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1 LOGO 2 Market chances for products manufactured not in accordance with the spirit of the European Council Directive 89/686/EEC, as amended by directives.

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2 1 LOGO

3 2 Market chances for products manufactured not in accordance with the spirit of the European Council Directive 89/686/EEC, as amended by directives 93/68/EEC, 93/95/EEC and 96/58/EC and not complying with the EN Norms are rapidly deteriorating. This means that manufacturers should become familiar with both the European legal restrictions and the preferences of their potential clients. It is up to the manufacturers in developing countries to translate their apprehensions into an export expansion opportunity. However if they are to achieve this, they need to gather information concerning issues at the earliest possible stage. The market size: contemplations, considerations, forecasts

4 3 PERSONAL PROTECTIVE EQUIPMENT "Almost good is --------!!!! EU MARKET =

5 4 PPE EU Market 2003-2005 Guidance 2009 What is a market ? Products ? How many ? Some figures Actual situation Statistics and purposes Profile your market Forecasts

6 5 Trade figures must be interpreted and used with extreme caution. The collection of data regarding trade flows has become more difficult since the establishment of the single market on the 1st January 1993. Until that date, trade was registered by means of compulsory customs procedures at border crossings, but, since the removal of the intra-EU trade borders, this is no longer the case.

7 6 The way to and EU Market PPE via ZS/BIA Erkrath Germany

8 7 The market size: contemplations, considerations, forecasts The total EU and EFTA market is estimated at 15,000,000.00 including jeans for work and industrial use and including a limited number of uniforms (e.g. high profile career wear from bankers has not been taken into account). Forecast for the coming years is a fairly strong increase of approximately 4%. The main reasons for market growth are: 1. Strongly increasing social awareness 2. Health disasters SARS AIDS MCD PP+CP 3. Climate changes (disasters like fluds, volcano eruptions etc.) 4. Terrorism (body bags, fire fighting) 5. The obsolescence (aging) clause in the European Council Directive 6. Harmonized norms 7. Product Liability (litigation) 8. Global mobility (cross cultural increase)

9 8 1.Full Body protection EN 340-469-471 =40% 2.Hand & Arm protection EN 388-407-420 =15% 3.Foot & Leg protection EN 344-347 =10% -------------------------------------------------------------- 4.Air purification Respiratory EN 149 5.Descender devices EN 341-361 -------------------------------------------------------------- 6.Head protection EN 397-443 7.Hearing protection EN 358 8.Eye protection EN 352 EU Market 2003-2009 Product groups

10 9 Importance ? - JIT Product Liability- Human Voice- TQM- ISO- Packaging- Product- Clients- ? ? ? …….

11 10

12 11 Table 5.3 Leading (10) supplying ctrs of PPE to the EU ranking value terms, 2001 Total PPEWorkWearGlovesFootWHeadEyeAIR-P 1 China TunisiaMalaysiaItaly ChinaUSA 2 Malaysia China TunisiaJapanTaiwanUK 3 Tunisia PolandThailandChinaGermanUSAGerma 4 Italy MoroccoBelgiumFranceChinaGerman Franc 5 Belgium IndiaGermanyFrance NL 6 Germany SlovaniaSri LankaIndiaSouthCoUK EIRE 7 France Czech RepPakistanPortugalThailandJapan Italy 8 UK BulgariaUKNLUKBelgium Swed 9 Thailand RomaniaUSAFinlandSpainItalySpain 10 India GermanyFranceSpainSwedenAustriaFinlan

13 12 PPE Growth Markets 2003-2009 Footwear Headgear Eyewear Breathing appliances Air purification Special Garments Still EU Production- much lower imports

14 13 Table 5.9 Imports of workwear from area of developing countries in value, 2001 in million Total DCs ACP % CEECs % Medi-terr. % Asia % Central+ S-America % Africa % EU6121. France1754. Ger1250.521. Italy680.06.434.758.90.0 UK751.21.352.444.80.12.2 NL560.925.433.739.90.10.0 10 Others 1130.23.025.571.20.10.0 Source: Eurostat

15 14

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17 16 What is PPE ? Device or appliance to be worn or held by an individual for protection against one or more health and safety hazards at work (OSH definition).

