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MB, Parma 19 June 2007 1 EFSA Risk Communications: overview and activity update.

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1 MB, Parma 19 June 2007 1 EFSA Risk Communications: overview and activity update

2 MB, Parma 19 June 2007 2 Purpose: Provide appropriate, consistent, accurate and timely communications on food safety issues, to all stakeholders and the public at large, based on the Authoritys risk assessments and scientific expertise. Risk Communications

3 MB, Parma 19 June 2007 3 Who does EFSA communicate to? Risk Managers (EC, EP, MS) Stakeholders (Environment, Consumer,Health NGOs, Industry) Media (Food, Health, EU Affairs) Stakeholders (Scientists/ Academics) Policy Makers (EU & Beyond) Risk Assessors (e.g. AF) Concerned Individuals

4 MB, Parma 19 June 2007 4 EFSA Evaluation: Commmunications Build: –Visibility - for EFSA's Corporate mission and scientific expertise. –Simplicity – clarity and relevance of EFSA risk communications –Co-operation & Coherence – of information on food & feed safety across the Community EFSA Enhance impact and effectiveness

5 MB, Parma 19 June 2007 5 EFSA Science : Build Visibility SCIENTIFIC CONFERENCES - EFSA Scientists - Exhibits WEB - Expand reach - Glossary -Portals/Links - Weekly bulletin -Banners on scientific journals -Links/Relevant institutions EFSA PUBLICATIONS -EFSA News - EFSA Journal -Scientific reports EFSA SPOKESPEOPLE -Interviews – Specialised press AF -Joint activities/Events -Co-ordinated PR MEPs - Briefings & Documents MEDIA BRIEFINGS/ INFO SEMINARS - Specialised press -« Supporters » Club SCIENTIFIC COLLOQUIA -PR SCIENTIFIC LITERATURE -Articles in scientific journals -Publications (eg. Elsevier) -Ad inserts (SC. Colloquia) EFSA EVENTS 5 Year Anniversary

6 MB, Parma 19 June 2007 6 SIMPLICITY Messages / Story houses Spokespersons / Media training Web Redesign - Focus on Issues - Context / Explanatory Notes Press ReleasesSupport documents, FAQs Publications Presentations Working processes SIMPLICITY - the ability to do more with less

7 MB, Parma 19 June 2007 7 Co-operation & Coherence Key facilitator for "promoting coherence in communications" Established in November 2003 Strong network of all communications units joining EFSA, Member States and Commission Objectives: –Develop co-operation/co-ordination of risk communications; exchange information/experiences; evaluate efforts; develop best practices ADVISORY FORUM WG ON COMMUNICATION S

8 MB, Parma 19 June 2007 8 Strengthen co-operation: future developments 2-way exchange of communications materials Risk perception: common approach for assessing/monitoring public perception Better support key actors/information multipliers with more targeted messages Strategies/guidance documents on sensitive communications issues Joint events in Member States Joint publications on- and offline

9 MB, Parma 19 June 2007 9 Communications Channels & Tools Media relations –Press releases, statements and briefings –Customised news alerts –Interviews, articles… Web and webcasting Conferences and events Publications and marketing materials Supported and facilitated by: Research: risk perception/web stats/ media monitoring Internal and External Co-operation

10 EFSA Communications Activity and Media Report (2006/07)

11 MB, Parma 19 June 2007 11 EFSA Public Announcements: Highlights 2006/07 Nutrition and health claims Additives/packaging materials/flavourings ( aspartame, bisphenol A, call for data on food colours…) GMOs (RAs, co-operation with MS, LL 601 rice, MON 863…) BSE (TSE risk in sheep, GBR methodology, fishmeal, SRM…) Avian influenza Ochratoxin A/aflatoxins Zoonoses report 2005 Plant health: citrus canker disease Pesticides (EU-wide peer review process, temporary EU maximum residue levels…) Corporate issues (new Executive Director, renewal MB, renewal of SC & Scientific Panels, Stakeholder Consultative Platform…)

