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+ The School Board Authority and Role Organization Meetings Election Distraction s.

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1 + The School Board Authority and Role Organization Meetings Election Distraction s

2 + Authority PA Constitution – mandate free public education – Note: only public service mandated! Legislature – provide for the maintenance and support of a “thorough and efficient” system Art. II, Sec. 14 School district – “unit of local government” Art. IX, Sec. 10 Authority – from collective decisions of board NOT individual members

3 + Big Picture Set Policy Evaluate Plan

4 + Legislative History 1834 Create school districts and boards Confer legal power Provide autonomy in many operations Political subdivision of PA Purpose – convenient administration of schools

5 + Legislative Authority State LawDept. of EducationIntermediate Units State Agencies

6 + Roles – Must Dos Adopt Course of Study Set school calendar Adopt textbooks Elect superintendent/Hire staff Enter into contracts/agreements

7 + Roles – Must Dos Adopt annual budget Levy taxes, appoint tax collector (sometimes) Provide for buildings and grounds Provide special education Prescribe, adopt, and enforce rules and regs re: activities, publications, organizations

8 + Roles –Can Dos Elect/appoint asst. superintendent Appoint solicitor & board employees Purchase, receive, condemn land Sell unneeded lands & buildings Make agreements w/ other districts for attendance/tuition of H.S. students

9 + Roles –Can Dos Provide food and milk to poor kids Create debt (within limits) Authorize time/ $ to go to meetings Provide insurance Suspend/Expel students or send them to juvenile court

10 + Roles –NOT Dos Build w/out approval from Dept. of Education & Bureau of Labor/Industry Exceed budget Vote to hire your own relative Accept gifts from teachers or administrators

11 + Roles –NOT Dos Require religious or political tests of employees Discriminate on the basis of race, creed or color

12 + Organization President Vice President Committees Chair/Vice Chair Signatory Board Representatives Voting Public

13 + Organization Curriculum Policy Financ e Building s and Grounds Governmen t Relations Personnel

14 + Meetings (Tuesdays) Township Building* School District Administration Building** 7:00 p.m.4:00 – 7:00 p.m. Business* Formal Limited Discussion Voting Agenda with recognition, public comment consent items, action items, presentations, reports Committee** Less Formal Agenda with timed discussion items and presentations Give and Take format Public Comment Executive Session Not Public Litigation or potential litigation Personnel/Negotiations matters Required to announce and state nature of meetings

15 + Special Meetings info: Organizational Meetings (December) Budget Workshops (Oct - April) Other ie. issue centered feedback or special appointment Watch meetings to keep the “Sunshine” in government! Business meetings live on Channel 10; Radnor Channels (11 or 31) Mon. @ 10 a.m., Wed.@ 2:00 p.m, and Fri. @ 6 p.m. Committee Meetings on Radnor Channels Tues./Thurs. @ 1:00 p.m. Meetings can be viewed on-line @ Minutes, Agendas, and Presentations on

16 + Distractions Party Politics or Factions (SB 443) Imposition of State Mandates and Laws Programs/Facilities/Paperwork/Testing/Neg otiations/Pension System Act 1 – Set Taxing Parameters Imposition of Federal Regulations No Child Left Behind/Race to the Top Special Education Initiatives – Standards/STEM

17 + School Directors Form a Legislative Body (School Board) Agents of the State Legislature Nine Members Four-year terms (5-4 rotation) No Pay

18 + Eligibility Pennsylvania Citizen At least 18 years old Good moral character Resident of school district for at least a year prior to election/appointment Comply with state/federal laws for elected office/service

19 + Running for Office Delaware County Board of Elections File a Petition (signed by 10 qualified voters of a given party) Cross File (proper petition signed by 10 qualified voters of the other party Cross filers appear on both party ballots for the general election February 12 – March 19 th Last day to withdraw – March 27 th

20 + Primary Elections – MAY 21st Statement of Financial Interest Needed for previous year with petition to Del. County and School Board Secretary) Note: All Board members provide financial statement by May 1 of each year with school district All statements open to public for at least five years

21 + Campaign Expenses File by second Friday before primary with Delaware County If do not have a committee and do not spend more than $250, an affidavit filed with the petition suffices Post election expense report is also required!

22 + Good Candidates Not focus on one issue! Need time, thought and effort required Responsible for attending meetings Possess general knowledge about schools – mission, goals, objectives Familiar with school law and follow it Adhere to Board Code of Conduct

23 + Good Candidates Focus on the big picture Vote impartially for the good of the district Support will of the majority Keep superintendent and fellow members advised of feedback Refer complaints appropriately

24 + Advice to Candidates and Board Members from Mary Beth Sweeney Listen, Listen, Listen Treat public with respect Stop and Think before you make a choice Keep confidences Watch e-mails Don’t jump to conclusions

25 + Advice to Candidates and Board Members from Mary Beth Sweeney Everything is a study – if you do it right You asked for it – complaints! Democracy is messy. Remember – You are there to provide a good education at a reasonable cost and to treat people fairly.

26 + Advice to the Public from Roberta Winters Pay attention (Observe.) Be respectful. Go through channels. Do your homework. Prepare comments in advance. Bring a friend.

27 + Advice to the Public from Roberta Winters Listen actively. Be patient. Trust but verify. Find common ground. Follow the money. Don’t kill the messenger with the message!

28 + Be Informed Voters and VOTE! League of Women Voters of Radnor Candidates Night - Public Forum Monday - April 29 th Radnor Township Municipal Building 7:00 p.m. Question–and-Answer Format

29 + Resources PA School Boards Association PA Education Policy and Leadership Center PA State Education Association

30 + A Force for Citizens A Voice for Change www.palwv.or g

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