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Because of Winn-Dixie By Kate DiCamillo Illustrated by Kevin Hawkes Visit the Author Compiled by Terry Sams PESTerry Sams.

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1 Because of Winn-Dixie By Kate DiCamillo Illustrated by Kevin Hawkes Visit the Author Compiled by Terry Sams PESTerry Sams

2 Study Skills Genre: Realistic Fiction Comprehension Skill: Sequence Comprehension Strategy: Summarize Comprehension Review Skill: Author’s purpose Vocabulary: Suffixes

3 GenreGenre: Realistic FictionRealistic Fiction In Realistic Fiction the characters speak and act like real people.Realistic Fiction The story describes real-life problems and events. The outcome, or problem resolution, seems to be reasonable. Click on Genre to learn more about different genres and Realistic Fiction.

4 Summary Moving to a new town can be hard, and making new friends can be even harder. With the help of her dog, Winn Dixie, Opal is able to get to know Miss Franny Block, the local librarian. Miss Block tells Opal an exciting tale about a bear that once wandered into the library.

5 Comprehension Skill – Sequence Sequence is the order of the events that occur in a story. You can determine the order of events by clue words such as first and next, in the beginning, then, following, after, and finally. Some story events may occur at the same time. Other clue words to indicate sequence might be in the beginning, then, following, after, and finally. Other story events, such as flashbacks, are told out of order.

6 Comprehension Skill - Summarizing Summarizing A summary is a short statement that tells the main ideas of a selection. A story summary should tell the goals of the characters, how they try to reach them, and whether they reach them. A summary of an article should tell the main idea, leaving out unnecessary details. Tips on Summarizing

7 Question of the Week Pg What experiences bring diverse people together?

8 Vocabulary Skill – Word Structure : Suffixes The suffix –ful means “full of.” For example, prideful means “full of pride.” The suffix –ly means “in a way that is.” Sometimes –ful and –ly are added to a base word together as in pridefully, which means “acting in a way that is full of pride.”

9 Let’s Practice Suffixes Base Word -ful-ful + -lySentence carecarefulcarefully

10 Comprehension Review Skill Author’s Purpose is the author’s reason or reasons for writing this story. Authors don’t usually tell you this. You have to figure the reasons out. It might be to inform or teach, to entertain, to express their feelings, and to persuade or convince you.

11 Day 2 - Question of the Day – Pg Can an elderly librarian and a little girl really be friends?

12 Day 3 - Question of the Day – Pg What do Miss Franny and Opal have in common?

13 Day 4 - Question of the Day - Pg Why might it cause problems when people move into black bears’ home territory?

14 Weekly Fluency Check - Tone of Voice TE 39a ● You will use the rise and fall of your voice to show where the story includes questions and where it is full of emotion. ● Go to page 33 and let’s reread the last two paragraphs.

15 Research/Study Skill – Map/Globe/Atlas TE 39L A map is an illustration of a place. It could be a drawing of your yard or a solar system. A map A map’s legend contains a compass rose showing direction, a scale showing distance, and a key showing symbols on the map and what they represent.

16 Research/Study Skill – Map/Globe/Atlas TE 39L A globe is a sphere with a map of the world on it. An atlas is a book that contains maps.

17 Literary Device – Idioms TE Pg. 39bIdioms An idiom is a type of figurative language that cannot be understood by the ordinary meanings of words. When Lou said, “I don’t have long to go,” he meant he didn’t have much time to live, not that he had a distance to travel. Often an idiom can be understood by figuring out what makes sense in context Find the idiom on page 29.

18 Review Questions 1.What do you think it means to be called a “know-it-all”? 2.What makes Miss Franny sad after telling the story of the bear? 3.Why did Winn Dixie stand up at the window? 4.In what ways are Opal and Miss Franny alike? 5.What kind of attitude does Amanda Wilkinson have when she comes into the library ?

19 Fun Stuff More on Winn-Dixie Web Quest Spelling Hangman Spelling Words in ABC Order More on Maps Even More on Maps

20 Vocabulary- Say It! memorial prideful recalls peculiar grand positive selecting

21 More Words to Know attention kindness understanding consisted friendless diversity

22 grand excellent; very good

23 memorial helping people to remember a person, thing, or event

24 peculiar strange; unusual

25 positive without doubt; sure

26 prideful overly proud of oneself; vain

27 recalls calls back to mind; remembers

28 consisted was made up of

29 diversity differences

30 friendless without friends

31 understanding comprehension; knowledge

32 attention care and thoughtfulness; consideration

33 kindness treatment that does good, rather than harm; gentleness

34 selecting picking out; choosing

35 You will smell peculiar odors at the zoo!


37 I hope you can recall your lunch number when you are in line.


39 Are you really positive of that answer?


41 The soup consisted of beans and ham.


43 Do you need help in selecting your library books?


45 Winn-Dixie was all alone and friendless.


47 Do you know anyone that acts like a prideful person?


49 Miss Franny thought that would be a grand idea!


51 Have you ever visited the Lincoln Memorial?


53 Memoir TE 39g A memoir tells about an interesting event or experience in your life. It may include information about how you felt, what you saw, or why you did something. Memoirs are also known as personal essays. A memoir that tells a person's life story is called an autobiography.

54 Writing Assignment Write a memoir about an experience you have had with a pet or other animal. Tell about the events in sequence. Give details about what you saw and how you felt. Vary your sentences to make your writing more interesting to read. Use vivid adjective and strong verbs to make the experience come alive.

55 Spelling Words Short Vowels VCCV contest engine finger accident fabric soccer flatten mammal intend magnet

56 Short Vowels VCCV rally custom mitten happen admire cannon method gutter sudden rascal

57 CHALLENGE dungeon magnify festival thunderstorm injury

58 This Week’s Word Wall Words Click and type your own words for this week:

59 Let’s review our Spelling words. Watch carefully because they will flash on the screen for just a moment. We can clap as we spell the word, or we might just practice reading the words.

60 admire

61 magnet

62 contest

63 method

64 custom

65 rally

66 soccer

67 engine

68 sudden

69 finger

70 accident

71 mitten

72 intend

73 fabric

74 flatten

75 rascal

76 gutter

77 mammal

78 happen

79 cannon

80 GREAT JOB Cowpoke!

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