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Basic VENet Model Description of the model with a practical example Judith Riessner, TCA Secretary.

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1 Basic VENet Model Description of the model with a practical example Judith Riessner, TCA Secretary

2 Contents : 1 Introduction 2 Compact VENet ModelCompact VENet Model 2.1 VENet ManagementVENet Management 2.2 VENet Training SystemVENet Training System 2.3 VENet Support SystemVENet Support System 2.4 Summary 3 Practical Example from AustriaPractical Example f

3 What is VENet VENet is… a transnational cooperation (TCA) between Austria, Cyprus, Germany and Poland an innovative Vocational Education Network for disadvantaged people 3 Introduction 1

4 Background of VENet EU Programme Equal: needs new ideas to fight discrimination and exclusion in the labour market Duration Partners projects between April 07 and December 08 TCA from June 05 until March 07 Aim Develop and disseminate the VENet Model that is adaptable to all European countries 4 Introduction 1

5 Compact VENet Model 5

6 6 Elements of the VENet Model VENet Management Training System Life Skills Training Theoretical Vocational Training Practical Vocational Training Support System Labour Market Interface Psychosocial Care and Support Strategic Partner Support 2

7 Development, planning and implementation Overall project management Finance Communication Mainstreaming Gender Mainstreaming Evaluation VENet Management VENet Model Segmentation 7 2.1

8 8 VENet Training System 2.2.1 Life Skills Training 2.2.2 Theoretical Vocational Training 2.2.3 Practical Vocational Training VENet Model Segmentation 2.2

9 2.2.1 Life Skills Training Tasks and Functions 9 Overall responsibility for VENet participants Imparting life skills and social competencies to participants Imparting gender sensitivity Coordination of training process Cooperation with Management

10 2.2.2 Theoretical Vocational Training Tasks and Functions 10 Developing of curricular material Providing theoretical vocational education for participants Involving regular schools Matching of content with the practical training

11 2.2.3 Practical Vocational Training Tasks and Functions 11 Provision of apprenticeship facilities Offer of internships and qualification modules Imparting practical on the job experience Practically oriented input for the VENet training system partners

12 2.3.1 Labour Market Interface 2.3.2 Psychosocial Care and Support 2.3.3 Strategic Partner Support VENet Support System VENet Model Segmentation 12 2.3

13 2.3.1 Labour Market Interface Tasks and Functions 13 Providing the participants Human resource management Communication with regional businesses Demand oriented placement of participants Movements of participants within VENet Placement of participants into labour market after VENet

14 2.3.2 Psychosocial Care and Support Tasks and Functions 14 Psychosocial and psychological care of participants Support in times of crisis and conflict Curative and preventive psychosocial measures Ensuring stability of VENet participants

15 2.3.3 Strategic Partner Support Tasks and Functions Involvment in planning and implementation Support on superordinate level Clarification of administrative questions Support of communication among all involved partners Accreditation and certification Sensitisation of participating companies 15

16 Summary VENet Model Summary 16 2.4 The VENet Model… Involves all relevant players of the labour market and education policy Focuses on disadvantaged unemployed people with no education Approaches an individual qualification Trains the participants in a network of companies Considers the demands of the regional businesses Provides psychosocial support to the participants Aims at a integration of the trainees into the labour market

17 Example: Sabine F. and the Energy Cabin Sabine F. Energy Cabin 17 VENet Model Example 3

18 Example: Sabine F. and the Energy Cabin Energy Cabin: 18 VENet Model Example 3 An Energy Cabin is a selfcontained heating system that combines solar energy with wood pellet technology for central heating and hot water.

19 Example: Sabine F. and the Energy Cabin Sabine F: 28 years, three children (3,7,11), divorced debts of about 30.000 … Sabine F. starts an apprenticeship as a plumber, gets her first child at the age of 17, gets married, works on the farm of her husbands parents, gets 2 more children and is increasingly unhappy as there are severe relationship problems; she has no finished vocational training, works in short-term employ- ments for some time and gets registered at the Employment Agency again… One day her consultant gives her an add from the local newspaper… 19 VENet Model Example 3

20 Example: Sabine F. and the Energy Cabin BAP – looking for participants for an 8 months vocational training in the sector of alternative energies. Please contact… BAP as a regional VENet model… assesses the literacy and practical skills of Sabine F. in order to organise the individual qualification (literacy, mathematics, EDP, vocational and social skills) organises a vocational education for 8 months provides an internship in at least 2 companies to give Sabine F. a training in welding, electrical engeneering and carpentry makes sure Sabine F. gets the qualification that she needs for the company Energy Cabin accompanies Sabine F. with Case Mangement to find solutions for her personal and financial problems 20 VENet Model Example 3

21 If you are interested in the VENet Model… Interest 21 Please check our website for further Contact our Polish partner at 1Szychta for advice and support in implementing a regionalised VENet Model! Do not hesitate to ask any of our partners further questions now or later by mail

22 VENet Dziękuję Państwu za uwagę! For further questions please contact Piotr Bastek: +48 32 2596261-217

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