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Novell GroupWise ® Mobile Server, powered by Intellisync Gregory Webb Novell, GroupWise Product Marketing Ken Muir Director, Novell GroupWise Engineering.

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1 Novell GroupWise ® Mobile Server, powered by Intellisync Gregory Webb Novell, GroupWise Product Marketing Ken Muir Director, Novell GroupWise Engineering Danita Zanrè Caledonia Network Consulting

2 2 Starting with the basics, collaboration must be... Secure 1 Reliable 2 Adaptable 3 "What both end-users and IT need is stable, secure and accessible data." Robert Mahowald Program Director IDC, June 2005

3 3 The New Number 4 Mobile 4 According to a recent IDC report, the mobile worker population will increase from more than 650 million worldwide in 2004 to more than 850 million in 2009. This represents more than one quarter of the worldwide workforce. IDC, Worldwide Mobile Worker Population 2005-2009 Forecast and Analysis, October 2005

4 4 Mobility: a pressing collaboration need A new platform has emerged… Proliferation of mobile devices (BlackBerry, Nokia, Treo, PocketPC – and thats just the beginning) Better than ever for managing e-mail, contacts, schedules, tasks, memos, etc. The profile of the mobile user is expanding… Not just for executives and sales reps; knowledge workers of every description need mobile access to e-mail and data More and more decisions are made on handhelds Replacing the laptop as the tool for traveling work Supporting this multitude of devices is difficult… Requires evaluating solutions, developing relationships with partners, finding budget, negotiating the purchase process, deploying the software – and then repeating the process every time a new device appears

5 5 Introducing GroupWise Mobile Server Real-time two-way wireless delivery of GroupWise E-mail Calendar and Meeting Requests Directory Lookup Contacts Tasks Notes Supports hundreds of mobile devices via any carrier network and or WiFi Available free of charge to GroupWise customers with current maintenance or upgrade protection GroupWise 7 SP1 required

6 6 Released concurrently with Novell GroupWise 7 SP1 New features: Shared contacts in Outlook connector iCalendar support Low bandwidth WebAccess support Global signatures Mac Intel client Support for IPv6 in GWIM Many bug fixes

7 7 Customer excitement "As an organization that supports a variety of mobile devices, we appreciate Novell's commitment to broad mobile support. GroupWise Mobile Server, powered by Intellisync, will give our users access to GroupWise data on a wide range of devices. At the same time, it will greatly simplify the cost and complexity of delivering mobile communications to our workforce." –Sean Azhadi, Senior VP, Systems & Technology, San Diego County Credit Union "We've been looking for a way to meet our clients' wireless handheld needs for years. After repeated attempts with third party, half-baked offerings, GroupWise Mobile Server from Novell is by far the best solution we've seen...and it works great!" –Wesley H. Wingfield, Director of Network and User Services, The Metropolitan Community College, Kansas City, Missouri

8 GroupWise ® Mobile Server Architecture, Protocols and Process

9 9 Full-featured wireless e-mail and PIM Wireless Push Email Full bi-directional sync New, Fwd, Reply, Reply-all Read/unread/delete Multi-email mgmt Meeting Requests Attachments Full Sub-folder access Header size control Signature Truncation control Automatic clean-up Attachment filtering Support native apps SSL, 3DES, AES Power-on Password Theft-loss Protection Wireless Email Wireless Push Updates Full Bi-directional Sync Create Meetings Recurring Meetings Meeting Request Management Floating events Templates Support native calendar apps Wireless Push Updates Full Bi-directional Sync Priorities, notes, dates, etc. Calendar Security Contacts, Tasks Selected Features

10 10 Industrys Widest Device Support Symbian Series 60 Symbian Series 80 SyncML Windows Mobile 5.0 Pocket PC Palm OS MS Smartphone Symbian UIQ (Sony Ericsson) GroupWise Mobile Server BREW

11 11 GroupWise Mobile Server requirements Windows 2000, 2003 Server 1 GB RAM Estimated scalability is 500 – 1000 users/server Failover and clustering is supported Linux server support is in development; targeted for Q1 2007

12 12 Basic configuration GroupWise Enterprise Network GroupWise Mobile Server Internet Wireless Network Data Synchronization Push Notification 80 / 443 3102 All synchronization occurs directly between device and the enterprise