18 17 Meaning of ? Conformité Europienne European Conformity 3 +1 categories PPE: I: Simple design low risk protection II: Medium design medium risk protection III: Complex design high risk protection 0: Special appliances (army. police, rescue)

19 18 Why ? Motivation: in EU / EFTA = BIG business? No=? - Legislation Eur. Counc. Dir. 89/686/EEC - Buyers awareness - Public awareness + OSH conditions - Market entry chances

20 19 PPE Footwear 2002 Imports into EU Total 474 mlns (+90 previous) 54% in value from other EU ctrs (61% in 1999,down 7%) --! No demoralization!! -- A+A 2001: 140 FW mfg !! Uppers leather 92% volume -1. Italy (32%) 8,6 mlns/prs -2. Tunisia (24%) -3. China (8%) -4. France (7%) -5. India (5%)

21 20

22 21 Table 5.8 Share of developing countries in EU imports, 1997-2001 (in % of value) 199719992001 in % of total imports in % of extra- EU imports in % of total imports in % of extra- EU imports in % of total imports in % of extra- EU imports Workwear/protec- tive clothing 456147614456 Gloves688765866787 Footwear197626793485 Headgear5148231434 Glasses182822343147 Breathing appliances 2827310 Source: derived from Eurostat

23 22 Review 2001-2002 Workwear and protective clothing The Netherlands ranked fifth after UK and Italy, despite the rather low re- exports of workwear by this country (compared with casual wear, underwear, footwear etc.). Belgium ranked sixth before Sweden and Denmark.

24 23 Material Developments Klopman Tunesia Levi anti radiant jeans DSM Dyneema 100 mln 1300/1600 tons yr Up to 4500 yr = +40% Bullet proof panels USA #1 market Application projectiles Waistcoats/jackets Helmets, vehicle armours Cockpitdoors, footwear I.P.R. Prem. Vision Dupont Lycra Bags producers Bangla

25 24 Table 5.7 EU imports of protective gloves by type of used materials (million pairs), 1996-2001 Rubber Lea ther Cot ton Total gloves % change Surg ical House hold Oth- ers Total rubber 1996 1,53 4291,203,1713261143,611- 1997 1,71 4891,193,3943221453,861+ 6.9% 1998 1,73 4701,423,6283471414,116+ 6.6% 1999 1,78 4961,613,8913411514,383+ 6.5% 2000 1,70 4761,864,0503521714,573+ 4.4% 2001 1,83 4541,804,0953371744,606+ 0.7% Source: Eurostat

26 25 Forecast The center segment of CE markets will face difficulties. Level and bottom wise, price-quality related there is a stable market. The Personal Protective Equipment industry has no high profile nor price image (yet). The niche to work on in the years to come will consist of Stories, while Total Packaging (all kind of PPE) demand from buyers side will increase, as well as demand for more anticipation in the field of Value Added Products or VAPs. (Country) Clustering, consumer marketing, fashionising the strict and imperative designing rules of the PPE norms for manufacturers in developing countries will become a must.

27 26 Manufacturers and exporters in developing countries will have to comply more and more with harmonized European technical regulations and standards. The European Union or EU is the biggest single market in the world. This also counts for products falling under the European Council Directive 89/686/EEC, as amended by directives 93/68/EEC, 93/95/EEC and 96/58/EC. Personal occupational, safety and health (OSH) awareness is continuously expanding. Bearing in mind safety on the workplace, consumers, employees and employers are becoming increasingly interested in safer products. The market size: contemplations, considerations, forecasts

28 27 Review 2001-2002 Workwear and protective clothing Germany again consolidated its leading position as an importer of workwear and protective clothing in the period under review. German imports share decreased considerably in terms of value and in volume. France retained its second position after Germany, however, the distance between these countries became much smaller.

29 28 Practical example PU coating on knitted PA (stretch PU), base material is a knitted polyamide 6 of around 90 gr/m2 wich is coated with PU (lamination), total weight is around 185-190 gr/m2 This is used for garments which are weldedwith HF machines (High frequent machines)

30 29 Practical example Oxford Nylon with breathable PU coating (+-190g/m2)3000-4000 mm hydrostatic head and breathability of 5000-5500 g/m2/24hrs. These materials are all water repellent treated as well and are used for winter parka's (see gore- tex style parka's) and other garments. The materials are stitched and then waterproof taped on the seams.

31 30 Winners & Losers I Quota abolishment after 2005 Brussels Conference 5-6/5/03 –By Pascal Lamy –Eur. Commision for Trade 70 Countries 800 Participants Minister Anwar Chuwdury BD= –100% child labour free –25% rule must be adopted

32 31 Winners & Losers II Quota abolishment after 2005 Champion Winner is China India-Pakistan (vice champions) Losers Bangladesh-Indonesia-Thailand- Vietnam-Mexico-Turkey-Tunisia- Morocco 1,7 mlln jobs in Bangladesh 850,000 job losses (80% females) Gherzi Swiss consult

33 32 Why China? -40% undervalue of the state currency -State industry does not apply the normal bookkeeping price setting rules Lu Fuyuan Chinese Min. of Trade (SARS) ref - 2 stressed representatives India one way rule country -KK Jalan co-secr. IMfText / Bill Lakin DG Euratex China exp versus USA imp15.15%-19.38% China exp versus EU imp 8.5%-10.8% Winners & Losers III Quota abolishment after 2005

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