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Russell Belding Belding Computing Tel 09 479 7603 Fax 09 479 7819 Download this ppt: Belding Computing.

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1 Russell Belding Belding Computing Tel Fax Download this ppt: Belding Computing

2 ET – Practice Management Manages Clients (Service users), Staff, Reporting Client – Server (runs on your network, no www access required) Can handle hundreds of concurrent users. Scalable. Proven technology –Live with 600+ Service users at 2 Auckland sites –Same C-S technology as conveyIT – with 25 law firm installations in NZ.

3 ET Main screen Belding Computing

4 ET – Core Services Service users – New, Edit, Discharge, Reactivate, Notes, Reports, Assessments, Plans, History Staff – New, Edit, History, Reactivate, Audits, Reports Reporting – to PRIMHD & to other specifications; formal (to paper, screen & PDF) and informal (sql scripts to many formats) Client-Server – uses your network Remote connections – uses Microsoft terminal services Timesheets – Staff + Service user contact recording

5 Belding Computing ET Costs Adaptation – if your delivery of services is as per the current ET methods then minimal costs here. Always, we need to develop a plan together. Rent only. $1 per SU per week on a TBD reducing scale. No limits on ET users or connect hours. Installation – minimal. Upgrades – included in the rent.

6 Belding Computing ET Model Staff meet with Service users. Staff record time and activity in timesheets. Basis for PRIMHD reporting. Other service models accommodated. Eg. Group meetings. Bed nights. Any reporting specification can be used. Staff use Plans, Assessments, Notes

7 Pop-up reminders are optional for timesheets, Notes and other Belding Computing

8 Service user selection: client centred Belding Computing

9 New service user Belding Computing

10 Service user selection & finder Belding Computing

11 Service user demographics Belding Computing Red=required or illegal Yellow=important

12 Service user note selection Belding Computing

13 Notes & templates Belding Computing

14 Notes as RTF; Staff+Supervisor Belding Computing

15 SU – BPSF sample Belding Computing

16 SU-BPSF as a report Belding Computing

17 SU – Collaborative Support Plan sample Belding Computing

18 SU – EW Relapse Prevention sample Belding Computing

19 Our NGO Timesheets Belding Computing R, Y explanations Red = some error Red = not me

20 Timesheets – loc of action Belding Computing

21 Timesheets- what action? Belding Computing

22 PRIMHD Reporting: ET extracts data & makes the files Belding Computing

23 SQL reporting Belding Computing

24 SQL report result Belding Computing

25 SQL report export Belding Computing

26 Who is on ET? Belding Computing

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