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European Legal Interpreters and Translators Association.

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1 European Legal Interpreters and Translators Association

2 Basic outline of a national register of legal interpreters and translators Liese Katschinka President of EULITA

3 Needs analysis What languages are needed? How often? Where? What type of procedure? How is the situation currently being handled?  transition to new system

4 One law / country to cover legal interpreting and translation services  national register covering - admission procedure for LITs - scope of application of register (courts, police, asylum authorities, etc.) - management of register

5 Types of admission: - for specified (renewable) period - on ad-hoc basis for one case Types of LITs: - independent free-lancers - staff interpreters and translators

6 Admission procedure for LITs - general requirements (nationality, legal capacity, security vetted, no criminal record, etc.) - special requirements (educational background, professional experience)

7 Special requirements / Educational background: - language competencies (mother tongue and foreign language(s)) - interpreting and translation competencies - terminology competencies (legal, medical, technical, etc. terminology) - intercultural competencies - courtroom culture

8 Admission procedure for LITs - examination - entry into register (seal, oath, LIT obligations, LIT data in register) - - - - - - - - renewal of admission to register - deletion from register

9 Scope of application of register - courts - police authorities - asylum authorities - etc. avoid parallel regimes

10 Scope of application of register - criminal law proceedings - civil law proceedings

11 Accessibility of register - limited to courts, etc.? - judicial stakeholders? - general public? determines LIT data in register

12 Management of register - updating LIT data - assigning LITs to cases  courts? / independent agency? / competitive outsourcing?

13 Various points to consider: - protection of LIT title /sanctions for abuse of title - code of ethics / best practices - effective communication through LITs - relation to professional associations - training and CPD of LITs

14 Remuneration of LITs: One law / country to cover remuneration of legal interpreting and translation services (criminal law and civil law proceedings) Separate payment scheme for LIT services and intermediary management services

15 Interpreting services: - travel time, travel expenses - waiting time - working time - supplements - cancellation policy

16 Translation services: - fee per page / 100 words / etc. of original/translation - supplements - certification fee - postage

17 Any questions? Thank you for your attention!







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