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+ Information Literacy Iona Presentation College.

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1 + Information Literacy Iona Presentation College

2 + Setting the Scene : Background

3 + Shift Happens

4 +

5 + Why is Information Literacy Important? “Information literacy is a survival skill for life in the Information Age, a vital underpinning to lifelong learning, and critical for a thriving democracy.” (Harding, 2008) The Melbourne Declaration The Australian Curriculum General Capabilities (Critical and Creative Thinking, ICT Skills)

6 + Why is Information Literacy Important? “Information literacy forms the basis for lifelong learning. It is common to all disciplines, to all learning environments, and to all levels of education. It enables learners to master content and extend their investigations, become more self- directed, and assume greater control over their own learning.” (Pinto, 2008)

7 + Melbourne Declaration The Melbourne Declaration identifies essential skills for twenty-first century learners – in literacy, numeracy, information and communication technology (ICT), thinking, creativity, teamwork and communication. It describes individuals who can manage their own wellbeing, relate well to others, make informed decisions about their lives, become citizens who behave with ethical integrity, relate to and communicate across cultures, work for the common good and act with responsibility at local, regional and global levels.

8 + Australian Curriculum

9 + ICT Literate v’s Information Literate Students have grown up with computers and the Internet and are comfortable and confident in using them, however, research shows that they are not very information literate. (Coombes, 2009) “Much of the research” by secondary school students “appeared to be mainly information retrieval and repackaging”. Hopkins (2005)

10 + What is Information Literacy? International: UNESCO National: ALIA ANZIL Iona

11 + Australian Curriculum MYCEETYA Australian Curriculum Goals for Schooling

12 + Initial goal Create a unified approach to Information Literacy across the college with a common research method and integrated training of the skills. Research: Learning new skills and knowledge takes reinforcement. “Learning to be information literate involves practicing the use of the system, or the steps, when engaged in learning tasks” (Bruce, 2004). If a school has a unified approach to information literacy, with a common research method and integrated training of the skills, then success is more likely.

13 + Benefits An online repertoire of resources: templates, guidelines, instructions, podcasts etc. Students, teachers, parents and tutors can access resources (don’t have to design your own? Resources hyperlinked to your assignments. (show example) Students will not have to meet all different requirements of different teachers Skills are reinforced in students to ensure they are Information Literate Ensure AC and other educational requirements are met by embedding skills.

14 + Where we’re at now! Draft Information Plan Stage: Feasibility- proposal, approval Stage 2: Information Plan

15 + Change Activity! Line up in 2 long rows facing another person. Card Sorting Activity Information Literacy stages

16 + Inspired Learning at Iona New website to house everything Will be located in Quick links on Iona Website Hyperlink Studyvibe

17 + Session 2: Jigsaw What are the information literacy skills our students need? Padlet

18 + Models of Information Literacy Scope and sequence ICT literacy matrix (what will we do with this?)

19 + Activity Go to a tables in groups of 4/5 Scan the Australian Curriculum documents to find IL skills In groups write on A3 sheets what information literacy skills the various year groups need.

20 + Opportunities to embed activities Future: Mapped What’s happening now? Leonie: Ancient China (show) Winthrop Joel Pathfinders – Show some examples

21 + What resources would you like? Some HOLA’s have already responded with their requirements. Now it’s you chance! Group review and critique Activity Review the; Inspired Learning at Iona website, Pathways to learning book Packaged templates and research planner Use tabs, highlighters and pens to mark, cross out and choose the templates that they really like.

22 + How can we help you improve IL skills now? Pathfinders EBSCO Demonstrate Encyclopaedia Britannica Demonstration Info Literacy lessons: E.g. Writing a bibliography In text referencing Note-taking on line How to find good websites How to use EBSCO

23 + Ultimate aim: 21 st Century Learner Information Literate students Website: scaffolded learning anywhere anytime; library support: pathfinders, collaborative teaching, spot teaching eg. Encycl B, EBSCO, referencing etc; Integrated Info Lit plan, workshops: boarders, parents afterschool study skills; mapped curriculum: embedding IL skills within Aust. curriculum


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