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Glaciers_cci Frank Paul University of Zurich, Switzerland.

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1 Glaciers_cci Frank Paul University of Zurich, Switzerland

2 The Target: Glaciers

3 Adequacy of the User requirements Is your URD adequate with GCOS/CMUG requirements? -> Yes of course! (it is based on these documents) We analysed the following sources to determine the UR: GCOS: 82, 92, 107; CEOS response, IGOS Cryosphere report feedback and advice from KSB (WGMS, GLIMS, CMUG) questionnaire among CRG and wider glaciological community scientific literature What did we learn from this analysis? there is a strong demand to complete the global inventory (GCOS T2.1) strong support to also investigate elevation changes and velocity fields feedback from the community about ongoing work (to avoid overlap) created a new overview of key regions with completeness level

4 GCOS requirements (satellite specs.)

5 CMUG requirements (satellite specs.)

6 Some differences of Glaciers_cci Glaciers_cci (the area product) is based on a sensor that is in orbit since 27 years (Landsat TM) follow-up sensors have (ETM+) or will have the same spectral characteristics (LDCM, Sentinel 2) the main product depends on manual digitization by experts rather than an automated (button press) application key to product quality is thus communication and agreement on methodological standards and advice through tutorials we do produce in cooperation with the wider GLIMS community a one time snapshot of the global ice cover sometimes politically delicate (by location or person)

7 The Problem: Debris Cover


9 Selected key regions

10 Completeness Level (CL)

11 Did the PSD meet the needs of CRG? We are currently working on the PSD... it will provide an overview of the technical specifications, the error characteristics and an error budget for all three products The short answer is: Yes, they will! the specifications of the input data sets are largely given, whereas the requirements for the output products (area / elev. ch. / velocity) differ individual CRG members or CMUG require different formats (shape files, GeoTiff, grid, netCDF, resolution, level of detail, completeness, etc.) depending on the needs (e.g. spatial resolution) the errors will differ CRG member Sven Kotlarski (IAC) will give a short overview on how the glacier area product can be used in RCMs

12 The integrated perspective How is the the integrated perspective on consistency between the ECVs addressed? we will follow the SoW and other CCIs as close as possible (e.g. website) our deliverables will have a similar structure than for all other CCIs we have a strong commitment to provide products that are relevant for IPCC AR5 and GTN-G KSB and climate/hydrological model experts are in our CRG we have a direct link to the Landcover_cci (validation data) However, the direct interaction with the other CCIs is weak We will be cooperative as best as possible!

13 Product uncertainties at first we will try to assess them (which is not easy) a number of round-robin experiments should help to provide improved guidelines for methodological data consistency multiple digitizings of the same glacier will give an internal accuracy measure comparison with independently created products (area) validation with higher accuracy products (LIDAR DEMs) application of different methods and ground truth data get feedback from the community, open for refinements we do not need ECMWF data

14 Using Glacier Inventory Data in Regional Climate Modelling Sven Kotlarski Institute for Atmospheric and Climate Science ETH Zurich, Switzerland A Case Study

15 BACKGROUND (1) Interactive role of glaciers in the climate system Direct and indirect feedback mechanisms - Static glacier masks - No changes in ice extent, no feedback to atmosphere - No consideration of water volume stored - No / simplified runoff generation - Exception: Ice sheet models in ESM Poor representation in today's climate models:

16 BACKGROUND (2) More sophisticated approach desirable for assessing regional climate change in glacierized areas and for hydrological analyses in glacierized river basins Interactive glacier scheme for regional climate modelling (Kotlarski et al., Clim Dyn, 2010) Glacier mass balance and area changes on a subgrid scale

17 TILE APPROACH two-layer ice body V-A-relation

18 MODEL SETUP 18 km x 18 km Forcing: ERA40 (model development and evaluation), ECHAM5-MPI-OM (scenario) Glacier inventory data needed for initialization of glacier areas (total area per grid cell, area- altitude distribution) and for model validation

19 CHANGE OF GLACIER AREA Initialisation January 1958 WGI (collection of national inventories, scaled to 1958) End of simulation (December 2003) - 23.6 % So far: no Alpine-wide validation possible!

20 USING THE 2003 ALPINE GLACIER INVENTORY (1) 1.) Model validation

21 USING THE 2003 ALPINE GLACIER INVENTORY (2) 2.) Initializing glacier cover (here: regional climate change scenario) - 47.4 % - 74.2 % these scenarios are still initialized with the simulated glacier cover in 2003! Amplification of warming Temperature change anomaly [K]

22 ONGOING... Application of REMO GLACIER in Himalayas / Karakorum (MPI-M Hamburg) Implementation of glacier parameterization scheme into new Canadian RCM CRCM5 (Environment Canada / UQAM Montréal) glacier fraction derived from GlobCover Land Cover product (on 0.05°) To be updated by new inventories GLIMS inventory to be completed

23 SUMMARY Interactive description of mountain glaciers in a state-of-the-art regional climate model Glacier inventory data important for both model development and model application (initialization and evaluation) Less important: - spatial accuracy and detail - high temporal resolution LOOKING FORWARD TO DATA FROM Glaciers_cci … - completeness - temporal consistency (snapshots) - area-altitude distribution Main requirements: (URD)


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