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1 st EUREKATOURISM+ Workshop: "Best Practices in Travel & Tourism Innovation"

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1 1 st EUREKATOURISM+ Workshop: "Best Practices in Travel & Tourism Innovation"

2 Technological contribution for progress and upholding of a leading European tourism industry, by generation and management of technologies that improve its environmental, economic and social sustainability. Be a leading European provider in technological services and solutions in order to promote a more dynamic, competitive and sustainable tourism industry and… « BY MEANS OF A COLLABORATIVE RESEARCH MODEL »  more competitiveness for the tourism industry  more sustainability of the tourism industry  Increasing capacity in R+D and innovation of the tourism industry  R&D and Innovation projects  Resolution of technical Problems  Advanced Technology Services  encouragement collaboration of research groups and companies  promotion of internationalization of the industry  enhanced quality standards for the tourism industry Mission - Vision - Services MISSION VISION SERVICES  Professional training and technology transfer  New Business Initiatives and Ventures

3 Management of sustainable destinations  Management tool for strategic decision making within tourism destinations  Based on dynamic simulation: allows to simulate destination behavior according to different strategies  Construction of custom models for sustainable tourist destinations Example I of technology and innovation services SOSTUR

4 Example II of technology and innovation services II Innovation management for tourism companies  Tool for innovation management within tourism companies, based on learning capacities of the employees  Potentiates the role of the individual towards innovation  Evaluation of the human resources depending on their individual target profile or innovation role GESTINTUR

5 Technological observatory for sustainability  Design, development and implementation of a system that watches over the sustainability in destination in order to guarantee Increased touristic attractiveness Positive impact on the local population Sustainable consumption of the touristic resources  The system recompiles, elaborates and evaluates information about the sustainability of the destinatino (situation, tendencies, scenarios) and makes it available to its managers. Example III of technology and innovation services OTEST

6 Example IV of technology and innovation services Beach monitoring  Automatic information on the level of occupation in different areas of a beach  Combinable with additional information on: Accesibility Services and equipment Extention and profile Waste management Security Health features of the water quality Presence of algae, discharges Climate, temperature, waves, currents BEACHMONITOR

7 Example V of technology and innovation services Tourist signage for the visually impaired  A touristic signage system following the indications for accessible tourism for all.  Traces your route up to destination  Benefits Light-weight and low consumption Easy maintanance No visual sightline requiered Accurate information and at hand SISTHO

8 R&D Project: THOFU – Technologies for the hotel of the future  Multidisciplinary and collaborative research and development project on technologies for the hotel of the future  Scheduled 2010-2013 Challenges & major results:  Identification of tourism demand tendencies  Identification of applicable technologies to the innovation needs  Development of innovative gap technology  Improved technologies – patents  New or adapted products & services  Detailed outputs shortly at

9 FUNDACION TECNOTUR TECHNOLOGY CENTER FOR TOURISM, LEISURE AND QUALITY OF LIFE Loma de Sancti Petri 11139 Chiclana de la Frontera (Cádiz) Spain Phone 956 492 262 Fax +34 956 498 009 For more information please contact:

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