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Agenda Introduction Business Objectives of Banks

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1 An Integrated approach for Banking GIS   Mohammad Jafrullah Infotech Enterprises Ltd. Hyderabad

2 Agenda Introduction Business Objectives of Banks
How GIS can Help Banks Market Analysis Business Expansion Planning Bank Asset Management Retail banking services Integrated Approach for GIS

3 Business Objectives of a Bank
Expansion of Customer base Improvement in Quality of the Services Increased Customer Satisfaction Consistent Business Growth Increase in Profitability Retaining the Customers

4 How GIS can Help Banks in meeting the Objectives
Market Analysis Business Expansion Planning Bank Asset Management Retail banking services

5 Market Analysis Customer Analysis Competitor Analysis
where are our customers located? What are their characteristics (market segmentation, classification of residential areas)? which are the areas not served ? Analyze Market Trends Competitor Analysis where are our competitors located? Where are their customers ? Reason for existing performance ? Focused Marketing What are the products and the areas they are well received ?

6 Analyse Retail Market trends
Analyse Retail market trends across various branch's – Does Land use/ Income groups matters ??? Retail Market analysis can be done, considering the Spatial component. Analyse the impact of the various factors like Commercial/Residential/High income group areas..etc It will help for Focused marketing for specific Savings/Deposit Schemes For Ex: A Branch Near to Software Technology Parks/High Income group Areas May have more NRI Accounts A branch in Residential Locality may have more Senior Citizen Accounts ….Etc So.. Focus more on those Areas/ Branch’s where probability is more

7 Business Expansion Planning
New Branch / New ATM Location Cost-effective site analysis to select a new bank branch/ATM location Key elements-Concentration of commercial areas, traffic patterns, workplaces or homes of customers Branch Performance Monitoring Defining a trade area around the branch, measuring the market potential within that trade area, identifying the nearby competitors. Decision support for Strategic Planning What if scenarios provide the means to determine the effects of branch closures relocations

8 Bank Asset Management To operate, maintain, and upgrade Bank's physical assets cost-effectively. Regular inspection for condition assessment infrastructure asset condition Return of Investment and Asset Performance

9 Retail banking services
Online tracking of Cash status in ATM’s Real Time solution for the replenishment and management of ATMs provides highly effective approach to the cash management cycle Auto detect” component provides real time data in order to optimize the servicing of ATMs, “ GIS based solution displays the ATMs on the map along with the cash status to help in better visualization and better optimization in Cash distribution

10 Branch Performance Monitoring
This Branch performance is going down quarter by quarter, Any Spatial Implications ??? Spatial Implications can be Any other banks New branches in surroundings, Shifting of Market places/Offices,Diversion of Traffic

11 Branch Performance Monitoring
Relocate Branch Under Served Area Geo-coding the Customer Addresses(House/Office) may help to identify their distribution around the branches. Average distance calculations/ Spatial Analysis may help identify the under served Areas Mapping the commercial/Convenient locations may help to pinpoint for New Re-locations Relocation May help to Attract more customers by serving new Areas Retain existing customers

12 Cash van Fleet management
Cash Van Fleet management for Cash distribution Scheduling and planning of routes for cash vans and at the same time ensuring that the Cash vans run as per the schedule and disburses the cash at ATMs in time. More Security for Cash vans by linking to Central offices using Fleet management systems The clipping from a Leading National news paper included shows a report - A Security agency van was looted by Robberies. These kind of situations can be prevented/Tackled well by Fleet management system. Alarm will be raised at Central office When Ever some body tries to Break the van.

13 Customer care / help Lines
Customer calls to Help Line asking where is the Nearest ATM (Very common when we are new places) Person at Help desk can identify customer location based nearest landmarks and can guide him to nearest ATM Location

14 Integrated Approach Expansion planning system
Fleet Management system Expansion planning system Customer Relation ship Management Banking System Marketing Analysis system ERP ATM Cash Distribution System Integrated GIS Database

15 Summary Introduction Business Objectives of Banks
How GIS can Help Banks Market Analysis Business Expansion Planning Bank Asset Management Retail banking services Integrated Approach for GIS

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