processed Applicant Letter Author(s) Submission Methods:  AMCAS Letter Writer Application  Interfolio  Mail Letter Request Form

34 7. MEDICAL SCHOOLS Be sure to select the correct program type and be mindful of program and transcript deadlines

35 MD/PHD Looking for applicants who are mature with integrity, leadership and the ability to work on a team with 1-2 years of research prior to application. Two additional essays– Why MD/PhD? (3000 characters) & Detailed information on research experiences (10,000 characters) 44 are admitted into the NIH Medical Science Training Program (MSTP); 900 students supported nationally Receive full financial support : Costs: $500,000/students Years 1 & 2 = pre-clinical curriculum Years 3-6 = Research and thesis; limited clinical exposure Years 7 & 8 = Completion of clinical work for med school; limited research time Not all programs will have all areas of research – check programs Following graduation: 95% - residency; 75% - medical faculty; 50% - significant research 40% of NIH grants are bestowed on those with MD/PhD Residencies = 50% match in peds, pathology, internal medicine, psychiatry – low procedure intensive areas to allow for continued research Attrition rate: 12%

36 MD/PHD APPLICATION TIPS APPLY EARLY - apply broadly by end of June LORs from significant research mentors Write clear and concise essays – Research paper state hypothesis, avoid jargon, what was the experiment. Remember this is not a lab report so explain clearly and indicate the significance of your research. Keep it simple. Have your P.I. review it before submission NOT necessary to be published but if you are listed on a paper make sure you know everything in the paper Know other projects of people in the same lab

37 8. ESSAY(S)

38 PS REVIEW OHLPA will do one final read of your personal statement Submit it to the writing center, have people who know you and don’t know you read it Have them state back to you what they see as your motivation for going to medical schools and a little about who they believe you to be. If they tell you what you want to convey to the admission committee then it is ready to go. Submit a hard copy to Becky 204 Farrior Hall

39 9. STANDARDIZED TESTS Contact MCAT | 202-828-0690 Monday – Friday 9 am – 5 pm ET If you are re-taking the MCAT and don’t indicate your upcoming testing date, medical schools may review your application without waiting for your new score.


41 AFTER SUBMISSION… Verification Post-Submission Changes Criminal Background Checks Multiple Accept Data

42 AMCAS VERIFICATION TRANSCRIPTS Once your application is submitted and all required official transcripts are received, your application will join the verification queue  You should consult the AMCAS Instruction Manual and video tutorials to ensure that all coursework is entered accurately  Academic Change Requests  From date of “Ready to Review” application status, 4-6 weeks Application Submitted Application Submitted All Official Transcripts Received All Official Transcripts Received Verification Queue Processing updates are provided weekly on Facebook and Twitter!

43 # of days to complete verification 2013 Application Cycle 2012 Application Cycle AMCAS VERIFICATION

44 POST-SUBMISSION CHANGES Once your application is submitted you can make changes to limited content of your application using the “Update Application” button.

45 POST-SUBMISSION CHANGES Only these items can be updated or changed in your application after it has been submitted:  ID Numbers  Name  Including full legal name, preferred name, and alternate names  Contact Information  Mailing addresses  Alternate contact information  Date of birth, birth address, and sex  Letters of Evaluation  Notification that a letter will no longer be sent  Addition of up to 10 letter entries  Next MCAT testing date  Addition of Medical Schools or changes to existing program types  Deadlines, fees, and restrictions apply  Release application information to school-designated pre-health advisor

46 Participating medical schools have Criminal Background Checks on their accepted or waitlisted applicants facilitated by the AAMC Applicants will receive an e- mail notification from Certiphi Screening, Inc., initiating the background check Applicants have 10 calendar days to review their report for irregularities, after that time it will automatically be sent to the medical school(s) There is no additional charge to the applicant for this service Application StatusCBC Procured Accepted, Early Decision Program Upon Acceptance Accepted, RegularAfter January 1 Alternate ListAfter May 15, by school’s request only CRIMINAL BACKGROUND CHECKS CBC Schedule

47 2013 FEE ASSISTANCE PROGRAM BENEFITS Reduction of MCAT Registration fee from $270 to $100 Free copy of The Official Guide to the MCAT Exam & access code for The Official MCAT Self- Assessment Package® (if award is used to register for MCAT exam) Free access to MSAR Online Waiver of AMCAS application fees for up to 14 medical schools Benefits are only valid for the calendar year in which the award is granted. Apply: Apply for fee assistance before registering for the MCAT or submitting an AMCAS application. Benefits cannot be applied retroactively.

48 Pre-health Advisors Hub AMCAS Applicants: 202-828-0600 Fee Assistance Program 202-828-0600 MCAT 202-828-0690 MSAR RESOURCES Connect with us! @AMCASinfo Updated Instruction Manual and Quick Start Guides

49 1.Make sure you are a competitive applicant before applying 2.Review medical school requirements for schools you are applying to 3.Consider you entire application as a way to represent you, your interests and passions. 4.Think through your story and convey what you want the admissions committees to know about you in both primary and secondary applications 5.Convey your key strengths, interests and passions 6.Be sure to convey what you’ve learned from your experiences 7.Be sure to include in your AMCAS application any institutional actions, felonies and misdemeanors 8. Use AAMC application videos for how to do specific sections 9. Prepare well before taking the MCAT- Once is best 10. Apply only to schools you will attend 11. Review OHLPA videos on PS, LORs, choosing schools, preparing for interviews 12. Proof read 13. Print a copy for your records 14. MONITOR YOUR APPLICATION TIPS

50 SECONDARY APPLICATIONS You will have more opportunity to relay more of your information in secondary app questions Answer the questions asked Avoid cutting and pasting Return secondary application within one to two weeks of receiving them PROOF READ, PROOF READ, PROOF READ

51 1.Remember all correspondence with professional application services and schools is an example of your professionalism – be professional. 2.Pictures for application – passport head shot only 3.Create a separate email account for applications 4.Clean up social media sites 5.Wear appropriate attire 6.See handout PROFESSIONALISM

52 AMCAS LOOK SEE! If you want to take a look at the application and its sections you may go to the 2013 application and use: User name: UF guest Password: UF guest Do NOT put in real information – it is accessible to anyone using the user name/password to see so do not actually enter any information. Do NOT push any submit buttons

53 Application structure - similar Opens: May 7, 2013 Submission: June 3, 2013 29 schools with 4 branch campuses 2012 Mean GPAs: Cum - 3.49 Non-science - 3.59 Science - 3.37 (doesn’t include math) (do not average attempts) Mean MCAT scores: BS - 9.48 PS - 8.77 Verbal - 8.63 Differences in application process: Request MCAT scores go to AACOMAS LORs are sent directly to the schools Prefer a LOR from a D.O. but not required at all schools and some schools will assist in finding a D.O. to shadow May indicate you need a committee letter – we do NOT do these. If you have difficulty let us know and we will contact the school on your behalf AACOMAS


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