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Basic Facial Procedure

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1 Basic Facial Procedure

2 Equipment Facial chair Facial steamer Magnifying lamp
Trolley for products and implements Trash receptacle

3 Implements & Materials
Clean sheet or other covering Cotton pads Cotton swabs & pledgets; gauze Headband & head covering Salon gown Towels Spatulas; sponges; tissue Blanket Gloves

4 Products Hand sanitizer Cleanser Exfoliator
Astringent; toner;or freshener Moisturizer Massage cream Hot towels moistened with aromatic oils

5 Products Specialty care products
Electrical equipment ( used as needed ) High frequency Galvanic Brushes Suction Mister Microdermabrasion

6 Preparation Wash hands with soap & water & sanitize Set up facial room
Supplies, equipment and facial bed Greet client Have client to remove clothing and change into facial gown and remove any jewelry

7 Preparation Tell client to lay down on facial bed
Ask client if she is comfortable Place towel across client’s chest Ask client if he/she would like a blanket/sheet

8 Preparation Place headband around client’s hairline
Place head wrap over head; plastic/tissue cap or towel Wash hands with soap & water & sanitize Put on gloves to begin procedure

9 Procedure Remove any eye make-up Apply cleanser
Start at neck and work upward, working in small circular movements Continue upward till product is applied to forehead Apply cleanser to neck, chest and back ( opt ) Gently work product in circular movements

10 Procedure Remove cleanser with moistened towels
Working one area at a time Analyze skin to determine product and procedure to be used Steam face with moist towels or facial steamer to open pores Perform extractions at this time Exfoliation

11 Procedure Facial manipulations
Use massage cream according to client's skin type Remove massage cream with warm moist towels Apply astringent, toner, or freshener Apply treatment mask Allow to remain on face for seven to ten minutes

12 Procedure Remove mask with warm moistened towels
Apply astringent, toner or freshener Apply cocktail mixture Wrap face with saran wrap

13 Procedure Wrap face with hot, moist towel Remove towel and saran wrap
5 minutes Perform a hand and arm massage Remove towel and saran wrap Apply sunscreen

14 Procedure Remove head covering Sit client up Give client bottled water
Client gets dressed and proceeds to register Set up next appointment

15 Cleanup and sanitation
Discard all disposable supplies and materials Close containers tightly Clean containers Put away Place used towels, sheets, head covers and other linens in hamper to be washed Sanitize facial bed and work area Wash hands with soap and warm water and sanitize

16 Summary Equipment used in facial room Implements and materials
Products Preparation of client Procedure for basic facial procedure Clean-up and sanitization

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