13 13 Enterprise configuration GroupWise Enterprise Network GroupWise Mobile Server DMZ Wireless Network Data Synchronization Push Notification 80 / 443 3102 Secure Mobile Gateway All synchronization occurs directly between device and the enterprise Secure Mobile Gateway Delivers push notifications to the device Allows for outbound-only push connections for increased security Enterprise data is not passed through or stored at the Secure Mobile Gateway Ensures consistent and reliable performance

14 14 Secure gateway Provides for the ability to have only outbound initiated connections from the enterprise for sync traffic GroupWise Mobile Server communicates on port 8865 outbound to the Secure Gateway 100% Java code, no IIS required Requires a separate Windows server in the DMZ Handles all sync traffic from user devices to the GroupWise Mobile Server

15 15 Access methods Same User/Account Must use GroupWise authentication Separate Account Can use any authentication type, user registers mailbox Trusted Application Provides read/write access to all mailboxes TA is registered on GW server; key is entered into GMS GWTrustedApp.exe; can only register on a Windows machine

16 16 Security Data Synchronization and Access Options AES Encryption (128-bit encryption) Triple DES (112-bit encryption) Secure Sockets Layer (SSL 128-bit encryption) All options utilize Diffie-Hellman key exchange Configurable key expiration Authentication Leverage enterprise authentication sources Encrypted credentials and device ID Passwords are NEVER stored on the device.

17 Managing Your GroupWise ® Mobile Server Users

18 18 User/device management Manage users and groups View and manage sync devices View system and user logs View summary reports

19 19 Client software provisioning From device, over-the-air From web, over-the-air

20 20 Stand-alone client install Used to provision with a Flash Card or OTA website

21 21 Device security Theft/Loss Protection a.k.a. Device Wipe and Kill Pill Available on demand by the server administrator Command can be pushed down to activate devices Renders a device unusable until a hard reset is performed Flexible enforcement options

22 GroupWise ® Mobile Server Competitive Information

23 23 GroupWise Mobile Server takes the lead

24 24 More functional

25 25 More platforms... and devices Microsoft covers a limited device set: the focus is on high-end devices only (they don't even support all of their own devices).

26 26 Stronger security

27 Research in Motion (RIM) and Novell

28 28 What about BlackBerry? Novell and RIM work closely together to enhance support for the thousands of GroupWise accounts using BlackBerry devices. Novell provides customers true choice and flexibility.

29 29 BlackBerry Enterprise Server for Novell GroupWise Quick Start Offer for GroupWise 7 Users 1 free BES server license 5 free Client Access Licenses See End user enhancements in BES 4.1 GroupWise Messenger integration Enhanced support for PowerPoint and Web Doc attachments Admin enhancements in BES 4.1 Group administration Role-based administration

30 In Conclusion

31 31 GroupWise Mobile Server summary Full-featured wireless e-mail and PIM Real-time, two-way synchronization of e-mail, appointments, contacts, tasks and notes Broad mobile device support Support for hundreds of devices running any of the following operating systems: Palm O/S, Symbian, Windows Mobile 5, Pocket PC 2003 or 2002, Microsoft SmartPhone O/S, BREW and SyncML Drives competitive advantage Increases productivity, reduces administrative costs and workload, ensures protection of enterprise data 1 2 3

32 32 Selling GroupWise-enabled mobility to executives Emphasize the following concrete benefits: Increased productivity as users can access and share information regardless of location Greater flexibility as users can choose the devices and form factors they prefer Reduced management workload as administrators decrease time spent deploying, maintaining and supporting mobile users Lower hardware costs as servers dedicated to support various mobile device types can be consolidated Airtight security as data is secured at the firewall, during synchronization and in the event of device loss or theft

33 33 Software now available GroupWise 7 SP1 NOW AVAILABLE from: GroupWise Mobile Server NOW AVAILABLE* from: Learn more at: *For software and 90-day evaluation license. To make this license permanent, simply apply the permanent license key accessible from the Customer Care portal (for existing customers on maintenance/upgrade protection) or received as part of the order fulfillment process (for customers new to GroupWise or maintenance/upgrade protection).


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