12 MB, Parma 19 June 2007 12 Overview – Media Activity 2006/07 To date: 164 press releases/statements (12 press briefings) In 2006: – 40 press releases/statements; (5 press briefings) 26 science-related (65%) vs 140 opinions – 20 News Alerts sent to media – Strong increase in publicity focused on Science Over 4 800 articles/AV in total (76% on Science)

13 MB, Parma 19 June 2007 13 Goat had 'Mad Cow Disease' Some headlines EU-Lebensmittelbehörde für strenge Pestizidgrenzwerte

14 MB, Parma 19 June 2007 14 Media coverage in 2006

15 MB, Parma 19 June 2007 15 Media coverage in Q4 & Q1 2007 Cloning, Bisphenol A, MON 863

16 MB, Parma 19 June 2007 16 Distribution of articles per category in 2006

17 MB, Parma 19 June 2007 17 Media coverage by type of media in 2006

18 MB, Parma 19 June 2007 18 Distribution of articles Q1 2007

19 MB, Parma 19 June 2007 19 The EFSA website – growing visibility Steady increase in visits to EFSA website 121 000 visits in May 2007 (+ 14% vs May '06): Webcasting – a useful communications tool; increases outreach; openness and transparency EFSA redesign in last phases: –Guided by on-line user research & focus groups –Topic-driven to better meet user needs –Showcase EFSA values/standards –Taxonomy/metadata to enhance search for EFSA documents on worldwide web –New search engine Q4 2007

20 MB, Parma 19 June 2007 20 EFSA In Focus Pages

21 MB, Parma 19 June 2007 21 New Homepage

22 MB, Parma 19 June 2007 22 The webs future at EFSA Better packaging of content – multimedia, audiocasts, interactive maps, more topic driven pages Better copywriting EFSA blog More webcasts of important strategic events Better marketing by email of new content

23 MB, Parma 19 June 2007 23 Events: EFSA 5 Year Anniversary To celebrate its 5 Year Anniversary, EFSA organises a programme of events in 2007 that will present EFSAs work to decision-makers, stakeholders and the general public. -Week in Brussels (Nov.) -Week in Parma (October) -Joint events with MS and institutional partners throughout the year

24 MB, Parma 19 June 2007 24 Events: EFSA 5 Year Anniversary 3 Open Day events in May 2007 1.Open Day event of the European institutions, 5 May in Brussels 2.Europe Day celebrations (Comune and Provincia di Parma), 8-10 May in Parma 3.JRC-Open Day on 12 May in Ispra, Italy

25 MB, Parma 19 June 2007 25 UK FSA/EFSA Joint workshop on food incident prevention and horizon scanning to identify emerging risks – London, 5-6 March 2007 EFSA/Italian Ministry of Health. EFSA and food safety in the EU: achievements and challenges - Rome, 7 June 2007 EFSA/Ministry of Agriculture of the Slovak Republic - Bratislava, 28 June September: Lisbon (PT), Santander (ES) Events: Co-operation with Member States

26 MB, Parma 19 June 2007 26 International conference in cooperation with CIHEAM in Identity, Quality and Safety of Mediterranean Food Products - Parma, 5-6 June 2007 Europass conference series: Lets talk about food safety Reggio-Emilia, 16 April : «Animal welfare and food quality» Parma, 15 June: «Claims, allergies and labelling» Piacenza, 21 June: «Contaminants, pesticides, residues and the food industry» Events: Co-operation

27 MB, Parma 19 June 2007 27 Upcoming EFSA Scientific Colloquia: N°8: Environmental Risk Assessment of Genetically Modified Plants – Challenges and Approaches, Parma, 20/21 June N°9: Nutrient profiling, Parma, 11/12 October N°10: Plant Health, Parma, December 2007 Events: Scientific Colloquium series

28 MB, Parma 19 June 2007 28 EFSA publications RECENTLY PUBLISHED

29 MB, Parma 19 June 2007 29 EFSA Communications Department

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