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WORLD WAR II: Threats to World Peace

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1 WORLD WAR II: Threats to World Peace
1928 Kellogg-Briand Pact International peace Made war “illegal” Japan i/t Pacific Italy in Ethiopia Civil War in Spain 1936 Axis Powers formed Anti-Comintern Treaty 1938 Austria annexed

2 The Road to War 1938 Munich Conference APPEASEMENT
Sudetenland annexed by Germany UK’s Chamberlain “peace in our time” Czechoslovakia: German protectorate Seized Slovakia Which countries were represented?

3 The NAZI-SOVIET Pact (1939)
Nazi-Soviet Non-Aggression Pact E. Europe spheres of influence W. Poland to Germany Polish Corridor Polish access to Danzig Baltics & E. Poland to USSR Sept., 1, 1939: Nazi invasion of Poland World War II begins BLITZKRIEG: “lightning war”

4 Hitler’s NEW ORDER Jun ’41: breaks the Nazi-USSR non-aggression pact
Hitler calls for: 1 European political & economic system FASCISM “Aryan race” supply food & resources Slavs: racially inferior

Answer t/t “Jewish Question” The HOLOCAUST The annihilation of all European Jews zeal o/t minority of Germans passivity o/t majority Concentration Camps “protective custody” Germany: Dachau & Buchenwald Poland: Auschwitz & Treblinka (extermination camps) Slavs, Gypsies and homosexuals were also victims No less than 6 million Jews were killed


7 Atlantic Charter August 1941: FDR & Churchill publicly announce their national policies 8 Provisions: pg. 725 Meeting in Wash., DC Jan 42 26 nations attended Total War Not to sign separate peace treaties Abide by Atlantic Charter

8 Battle for the Seas Atlantic Ocean Pacific Ocean
Spring ’43: Allies control the Atlantic Convoys Sonar detects subs Most German cities bombed Pacific Ocean Battle of Coral Sea saves Australia Battle of Midway Island Hopping Aug. ’42: Guadalcanal First invasion of Japanese held territory Battle of Okinawa 12,500 Americans KIA 110,000 Japanese KIA Hiroshima & Nagasaki Battle of Iwo Jima

9 Important Battles January 1943: German’s surrender at Stalingrad
May 1943: German’s surrender in N. Africa “soft belly o/t Axis” Italy (July ’43) Sicily Mussolini resigns Badoglio new premier Dissolved Fascist gov’t Cease fire Mussolini shot & hung by own people

10 Victory in Europe OPERATION OVERLORD 6 June ’44: D-DAY
invasion of NORMANDY largest amphibious assault in history “second front” for USSR US v. USSR Who would get to Berlin first? drive from the east drive from the west Battle of the Bulge (Dec. ’44) 50 ml wedge into Allied lines 10 day battle 600,000 Americans involved 80,000 American KIA 100,000 Germans KIA Nazi’s recognized defeat V-E Day (May 8, 1945) V-J Day (Sept. 2, 1945) Aug 6, 1945: Hiroshima Aug 9, 1945: Nagasaki

11 YALTA (Feb. ’45) The Big Three POTSDAM (July ’45)
FDR, Churchill and Stalin meet Germany will be divided Liberated Europe will be able to have elections USSR would enter war against Japan receive Japanese territory POTSDAM (July ’45) Truman now US pres Clement Attlee now PM of UK Ultimatum to Japan

12 Costs of WWII 22 million soldiers KIA 34 million soldiers WIA
USSR: 7-11 million dead Germany: 3.5 mil KIA soldiers Japan: 2 million KIA total Europe: 16 mil civilians KIA Millionsssssss of Refugees Bombing and killing of civilians simply became a war strategy

13 Post-World War II East & West Germany Nuremberg Trials (1945-49)
De-Nazification Nazi party illegal Nazi leaders being held accountable for horrors o/t war Crimes Against Humanity 22 charges 12 death sentences 7 life imprisonments 3 acquittals Allied Control Council Allied occupation of Germany demilitarize Germany reparations future borders East German refugees flood West Germany East & West Germany

14 Origins of the COLD WAR The Berlin Blockade led to the Berlin Airlift
Germany is divided Beginning of the COLD WAR Truman Doctrine ‘47 spread of communism is a threat to democracy US policy to stop Containment policy Marshall Plan ’48-’52 Euro. Recovery Program $13 billion for rebuilding COMINFORM Comm. Information Bureau opposed Truman & Marshall plans threat to communism

15 COLD WAR Divisions

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