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Back to School Night Orientation Procedures Expectations.

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2 Back to School Night Orientation Procedures Expectations

3 About Mrs. Bylo –Bachelors Degree – UCR –Credential- CSUN –Masters- Azusa Pacific University –Language Arts Mentor Teacher 1999-2000 –Golden Wings Teacher –15+ years experience with 6 th Grade Lang.Arts –Married, two adult daughters, Ventura resident for 30+ years


5 Homework Monday: Spelling and Languages Arts Packet Friday: Packet due Students are expected to read their A/R book twenty minutes every day

6 Agenda 1.Organizational Tool 2.Plan of the Week 3.Due Dates for projects 4.Communication tool for teachers and parents.

7 Communication 1.Agenda Notes 2.Phone before and after school 3.E-mail 4.Parent conferences in October or as needed 5.Home Notices 6.Report Cards

8 Behavior Expectations 1.Treat others the way you would like to be treated. 2.If it’s not nice, don’t say it or repeat it. 3.The choices you make determine your opportunities and consequences. 4.This is a ‘G’ rated classroom- keep your language and behavior ‘G’ rated. 5.Refer to class letter.

9 Reading 1.Five finger test. 2.Build speed and comprehension. 3.Read A/R book 30 minutes every night. 4.Genre book reports. 5.Class novels chosen to reinforce standards.

10 Accelerated Reader Program 1.Monthly library visits. 2.Select by zone of proximal development (ZPD) and Genre. 3.Read daily. 4.Take computer quiz. 5.Attach quiz to book report.

11 Reading Materials Non-fiction accounts Short Stories Weekly Reader Narratives Essays Poetry Myths and legends Charts, graphs Instructions,directions Computer screens

12 Writing Process Generate Ideas Graphic organizer Rough draft Edited copy Final draft

13 Writing Projects Essays Book Reports Journal writing Poetry Paragraph practice Genre writing Short story

14 Speaking and Listening Short Speeches Discussions Oral Book Reports Group Presentations Listening quietly Respectful posture Taking turns in group discussions Following multi-step instructions Clarifying questions

15 Why Art in the Classroom? Following oral and written instructions Planning Producing a final project Develop aesthetic sensibility Uses fine motor skills

16 Computers Final draft writing. Take Accelerated Reader quiz. Limited searches.

17 Supplies 1.Binder with dividers 2.Agenda 3.Lined paper 4.Sharpened pencils 5.Hand sharpener that catches shavings 6.Blue or black pen 7.A/R book

18 Sixth Grade Goals 1.Develop self reliance 2.Practice and improve academic skills 3.Increase emotional intelligence

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