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Measuring Levels of Reflection to Improve Quality of Lesson Study Arif Hidayat.

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1 Measuring Levels of Reflection to Improve Quality of Lesson Study Arif Hidayat

2 Recent research about Lesson Study CountryAuthor(s)Focus of Study Australia and Malaysia White, A.L. and Lim, C.S. (2008) Case reports of Australia and Malaysian classrooms and pre service teachers implemented lesson study IndonesiaSaito, E., Imansyah, H., Kuboki, I. and Hendayana, S. (2007) Case studies of lesson study promoted by a school/university partnership Suratno, T. and Iskandar, S. (2010)Experiences of lesson study promoted by a school/university partnership Hong KongLee, J. F. K. (2008)A case study of a group of teachers implementing lesson study KoreaSo, K., Shin, J., and Son, W. (2010)A comparative study of Korean and Japanese classroom teachers to turn in leaning communities VietnamSaito, E. and Tsukui, A. (2008)Challenges in building a learning community in primary schools SingaporeLim, C., Lee, C., Saito, E. and Haron. S.S. (2011) Surveyed how schools which had participated in lesson study workshop implemented lesson study South Africa Author et al. (2010) A case study of implementing lesson study in one province as part of a mathematics and science project USA Fernandez, C. (2002) A case study of a group of teachers implementing lesson study ZambiaBaba, T. and Nakai, K (2009)Description of the implementation of lesson study in Zambia

3 Challlenges of Lesson Study in Indonesia It has been sustain by several programmes Some inititative of teacher unions are exist Lesson Study as formal procedure tends to decrease participant number Focused on how to improve the quality

4 Post Lesson Discussion / Reflection The lesson is analyzed and improvements are suggested. Teacher reflects on whether and how the lesson achieved the goal. The observers then make their contributions, focusing on both the positive aspects of the lessons as well as on how it could be improved

5 Reflection... Reflection is undertaken in a group setting Reflection as an individual activity leading to an enhanced mental or affective state of new understandings and appreciations. some sessions are more productive and insightful than others

6 Levels of Reflection reflects.. Conditional social awareness and action Teacher levels of thinking Understanding the lesson Improvement of teacher competences

7 Analyzed from High school biology lesson by South African Middle school biology lesson in an Indonesia school. Primary school science lesson by Kenyan Primary school science lesson in a Japanese school

8 Categories of learning analysis Teaching and learning strategies; Instructional techniques and practices. Teacher behaviour; teacher characteristics; communication skills. Lesson as experienced by students; student behaviour; interaction between students. Achievement of lesson and curriculum objectives (e.g. thinking skills, creativity, conceptual understanding); inconsistency with objectives. Logistics; management; planning; use of materials and teaching aids.

9 Levels of Reflection Level one segments are descriptions only, or descriptions with brief or vague comments, but no discernible reflection.

10 Next level.. Level two: descriptions and comments have explanations, reasons or possible causes. Brief or vague suggestions might also be offered at this level.

11 Next level By level three comments are insightful, including an indication of the significance of the comment. Suggestions are concrete and action oriented.

12 Next level By level four, comments and suggestions are linked to recognised good practices, overall curriculum goals, or theories.

13 Most happened in Indonesian Reflection From 18 cases of reflection in three cities involve senior and junior lesson setudy participant Covers 6 subject in secondary (primary, junior and senior high school, also vocational school) 1 year data of lesson study reflection

14 categories

15 Result of level

16 Effort to improve Doing lesson analysis Example of higher order reflection from university staff or researcher Spesific workshop to improve the tendency of categories and levels

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