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The Consulta -2008 Equestrian Order of The Holy Sepulchre of Jerusalem.

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1 The Consulta -2008 Equestrian Order of The Holy Sepulchre of Jerusalem

2 This brief presentation highlights the key issues which were discussed and debated at the Consulta of the Equestrian Order of The Holy Sepulchre of Jerusalem in December 2008. These highlights are given so that Lieutenancies and members might find in them the source of discussion and conversation. Members of the Order are encouraged to pray and reflect on the issues raised so that the Order continues to be a living organ of The Church. +John Card Foley Rome 2009 Grand Prior

3 GENERAL REMARKS The Order has developed as an international organisation in and of the Catholic Church. It derives its strength from the spirituality and actions of its members both in their own land and in serving The Holy Land. It will thrive where there is a dynamic interaction between The Holy Land and other parts of the world. This requires effective communication and participation.

4 Agenda for Change The agenda for change is based on the desire for members of the Order to be more fully engaged in the efforts for justice and peace in The Holy Land at a time when there is volatility of finance globally. This requires a greater dynamism in engaging members in the work of the Order.

5 The Order is committed to be effective in promoting the Christian values and this should be done with conviction and confidence in the power of the Christian message. There should be no temerity with truth and with the message of the Gospel. There needs to be sensitivity in acting on how the Christian message is lived in different cultures and societies, ensuring that cultural norms from one part of the world are not imposed on other cultures.

6 Discussions at the Consultahave taken place about Spirituality Service to The Holy Land Financial Support Administration of The Order

7 SPIRITUALITY The spirituality of the Order is based on the Risen Christ leaving the tomb empty so that He may be with His Father. This understanding of Christ on earth, truly man, departing to be with His Father lies at the heart of the spirituality of The Order. It requires us to try to understand and reflect on two intrinsically related aspects of the world… the struggle of daily living in world today and especially of The Holy Land, and the joy of the Resurrection, with the hope of a world of justice and peace.

8 Pilgrimages to The Holy Land remain a central part of the fulfilment of the spiritual journey for members of the Order. Spiritual growth has to be practised in daily living as well as manifest in The Holy Land. The spirituality of the Order derives from good works and a full prayer life. Good works on their own are not enough.

9 The spirituality of the Order is orientated to all the people of God, and finds particular practical expression in focussing on the works of the Latin Patriarchate. The Order has a responsibility for formation of its members highlighting the Chivalric Virtues – Charity, Loyalty, Generosity, Gentility, Courtesy. The spirituality of members needs to be nourished by Priors and they need time to develop this.

10 SERVICE TO THE HOLY LAND The Order reiterates its commitment to serve the Latin Patriarchate as the principal focus of its work. This needs strong links between Lieutenancies and the Grand Magisterium. The service is unreservedly to the Christians in the Holy Land…set in their unique context. The areas of education and humanitarian aid remain the focal points of activity including education and technical training – through Bethlehem Univ and specialised programmes.

11 The Order supports the seminary at Beit Jala, and the administration of the Patriarchate as necessary works in the Holy Land. In the longer term some attention should be given to considering facilitating employment opportunities in The Holy Land through developing human and material infrastructures. The Grand Magisterium should consider the works to be done beyond the Patriarchate and with the knowledge of The Patriarch.

12 A communications strategy and action deriving from it is essential. An effective annual publication would be an asset….along with the continuing newsletter. This should consider matters of justice and peace – and be a persistent advocate with respect to human rights. The Order should look for opportunities to collaborate with other organizations to further its mission.

13 FINANCIAL ISSUES It is necessary to identify the real priorities that need funded and the projects identified for support need to be kept up to date. A system of gathering contributions which reflects an equitable ability to pay should be considered by the Grand Magisterium and be discussed annually with Lieutenants. The global economic crisis should be considered carefully, acknowledging that contributions may be increasingly difficult to sustain.

14 There should be a dynamic relationship between The Governor General and Lieutenants to set economic targets that are realistic and challenging. Lieutenants should take responsibilities for developing detailed strategies for collecting revenue. Financial reporting systems should be undertaken using modern accounting systems and standards. The targets and financial details of the Order should be maintained in local currencies, and reported on consistently in US dollars.

15 ADMINISTRATION There should be an induction programmes for new Lieutenants – concerning at least aspects of spirituality, canon law, and civil law. There should be a revised code of practice for new Lieutenants. There should be a system for mentoring Lieutenants using the skills and experiences of others.

16 COMMUNICATIONS Communication should always be considered as a two way process. An effective annual publication is an asset to the Order. The annual publication should be an instrument for reflection and information for members of the Order. It should consider matters of justice and peace and be a persistent means of advocating human rights in The Holy Land. This will be published along with the regular newsletter which was considered to be an extremely valuable channel of communication. Members are encouraged to have access to electronic mail and that Lieutenants use this as an essential part of communication with members.

17 OTHER CONSIDERATIONS There is a need to look at how the Order is engaged in matters of awareness raising and advocacy it its work in different countries. The issues of members with particular needs require attention, such as non- active, and divorced members.

18 FINAL THOUGHT The Order is invigorated by women and men of many nations inspired to serve The Holy Land With courage … of Knights and Ladies With justice... and humility With hope… and the hand of God

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