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Programs and Admissions Requirements. Located in Langston, OK Established in 1897 Acting President - Dr. JoAnn W. Haysbert Mission is to provide excellent.

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1 Programs and Admissions Requirements

2 Located in Langston, OK Established in 1897 Acting President - Dr. JoAnn W. Haysbert Mission is to provide excellent postsecondary education to individuals seeking knowledge, skills, and attitudes that will enhance the human condition and promote a world that is peaceful, intellectual, technologically advanced, and one that fulfills the needs of nations and individuals alike Emerging programs of distinction - Rehabilitation Counseling, Urban Education, Biology, Chemistry, Entrepreneurial Studies, Physical Therapy, and International Education

3 Bachelors of Business Administration (BBA) Major: Business Management The Curriculum Examines the human dimension of managing organizations Facilitates skill development and the understanding of group dynamics, decision making, and human resource management Admission Requirements Minimum 18 years of age High School Diploma or GED Resume 2 Letters of Recommendation Statement of Purpose Placement Exam Ideal for Students interested in: Business Communication Business Law Management Upon completion, students will have knowledge of: 1. All facets of business organizations, including management structures, strategies, policies, processes, and decision-making; 2. Key business skills, such as effective leadership and communication skills, and working with people at all levels in various environments 3. The structures, cultures, and functioning of business entities and the complex nature of organizational functions and processes 4. The processes and outcomes of decision-making how organizational strategies both develop and shape the nature and role of policies that impact.

4 Admissions Process

5 Interview 30 – 45 minutes on average Overall goal – Identify candidates who will be successful and gain commitment Cover the following: Program information University history and information Cost Admission requirements Prospective student confirms commitment to admissions process & meeting deadlines Stress that the entire Admissions process should take 72 hours

6 Application/Enrollment Package 1. When Interview is complete the prospects information is entered into ERx 2. The Applicant Status is placed at Interview Complete 3. Admissions Repersenstive sends Prospect link to application 4. Once Prospects indicates it has been complete Admissions Status in ERx is now School Application Complete 5. SAC will then send Graduate Attestation Statement of Purpose template Resume template Letters of Recommendation templates PLA info High School/GED Transcript Request Payment Waiver form (if applicable) 6. Once uploaded, the received Docusign Documents are set in ERx as either: Completed - correct & complete In Progress (minor or major- that remains to be corrected) Ask the SAC to send the documents when the Prospect is completing the application. This way you can complete more documents during the interview

7 Application Package 1. Prospect will be asked to submit the following additional admission documents. Once received by EOServe, these documents will be reviewed briefly for initial criteria met, and any issues regarding authorship. Resume: should reflect any professional development opportunities that also contribute to the Langston University online degree program. Statement of purpose: prospect should write in a word processing program why the Langston University online program, and major would benefit them. Two (2) letters of recommendation: should be emailed, faxed to the EOServe Admissions Representative and state why the prospective student should be a LU Online student in the applied program of study 2. Prospect will be asked to complete a placement exam that is emailed to them directly by EOServe admissions department. The exam will then be reviewed and scores will reflect instantly in the students file in ERx. EOServe Admissions Advisors will not have access to this exam, nor the answers. 3. Prospects scores will sent with application packet to the Langston University Admissions Department.

8 Schedule FA Appointment Identify when Student will have 1 hour free with a computer and internet access Identify which FA will be available Inform student of who they will meet with and that they would need to have their Tax Returns Send meeting invite to the following people: FA Advisor FA Director Director of Admissions Contact student at appropriate time and warm transfer to FA Representative Follow up with Prospect after Appointment to see how appointment went and if there were any outstanding questions

9 Application Fee ERx - Financial Aid Walkthrough Complete – Yes

10 Transcripts Senior Admissions Coordinator will : Takes about 2-4 weeks for LU to receive and notify EOS of official transcripts

11 Ready for Admissions Review 1. SAC will submit request to the EOS Director of Admission students application packet to the VUL. All documents that are included in this email include, but are not limited to:

12 Admissions Review 1. The applicant will be reviewed for admission by Langston University Admissions Department once the applicants file is received in full (including official transcripts) 2. At this time, the students admission status will be communicated with the EOServe Admission team via email 3. Any additional admission documentation or restrictions will be communicated at this time and in writing between EOServe Admissions and LU Admissions. This includes diploma accreditation, GPA scores, writing samples, etc. 4. All exceptions for admission to LU will be sent along with adequate evidence and documentation

13 Admission Complete 1. Virginia University of Lynchburg will approve admission for applicants who meet all admission requirements. This includes but is not limited to: School Application Complete (with correct capitalization, punctuation, information, and signatures) Technology Requirement Form complete with signature Application Fee paid – OR – Application Waiver form complete Official High School/GED Transcripts received and accepted with accreditation, and diploma/credit completion met Statement of Purpose – acceptable format and intention validated by Dean of program at LU. Resume, Two (2) Letters of Recommendation, Placement Exam scores FA Initial Walkthrough Complete Applicant still active and participating in admission process 2. The applicant will be placed into Admitted status by LU Admissions Department 3. When this is communicated with the EOServe Director of Admissions Services, the applicant will then be placed into School Admitted status in Enrollment Rx (ERx) Rapport must be maintained with the student by the EOServe Admissions team, throughout the Admissions process as it may take several weeks to determine official admission acceptance.

14 Registration/Login/Start 1. 1 week prior to start day the student will receive all needed enrollment documents 2. Student will be emailed login information with username & password to ECollege Platform (online learning platform) 3. The student may access their class beginning start day, or the first day of the term 4. The SAC will assist each verified, registered student in logging into their registered classes and posting a message/participating appropriately on the first day of the term 5. This will continue for all students that are in the EOServe Registered Roster for that term, until all students are verified as logged in. 6. When a student is confirmed as logged into their courses successfully, the SAC will update their ERx application status to Active.

15 Enrollment Email

16 Enrollment Email


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