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Challenges for the poultry industry in the EUR-25 Piet Vanthemsche AVEC Gent 18/09/2004.

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1 Challenges for the poultry industry in the EUR-25 Piet Vanthemsche AVEC Gent 18/09/2004

2 FAVV – AFSCA - FASFC 2 Global references on food safety Food: joint FAO/WHO codex alimentarius commission ( Animal health: international animal health organisation ( Plant health: international plant protection convention (

3 FAVV – AFSCA - FASFC 3 EU references European food safety authority EFSA ( = risk DG Sanco ( = risk FVO ( ) =control &

4 FAVV – AFSCA - FASFC 4 The Belgian Food Safety Agency

5 FAVV – AFSCA - FASFC 5 Evolutions in society Technology and productivity versus sustainibility: new priorities Complex production processes Taking into account consumer confidence and public perception

6 FAVV – AFSCA - FASFC 6 Principles of EU food safety policy Comprehensive approach of the agro food chain Responsability (liability) of operators Traceability of feed, food and its ingredients Based on risk analysis (risk assessment, risk management, risk communication) Apply the precautionary principle where appropriate

7 FAVV – AFSCA - FASFC 7 EU-Principles for official feed/food control Integrated controls at all stages and in all sectors. Harmonised approach to the design and development of national feed and food control systems. Improvement of the efficiency of the Member State control services. Redefine role of industry

8 FAVV – AFSCA - FASFC 8 A new relationship between producers and authorities Food safety is a shared but well defined responsability: who does what, who is responsible, who is liable? Producers are responsible for the quality and safety of feed and food. The authorities create standards and inspect (audit) production systems.

9 FAVV – AFSCA - FASFC 9 FOOD LAW = REG. (CE) 178/2002 ART. 17 : responsibility FVO National authorities Industry (individual operators) Inspection (member states, third countries) Standards, regulation, inspection, reinforcment Quality assurance systems, self checking

10 FAVV – AFSCA - FASFC 10 The core process in food safety management Risk assessment Programmation: control, inspection, audit, sampling in function of the risks and autocontrol Planning based on programmation Execution of the planning (audits, inspections, controls, sampling and analysis) Reports: (analysis, results, findings,…) Input industry Scientifical advice

11 FAVV – AFSCA - FASFC 11 Import third countries Total import poultry meat in EC: –261 000 tons in 1998 –610 000 tons in 2003 = 234 % increase Deboned chicken and turkey meat: –Brasilia: 55% Risk of unfair competition –Use of meat and bone meal in animal nutrition –Use of non EU-registered medicines –Controls as strict as in EU?

12 FAVV – AFSCA - FASFC 12 Import third countries Safety measures –Food and Veterinary Office of the EU Inspection visits to third countries –Functioning of veterinary services in third countries –Official reporting of disease outbreaks –Inventory of third countries Food safety Animal welfare, animal health, working conditions, environment –Checks at border inspection posts (BIP)

13 FAVV – AFSCA - FASFC 13 Threats for food safety Chemical hazards –Long term effects of contaminants (exposure by food), link with environmental contamination –Environmental criminality, use of illegal growth promotors –Residues of authorised products(pesticides, veterinary products, additives, …), cross contamination

14 FAVV – AFSCA - FASFC 14 Threats for food safety Biological hazards: –Antibioresistance –Zoönosis –Food poisoning –New zoönotic virus diseases (SARS, Avian Influenza, …?) –Outbreaks of list A diseases in animals –Quarantine diseases in crops

15 FAVV – AFSCA - FASFC 15 Animal welfare Evolution of standards: –Housing –Transport (long distance, sick or blessed animals) –Surgical interventions (castration, tail amputation, dehorning, beak amputation, …) –Slaughtering (stress, stunning methods)

16 FAVV – AFSCA - FASFC 16 Specific items for the poultry industry Regulation (EG) Nr. 2160/2003: control of Salmonella and other specified food-borne zoonotic agents –Salmonella (most important in EU) –Campylobacter Surveillance program for salmonella: –Vaccination of laying hens –Intensive monitoring –Hygiëne throughout the chain (avoid cross contamination)

17 FAVV – AFSCA - FASFC 17 Specific items for the poultry industry List A diseases: avian influenza –Permanent and global threat –Monitoring, early detection of primary importance –Strong link with public health –Devastating economical consequences

18 FAVV – AFSCA - FASFC 18 Specific items for the poultry industry Farm hygiëne –Preventive measures through infrastructure, maintenance, all in all out, management of visitors, deliveries, … –Good and efficiënt cleaning and disinfection Animal welfare –Production compliant with EU regulation Animal disease management: early detection

19 FAVV – AFSCA - FASFC 19 Specific items for the poultry industry Abattoirs, cutting plants and processing plants have to comply with EU regulations –Avoid cross contamination –Self checking and QAS: HACCP, trained staff, compulsory notification of threats –Hygiëne, cleaning and disinfection (both infrastructure, vehicles, cages)

20 FAVV – AFSCA - FASFC 20 Contact Belgian Federal Agency for the Safety of the Food Chain WTC III building Simon Bolivarlaan 30 B-1000 Brussels Tel. 32-2-208.34.11

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