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Decomposition of Human Body

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1 Decomposition of Human Body
Notes This ppt contains graphic images. I put pictures on slides that do not contain information so feel free to avert your eyes. Information is also graphic and can be disturbing.

2 5 stages of decomposition
Initial decay Putrefaction Black putrefaction Butyric fermentation Dry decay

3 Initial Decay 0-3 days after death
Bacteria in digestive tract start eating intestines, break through and begin feeding on surrounding organs Individual cells break down, releasing cell contents and enzymes into body

4 Putrefaction 4-10 days after death
Body will be bloated from build-up of gases in body Gases released by bacteria living in intestines Skin blisters Build-up of fluids from ruptured cells and intestines Skin begins slipping

5 Putrefaction

6 Black Putrefaction 10-20 days after death
Body begins to collapse and black surfaces are exposed Bloated body collapses and leaves a flattened body Large volume of body fluids drain from body

7 Black Putrefaction

8 Butyric Fermentation 20-50 days
Remaining flesh on body is removed and body dries out Cheesy smell (caused by butyric acid) Surface of body in contact with ground may mold as body ferments

9 Butyric Fermentation

10 Dry decay 50-365 days after death
Body is dry and continues to decay very slowly because of lack of moisture Mostly reduced to hair and bones Eventually the hair will disappear

11 Dry decay

12 Picture of lividity

13 Questions Answer on page 80
What factors do you think would speed up/slow down the rate of decomposition? How does the state of decomposition assist scientists in determining time of death?

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