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The European Union Notes c

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1 The European Union Notes c
The European Union Notes c. Analyze the importance of Europe’s coastal location, climatic characteristics, and river systems regarding population, economic development, and world influence.  

2 There are currently 27 member nations in the EU
Quick Facts The EU is a confederation in Europe that allows the individual countries to retain their own governments while cooperating on other issues. There are currently 27 member nations in the EU The EU was primarily a western European organization prior to 1989 because of communism in the Soviet Union. The EU often tries to work together when dealing with world affairs.

3 How many member nations are currently in the EU?
F Multiple Choice iRespond Question How many member nations are currently in the EU? A.) 20 B.) 14 C.) 27 D.) 35 E.)

4 Enlargement: from six to 27 countries
1952 1973 1981 1986 1990 1995 2004 2007

5 F Multiple Choice iRespond Question Which one of these countries has always been part of the European Union? A.) Sweden B.) Spain C.) Italy D.) Greece E.)

6 Recent History of the EU
41992 Criteria set for a country to join the EU: • democracy and rule of law • functioning market economy • ability to implement EU laws 41998 Formal negotiations on enlargement begin 42002 Copenhagen summit agrees enlargement 42004 10 new EU members: Cyprus, Czech Republic, Estonia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Malta, Poland, Slovakia, Slovenia 42007 Bulgaria and Romania join the EU Candidates Croatia, Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Turkey © Reuders

7 Why do you think there were a lot of new members joining after 1992?
Multiple Choice iRespond Question Why do you think there were a lot of new members joining after 1992? A.) The United States told them to B.) The original members finally extended an invitation C.) The United Nations became involved D.) The Soviet Union had broken up, ending Communism E.)

8 Current EU Info The Lisbon Treaty=most recent treaty The intention of this treaty is to make the EU: More efficient More democratic More transparent More united on the world stage More secure Challenges facing the EU now Globalization Demographics Climate change

9 Benefit 1: The Euro Can be used everywhere in the euro area
4Coins: one side with national symbols, one side common 4Notes: no national side EU countries using the euro EU countries not using the euro

10 The Euro is F Multiple Choice iRespond Question
A.) the official language of Europe B.) a form of money used in the EU C.) the name of the parliament in the EU D.) a term that has to do with the population of Europe E.)

11 Benefit 2: Single Economy
The single market has led to: significant reductions in the price of many products and services, including internet access and airfares. 40% drop in price of phone calls from 2.8 million new jobs Four freedoms of movement: 4 goods 4 services 4 people 4 capital © Getty Images

12 F Multiple Response iRespond Question How has a single market economy been beneficial to the EU? (Hint: there are 2 answers) A.) Creation of jobs B.) Increase in prices C.) Increase in internet usage D.) Allowed more freedom of movement E.) Decline in economic growth

13 Benefit 3: Free to move “Schengen”:
4 No police or customs checks at borders between most EU countries 4 Controls strengthened at EU external borders 4 More cooperation between police from different EU countries 4 You can buy and bring back any goods for personal use when you travel between EU countries © Corbis

14 F Multiple Choice iRespond Question Because of the EU, people do not have as many restrictions when traveling through member countries. A.) True C.) B.) False D.) E.)

15 Benefit 4: Expanded education
Over 2 million young people have studied or pursued personal development in other European countries with support from EU programmes: 4 Comenius: school education 4 Erasmus: higher education 4 Leonardo da Vinci: vocational training 4 Grundtvig: adult education 4 Youth in Action: voluntary work and non-formal education © Getty Images

16 Benefit 5: Environmental Action
Pollution knows no borders – joint action needed EU action has helped bring: 4 Cleaner bathing water 4 Much less acid rain 4 Lead-free petrol 4 Free and safe disposal of old electronic equipment 4 Strict rules on food safety from farm to fork 4 More organic and quality farming 4 More effective health warnings on cigarettes 4 Registration and control of all chemicals (REACH) © Van Parys Media

17 F Multiple Response iRespond Question Which one of these shows ways the EU has tried to improve the environment? (Hint: choose 2 answers) A.) Shut down all nuclear plants B.) Invent new hydroelectric cars C.) Improve water quality D.) Put health warnings on super fatty foods E.) Created strict food safety rules

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