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The Misfits By: James Howe.

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1 The Misfits By: James Howe

2 Author: James Howe He was born August 2, 1946 in Oneida, New York.
Went to Boston University for College. Married Deborah, and than remarried again after his first wife died. But shortly after divorced because he turned out to be gay. He has one girl named Zoey. His first book he wrote was called “ The Hospital Book”, in

3 Protagonist There is not really one protagonist.
The group of Addie Carle, Bobby Goodspeed, Joe Bunch, Collin Briggs, and Skeezie Tookis are the good guys because they are the ones who decide they should be the third party to run for class elections to stick up for all the less popular kids in their school who are always getting picked on, they call themselves the No-Name-Calling Party.

4 Antagonist And also for the antagonist there is not really one specific bad guy. It’s all the popular bullies of their school who label and make fun of all non popular kids

5 Favorite Character I chose Bobby Goodspeed.
He kinda reminds me of myself cause he is courageous and is not scared to stick up for himself, and does not care what others say about him. He is a chubby kid who is always getting made fun of but he never takes it personal and just brushes it off his shoulders. Very positive attitude

6 Least Favorite Character
Kind of the same as the antagonist I do not really have a specific least favorite character because they do not really refer to the bully students by there names. So just all the mean middle school jerks. Although I did not like Ms. Wyman, there teacher, because she does not let them follow through in the beginning with their intentions to put an end to all the labeling and name calling.

7 Exposition Introduced to the gang. Bobby is called names because of his weight, Skeezie is labeled a hooligan, Addie is the tall Geek, Joe is judged because he usually acts more like a girl than a boy. Colin is the popular one. Addie decides not to stand during pledge of Allegiance because our country was not being fair to all the colored people at the time. Ms. Wyman is very unhappy with that and takes her to principals office.

8 Rising Action They want to put together their own team for class elections. They get together and make posters getting ready for it and they get assigned positions in the election. Ms. Wyman says that they can’t be in the elections, so they go to the principal and get Mr. Kylies permission to run for elections. They call themselves the no-name-calling party.

9 Climax Things start to change around school and kids start to get a little nicer. Joe announces to the gang that he is gay, and that he has a crush on Colin, the popular one. Bobby comes up with slogan “sticks and stones may break our bones, but names will never break our spirits.” They post posters all over walls.

10 Falling Action Bobby Gives his speech at the elections,
Mr. Kiley, the principal is impressed Their party does NOT win the elections sadly.  All the popular kids start to give respect to all the kids they were mean to.

11 Resolution Colin comes out of the closet and tells Joe that he has a crush on him to and they hook up!!! All the groupies find partners that they have crushes on, and they somewhat hook up, since they are only in middle school. The school is a changed place and they end up having a No Name Calling Day in memory of there efforts.

12 Setting Not really a specific time or place.
Described as just a small town in the US. It was written in 2003.

13 Themes Personality Labeling Social Status
Some examples of the countless labels we freely use to ‘describe’ others include fundamentalist, delusional, perfectionist, idealist, realist, extremist, terrorist, Catholic, Jew, Muslim, pessimist, pacifist, narcissistic, optimist, racist, liberal, homophobe, jerk, stupid, pro-life, pro-choice, two-bit punk, and loud-mouth. (Gallozi) Social Status  Simply a rank or position that one holds in a group. (Eder) Survival Victory at all costs, victory in spite of all terror, victory however long and hard the road may be; for without victory, there is no survival. (Churchill)

14 What I would rate “The Misfits”
I would give the book a solid 8. I liked how it was very realistic and not very exaggerated at all. Makes you realize how much bullying and labeling really goes on out there, everyday is a challenge to some people. I didn’t give it a ten because it really was not the best book I have ever read.

15 Social Issue BULLYING

16 What is Bullying?! Punching, shoving, and other acts that hurt people physically Spreading bad rumors about people Keeping certain people out of a "group" Teasing people in a mean way Getting certain people to "gang up" on others

17 A Poem written by a Special Ed student, who had been bullied
A Poem written by a Special Ed student, who had been bullied. Its called “ I hate my life.”

18 Who can it affect?  It affects the victim, the spectators, and the “Bullies” themselves. Bullies are basically just cowards inside. They try to prove they are fearless by picking on the others that seem to have no way of sticking up for themselves. Which doesn’t seem very courageous to me.

19 How can the victim be affected by “Bullying”?
School Failure because they no longer want to go. Rejection of their peers Running away from home, to get away from their fears of being bullied. Depression Violent acts of revenge. And the worst of them all, “Suicide” It hurts others more than people can even imagine.

20 One boy who was severely bullied till the point of suicide

21 What can we all do to stop bullying?
First of all, Don’t become one of the ones doing the bullying!! Nobody likes bullies, and it’s not cool to put others down to try and make yourself look cool, cause truth is, is that it don’t make you look cool. If you see bullying happening, stick up for them. Tell an adult about the situation. Be friends with the bullied. And just treat everyone as you would want to be treated!


23 Please Stop Bullying!!!!

24 Works Cited Page Churchill, Winston Survival quote Eder, Donna, Youth and Society “The Effect of Middle School Extra Curricular Activities on Adolescents' Popularity and Peer Status” Gallozzi, Chuck, Labeling People “Avoiding the consumption of assumption” Wikipedia, James Howe, Biography and Bibliography Youtube Videos, ABC News Story Hero in the Hallway Poem

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