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3D Modeling Education Experience

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1 3D Modeling Education Experience
ME 421/521 Classroom Techniques for Advanced CAD Education

2 The Idea To create a research and teaching laboratory for mature, complex and innovative thinking. 3D model photo rendering

3 The Reality An innovative learning space for advanced software.

4 Course Topics Solidworks Rendering, Rhino, and Solidworks Animations
CATIA Sketcher CATIA Advanced Sketcher CATIA Part Design CATIA Advanced Part Design CATIA Products, Save Management CATIA Drafting CATIA Generative Shape Design CATIA Rendering CATIA Digital Mock Up and Design CATIA Simulations CATIA Relational Design CATIA Model Based Definition CATIA CNC Machining ENOVIA, DELMIA

5 Course Project Howell V-4 Engine
Drawn, assembled, and rendered by ME 421 students.

6 Course Project Howell V-4 Engine 2D-3D-Reality

7 Course Project Howell V-4 Engine 2D-3D-Rapid Prototyping-Reality

8 Course Project Skeleton Clock Project Photo Rendering

9 Course Project Offenhauser Engine Photo Rendering by ME 421 Student

10 Current Projects Howell V-twin Engine Strutt Epicyclic Train Clock
Yamaha 250 engine Howell V-4 Engine

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