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1 DISEM workshop Tunis September 2012 11 Old times: government controls people new times: people control government Dr. Gerhard.

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1 1 DISEM workshop Tunis September Old times: government controls people new times: people control government Dr. Gerhard Knies DESERTEC Foundation, DESERTEC University Network, Inventor and Co-Founder How can DESERTEC help the Middle East and North Africa to develop into a region of sustainability and prosperity, and of good neighborhood with Europe ?

2 2 DISEM workshop Tunis September DESERTEC KNOWLEGDGE PLATFORM CONCEPT DISEM Desertec Institute for Socio-Economic Development and Employment UfM-MSP Med Solar Plan Derived from DESERTEC White Paper 2009

3 3 DISEM workshop Tunis September 2012 Why Sustainability ? –we are preparing the world not only for ourselves, but also for our children, grandchildren… they will live on our garbage deposits –population in MENA will grow by 60% within next 40 years Why Prosperity ? –we want to have a life in dignity and fulfillment –we need to end global population growth Why Good Neighborhood ? –Times are over where parts of world were isolated – ONE humankind in ONE world –very different cultures mix increasingly – work and live together –free the military money for protecting nature + for developing people –bad neighborhood = undermining our lives + later living conditions –military outdated: fighting your neighbor = hurting yourself

4 4 DISEM workshop Tunis September POPULATION Limit 10 bn more WATER&FOOD reprocessing. desalination Irrigation, fertilizer distribution 2° Climate stability more MATERIALS reprocessing, c2c Global and inter-generational justice more civilization & wealth per cap What do we need for a sustainable world ? GREEN SECURITY Octet: 4 Clean and secure energy/power = key to a safe world ENERGY CLEAN ENERGY Inexhaust. ENER ENERGY Bio Diversity reliable EN-supply Inexh. Ener.

5 5 DISEM workshop Tunis September The humane way: North-South co-operation DESERTEC–Tandems for energy and climate security DESERTEC mankind security concept Developed + developing countries form a climate&development tandem: Technology + wealth + CO2 reduction need High development needs + low-cost manufacturing, + large growth in pop+energy + good deserts RESULT = low cost solar collector industry as joint venture Access to best solar sites to replace fossil and nuclear fuels, on a world market

6 6 DISEM workshop Tunis September Step 1: DESERTEC–Tandem EU+MENA Dii prepares a commercial roll-out plan DP2050 DUN+DISEM shall optimize local development Studies by DLR for EUMENA region MED-CSP TRANS-CSP for German govt CLUB OF ROME White Paper

7 7 DISEM workshop Tunis September 2012 What are the main obstacles/pitfalls, and benefits Obstacles/pitfalls 1.Investment problems 2.Societal change 3.Lack of human capacity 4.Cultural rejection 5.Religious conflicts 6.Border conflicts 7.Political turbulences Benefits 1.Economic stabilization 2.Political stabilization 3.Evolution of a middle class 4.Stop of brain-drain 5.Energy for development 6.Energy for desalination 7.Energy for export 8.Local & regional industrialization 9.Settlement of boarder issues 10.Intra-MENA cooperation 11.EU-MENA cooperation 12.….

8 8 DISEM workshop Tunis September 2012 Need of strategic knowledge on 1.How can CSP, PV, wind be beneficial for … employment, industrialization, education, empowerment of civil society 2.Political organization of interstate transmission 3.Political organization of Interstate R&D 4.Nations – MENA – EUMENA 5.Interaction with friend Europe 6.bridge Europe - MENA - Sub-Sahara/ECOWAS 7.Desalination for drinking water, irrigation, new inhabitable regions 8.Solution of global climate problem 9.… DISEM IS TO EMPOWER PEOPLE AND GOVERNMENTS

9 9 DISEM workshop Tunis September 2012 DISEM make MENA a strong partner of a Green World effort for humankind security in the overshoot situation: 1.End all emissions that can endanger humankinds natural living conditions. 2.End all critical dependencies on exhaustible fossil resources. 3.Improve efficiency and strength of civil infrastructure, to provide livelihood to all humans from green resources. 4.Provide clean energy for all to enable developed live style and to end population growth without disasters and coercion. 5.Replace all societal structures that prepare for unilateral violence, between different states and between states and their inhabitants, by civilized and law-based procedures. 6.Transfer military funds to protecting humankind security, for 1. avoiding conflicts, 2. building sustainable energy and water supply infrastructure for least developed countries 3. establishing developmental justice.

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